Kindergarten 2 – Creature Feature Storyline Guide

Storyline guide for “Creature Feature.”

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You’ll need the MONSTERMON PLUSHIE, FACULTY REMOTE and CARLA’S LASER BOMB to complete this storyline.

School Yard

  • The day will start and Ms. Applegate will say she’s lost her remote. Talk to Monty and buy a battery for $2.00.
  • Talk to Penny, put the battery in the remote and she will blast open the sewer grate and free Nugget.
  • Go down into the grate, squeak the MONSTERMON PLUSHIE by the cardboard box and talk to Lily and Billy. Give them the remote and they’ll explain their plan and give you a pneumatic drill.
  • Go back outside and talk to the Principal, get her to give you one of her passes.

Kindergarten 2 - Creature Feature Storyline Guide

Morning Time

  • Talk to Billy, he will give you the remote back.
  • Talk to Cindy and ask for her help killing the teachers.
  • When she asks you to put gum in a girl’s hair, press the green button on the remote to summon Penny. Put the gum in her hair then press the yellow button to dismiss her.
  • Talk to Buggs and ask for his help killing the teachers.
  • Press the green button to summon Penny again, then press the blue button to open her contraband compartment.


  • Talk to Billy, then show the CARLA’S LASER BOMB to Carla.
  • Talk to Nugget and give him the drill.
  • Jump into the tunnel after Nugget to get to the teachers’ lounge. Place the device under the table.
  • Use your principal’s pass to get out of lunch.
  • After the scene, go with Lily to the girls’ bathroom. Pick up the knife and kill Ms. Applegate.

Kindergarten 2 - Creature Feature Storyline Guide


  • Enter the Nugget cave and talk to Billy and Lily.
  • Talk to Penny and use the remote on her.
  • Go up the alleyway to the dumpster. Talk to Carla and tell her that Penny is gone.
  • Go inside.


  • Go inside the teachers’ lounge and examine Dr. Danner’s body to unlock the [LAB COAT] outfit!


  • Go up to the girls’ bathroom and examine Ms. Applegate’s body to get the [LOW CUT DRESS] outfit.


  • Go to the boys’ bathroom and give the lighter to the hall monitors. They’ll give you the [CIGARETMON] Monstermon card.

  • Go through the hole in the wall and talk to Bob.
  • Go into the downstairs classroom and take the doll from the toy box.
  • Go back to the Nugget cave and give the doll to Penny.

Kindergarten 2 - Creature Feature Storyline Guide

The Final Showdown

  • After the scene, feel free to ask questions if you want. Otherwise, go to the control panel in the top-right corner and press the green button to kill the middle monster. You’ll also unlock the [CAPTURED GIRL’S SKIRT] outfit.
  • Next, talk to Penny and she’ll kill the top monster. You’ll also unlock the [NEW STUDENT SKIRT] outfit.
  • Go back to the control panel and move the blue crane left then press the button to kill the bottom monster. You’ll also unlock the [CAPTURED BOY’S SWEATER] outfit.


  • Interact with the broken window where the monsters escaped from to unlock the [MONSTER BODY] outfit.


  • Walk to the bottom-left corner of the secret lab to find [THE SLURPER] Monstermon card.

  • Press the red button on the control panel.
  • Use the control panel to move the green crane to the left then press the button to close the monster’s mouth.
  • Use the control panel to move the red crane to the left twice, then press the button to make the monster look up.

For completing this storyline you’ll get the [DARK MAGICIAN] Monstermon card and a guide that tells you where to find any remaining missing Monstermon cards and outfits.

Kindergarten 2 - Creature Feature Storyline Guide

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