SCP: Secret Laboratory – How to Deal with 096

In this guide i will sow you, how to deal with 096. The despicable shy guy uses sword dance!

How to Run

  1. Look into walls or roofs.
  2. Run.
  3. Don’t stop running.
  4. Really don’t stop running his rage is obnoxiously long.

How to Deal with Being Locked in a Room with 096

A good way and probably the only way to avoid a decent 096 is to jump on something 096 can’t jump on (rails) and then look away from him. If you try any other method they will trigger while not even on your screen because its shy guy. If there are no rails try jumping in a corner while looking up and into the wall until you find an escape route.

How to Give Up and Admit Defeat

  1. Realize that it is impossible to not trigger shy guy because there is a glitch where if you are near enough to him that it triggers his rage.
  2. Admit defeat.

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