MORDHAU – Achievement Guide

This guide is meant to help players reach 100% completion in Mordhau, It took me around 45 hours but it can be done even in less if you are skilled in this game and focus on getting all achievements from the start.
Thanks for checking this guide, i divided it in Easy Achievements and Difficult Achievements depending on what i found easy or difficult, but don’t be scared, 100% is achievable by everyone in Mordhau and doesn’t require excessive grind or to be insanely skilled.

Easy Achievements

The Queens Of Weapons – Kill 20 Enemies with the Longsword

Simply choose the Longsword in the loadout and kill 20 enemies with it, remember to use overheads and stabs in group fights!

The Abcs – Complete the Tutorial

Play the tutorial to learn the basics and earn gold at the end of it to spend on unlocking weapons or customization

Justice from the Grave – Kill an Enemy After Dying

One of the simpliest way to obtain this achievement is to use a firepot right behind a group of enemies and then suicide, or simply give the final hit to an enemy with the Flesh Wound perk and let enemies kill you before the flesh wound effect kill the enemy you just sliced.

Training Accident – Kill an Enemy with the Training Sword

Once you have the money to unlock the training sword bring it to battle and target a wounded enemy, since this sword deals very low damage you can also bring with you another weapon, wound the enemy and finish them off with the Training Sword. 

Virtuoso – Kill 5 Enemies with the Lute

The Lute can deal acceptable damage if you hit the enemy’s head, the downside is that parrying with it will drain alot of your stamina, so focus on dodging enemy attacks and attack the ones that are already wounded.

Long List of Names – Kill 1000 Enemies

Not difficult but a bit time consuming, if you are here to complete all the achievements this one will come natural as you unlock the other ones.

Friend Indeed – Reach 1000 Assists

Same as with kills, don’t stress too much about it and simply play the game, to obtain an assist deal less than 75 damage to an enemy and let your teammates deal the final blow.

Crybaby – Battlecry 500 Times

Press V often while you are in battle, i personally recommend Foppish voice 😀

Burning Man – Kill an Enemy While You are on Fire

This achievement should come naturally, if not, pick the perk fireproof to survive longer while on fire and pick some firepots yourself, throw them at enemies and try to kill them while stepping on the fire.

Home Run – Deflect a Projectile with a Strike

Don’t focus on getting this one, it will come naturally as you play frontline since there are axes,javelins and arrows thrown all the time, one will eventually hit your weapon while you swing it.

Just a Scratch – Take 400 Damage without Dying

If it doesn’t happen naturally while you play(it didn’t for me since i rush without healing), pick some firepots and bath in them until you are low on health, regenerate and repeat, if you run out of firepots find a supply box.

Boxer – Kill 30 Enemies with Fists

The way you can achieve this achievement is going pure Brawler, with Dodge Perk and Brawler perk and with some practice you can become a real threat even to fully armored enemies.

Alternatively pick Flesh Wound and Brawler and when you get fatally wounded(often cutting off your arm and making you drop your weapon), rush and attack the enemy with your remaining arm, you’ll be surprised how many kills you can get with this method.

Chambermaid – Chamber 200 Attacks

If you don’t know how to chamber make sure you play the tutorial, you do this by starting an attack the same direction as the attack from the enemy, if you find it difficult only chamber stabs which are incredibly easy to chamber.

Clobbered – Kill 5 Enemies with the Mallet

Simple achievement, if you don’t want to carry one in your loadout you can pick them from the ground near buildable spots. Aim for weakened enemies since you wont deal alot of damage, you can also throw them.

Coming Through – Kill 5 Enemies by Trampling Them with a Horse

Should come easy if you use the horse often, if not, while riding a horse look for enemies with tons of blood on them, they are weak and the horse trample which deals low damage should be enough to kill them.

Guts – Kill Two Enemies with a Single Attack from a Melee Weapons

Best way to achieve this is to go in big group fights, aim for the enemies head and use a long weapon with high damage to raise the chance you hit at least two heads and cut them off. blunt weapons won’t count towards this achievement even if you can crush 2 heads.

Flyswatter – Block 100 Projectiles

this was my last achievement, simply block stuff flying at you with your weapon. If you find it difficult you can use a shield which will make this achievement much much easier.

Highlander – Decapitate 5 Enemies in a Single Game

The number of people that goes without head protection in frontline is high, make sure you aim at the head and start slicing their head off! (watch out for teammates around you xD).

I Know King Fu – Finish off 10 Enemies with a Kick

I recommend incorporating kicks in your playstyle, they can be extremely useful in many situations, especially against shields. To have a fast kick start an attack and morph it to a kick by pressing the kick button ( F for me) before the attack is released. The achievement shouldn’t be difficult once you get used to kicking.

Lived to Tell the Tale

While playing frontline wear level 3 armor and many situations will arise where you will be at 1 health. Remember to hide and regenate to full health.

Poacher – Kill 5 Enemies with the Bear Trap

Bear traps are very fun to use but they disappear 2 sec after you die and teammates can trigger them. So place them in tight spaces where friendlies dont walk often and remember that by crouching you won’t trigger them. A good spot to place them is on top of ladders.

Put That Away – Perform 20 Disarms

To achieve this you want the enemy to reach 0 stamina and then attack him to make him lose his weapons. Much easier in duel servers and if you are having problems do this : Avoid attacks with footwork, a missed attack waste alot of stamina – avoid getting hit since enemies recover stamina when they hit you – kick the enemy since a successfull kick drains alot of stamina – don’t feint or morph to avoid the enemy dieng before dropping the weapon, make sure your attacks are easy to read.

Living Sculpture – Kill 10 Enemies with the Carving Knife

Carving knife can be obtained by choosing the Peasant perk on the loadout screen.

Once you have it, since you can’t have good protection due to the perk, i recommend picking 3 carving knives, 2 of them you will try to kill the enemies by throwing them, with the last one you will simply rush the enemy. The carving knife is insanely fast but doesn’t flinch the enemy, that means an enemy can attack while you are hitting them, so be careful and always be prepared to parry.

Pyromaniac – Kill 10 Enemies with Fire

Throw the firepots behind group of enemies that are engaging your teammates, enemies that backpedal to defend themselves or heal will die since they don’t see the fire behind.

Rock’n’Roll – Kill 5 Enemies with Rocks

Rocks are extremely fun to kill with and come with 5 ammo each, aim for wounded opponents and try to land 10 headshots for the other achievement if you didn’t get it yet.

This isn’t Sparta – Cause Someone to Fall to Their Death

Kick the enemy from high ground! Fun to do it even after yo get the achievement.

I got it by kicking an enemy which fell from a high spot right before he hit the ground right next to me.

Tough Nut to Crack – Block 1000 Melee Attacks

Block and learn to read feints and morphs unless you want to hate this game.

Vlad the Impaler – Kill 20 Enemies with a Ballista

Ballistas are in almost all maps and are easy to aim, watch out for horses and sneaky enemies trying to use them.

Whack-A-Mole – Kill 5 Enemies with Headshots with a Couched Weapon

Find a horse and press F while charging forward ( and pay respect to enemies you are about to kill) and using spears or lances, should come easy since most kills while couched will be headshots.

Yoink – Take a Melee Weapon out of Living Enemy’s Body

Simply throw a sword to an enemy and pick it with e while it’s stuck on them, throwable weapons like javelins and throwable axes and knives won’t count.

Keeps Coming Off – Lose Your Head 3 Times in the Same Match

Should come naturally as you play, if not ditch head protection and have level 3 armor on legs and torso, enemies will naturally go for your head.

Unstoppable – Kill 10 Enemies in a Row without Dying

Best way to do it if you are having problems is using a ballista or horse with spear, if that doesn’t work try using bows or firepots while watching your back.

Difficult Achievements

Stairway to Hell – Kill 5 Enemies While Climbing a Ladder

On paper this Achievement sounds difficult because nobody will stand still on a ladder being clubbed to death and also you need a 1 handed weapon to attack while on the ladder. Thankfully you have multiple ways to achieve this, you can throw firepots and then jump on the ladder, if you kill someone with the firepots while on top of the ladder it will count towards the achievement. Same goes for bear traps and probably also the Catapult.

Eagle Eye – Land 10 Headshots on Enemies with Projectiles in a Single Game

There are no magic tricks for this one that i know, i personally did it with the recurve bow and spamming arrows at group of enemies. You can also use rocks, throwing knifes, Javelins Etc. You will hear a special sound when you headshot somebody, so don’t worry about not knowing how many headshots you got.

You’re Welcome – Get 30 Assists in a Single Match

The trick to this achievement is to wound enemies without killing them, i personally used the recurve bow and aimed 1 arrow at every enemy i saw, after hitting one i would switch to another.

You can do the same with melee weapons and throwables.

That’s no Ordinary Cold – Kill an Enemy with an Icicle

For this achievements you have to be on the map Mountain Peak, find the icicles and hit one while an enemy is under it, so you need a projectile to hit since it’s too high to hit with a melee weapon.

This is my favourite spot, remember that the white icicles are the only ones which can drop, not the transparent ones.

MORDHAU - Achievement Guide

Some people say that they used the pommel of the Longsword to drop the icicle to achieve both this achievement and the Pommel one, but it didn’t work for me so it might be patched.

Ended Rightly – Kill an Enemy with the Pommel of the Sword

While using a Longsword, press X to make the emote list appear and press 2 to select Pommel throw. This will start an animation and you will throw the pommel, the problem is that the animation is long and the pommel only deals 1 damage, so killing an enemy with it might be challenging.

What you can do is find an enemy with the perk Flesh Wound (which keeps them alive with 1 hp after being fatally wounded) and immidiately start throwing the pommel to finish them off, it might be difficult if there are other enemies and friendlies around you and be fast at throwing the pommel since the enemy will die quickly even if he is not hit. To find enemies with flesh wound look for enemies which run around with no armor, most of them use it, also the knight from the default mercenaries has it too, but very few people use it now that the game is out for months.

Alternatively you can ask kindly to someone in a duel server to pick flesh wound and let you finish him off for the achievement (don’t headshot them with the last hit or the flesh wound perk wont activate).

Meat Grinder – Get 30 Kills in a Single Match

If you are an experienced player this should be no problem for you, for new players if you don’t have the time to git gud, pick a spear on the loadout and find an horse and start killing people while couching the spear on the horse with F.

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