GTA 5 – How to Fix Offline Mode Not Available

So after playing the game for quite some time, this message showed up:

“Offline play is only available for accounts that have previously signed in on this machine (with “Remember Me” ticked) while connected to the internet and while Social Club Services are available. You have not previously signed in on this machine so offline play is not available.”

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There Are Two Different Ways to Fix This Issue

We can’t deny the fact that GTA 5 is an amazing game, but the game itself is full of bugs and glitches. I find this pretty annoying as i have been playing this game since i first started using Steam and i hate the idea of an unknown error is ruining our gaming experience, so i decided to look for the solutions.

I’ve tried all the suggested solutions from Google and none of them works, but i was lucky enough to find 2 different solutions to fix this issue.

These are the solutions to fix this issue

For some users, they moved the game folders to a new device/machine which should be the reason that causes the error. To fix this, all you have to do is:

First Method

  • Sign into Steam on your older device
  • Launch the game for a couple of minutes
  • Quite the game
  • Sign into Steam on your new device
  • Launch GTA V (It should work fine)

If the first method doesn’t fix the issue, try second method.

Second Method

  • Sign into Steam on your new device
  • Go to Steam on top left
  • Settings, then Account
  • Look for ‘Manage Steam Guard Account Security’
  • Press ‘Deauthorize all other devices’

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