Kindergarten 2 – A Tale of Two Janitors Storyline Guide

Storyline guide for “A Tale of Two Janitors”.
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(No items are needed from your bedroom before school starts.)

School Yard

  • Talk to the Janitor, ask him “You don’t know his name yet?”
  • Talk to the new janitor Bob, he’s wearing grey on the far right. Ask him “What’s your name?”
  • Talk to the Janitor, tell him “It’s Bob.” Take his ‘declaration of war’ and give it to Bob.
  • Return to the Janitor and tell him you delivered it.

Kindergarten 2 - A Tale of Two Janitors Storyline Guide

Morning Time

  • Attempt to leave the classroom. Agree to accept study hall as a punishment.
  • Enter the boys’ bathroom and talk to the Janitor.
  • Leave, talk to Stevie, tell him you need to go upstairs. Reply “okay,” and return to the Janitor – he will deal with Stevie for you.


  • Examine Stevie to obtain the [STRICT SASH] outfit.


  • Enter the girls’ bathroom and talk to Bob. When questioned about the ‘declaration of war,’ tell him that you can’t read or write. He will go and speak to the Janitor and think the matter is sorted, rewarding you with the [MR. NICE GUY] Monstermon card.


  • Also whilst inside the girls’ bathroom, inspect the purple sofa. You will find a [CHAIR OF SPIKES] Monstermon card between the cushions.
  • Enter the science lab and talk to Monty, ask him “Do you have a key to the elevator?” Get the key, get kicked out of the lab, go back down the stairs and talk to the Janitor. Give him the key.
  • Return to your classroom and eat your last apple. Stevie will crawl in and give you a passbook.

Kindergarten 2 - A Tale of Two Janitors Storyline Guide


  • The Janitor will call you on your walkie-talkie, telling you to come upstairs.
  • Talk to Carla and pay her $5.00 to cause a distraction, allowing you to sneak out. Go upstairs to the girls’ bathroom. (Do not approach Monty!)


  • Examine Bob’s corpse to obtain the [JOLLY JUMPER] outfit.
  • Talk to the Janitor, say “I’m here, what do you want?” He gives you the key to his ‘weapons room,’ or the janitor’s closet.
  • Go downstairs, enter the boys’ bathroom and use the key on the door on the far wall.


  • Examine the yellow bin to obtain the [BUCKET O WATER] Monstermon card.
  • Take the chainsaw and return to the Janitor upstairs in the girls’ bathroom. He will begin to dismember Bob’s corpse. He will give you Bob’s head and send you off to study hall.

Kindergarten 2 - A Tale of Two Janitors Storyline Guide

Study Hall

  • Choose the “say nothing” option whilst Dr. Danner is berating you. Use one of your apples and he will leave to use the bathroom.
  • the Janitor will call you on his walkie talkie telling you that Penny is onto the two of you. Take the toy car from the toy box on your way out. Place it on the stairs and Go to the cafeteria.
  • Throw Bob’s head away in the garbage can. Penny will enter – tell her that you’re looking for the Janitor – she’ll run off to find him and fall down the stairs thanks to your cleverly placed booby-trap!
  • Return to study hall – make sure you sit at the same desk you were originally sat at!Eat one of your apples.

Kindergarten 2 - A Tale of Two Janitors Storyline Guide

Gym Class

  • The Janitor will call you again on the walkie talkie and ask you to deal with Stevie’s body.
  • Go over to Jerome and Carla, who are fighting over a basketball. Help Carla to snatch it and Ms. Applegate will get hit – consequently chasing Jerome out of the room and leaving you free to continue on.
  • Grab the green glob from the puddle beside the elevator.
  • Go to the janitor’s closet, pick up the black garbage can that contains Stevie and leave before you’re suffocated by the mysterious green smoke…
  • Go through the cafeteria by the door on the far left, cross the playground, go up past the wooden fence to the dumpster area.
  • Tell the Janitor you brought the bag. Bang on the dumpster and talk to Agnes the dumpster hag. Give her the green glob and she’ll let you dispose of things in the dumpster.

Kindergarten 2 - A Tale of Two Janitors Storyline Guide

For completing “A Tale of Two Janitors” storyline you will receive the [LAMB WITH CLEAVER] Monstermon card and the key item [BOB’S TOOLBELT].

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