Hide Or Die – How to Play

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Hide or Die and how to survive or how to prevent others from surviving.


Hello and thank you for viewing this guide! This guide will teach you everything you need to know on how to play both escape and the last man standing modes in Hide or Die (HOD). In this guide, there will be tutorials on how to be a survivor, what perks to use, what weapons to pick up, and how to survive against the hunter. There will also be tutorials on how to be hunter, what perks to use, what hunter to use, and how to hunt down the survivors successfully.


For this guide to work for you successfully, you should complete the in-game tutorial so you know all the keybinds and how to game works in general. Another suggestion is you play the game once or twice to get the feel for the game. That is all the requirements for this guide. You do not need to own the game but it is recommended so you can learn from the guide and use it in-game.

About the Hide or Die Modes

Hide or Die has two playable modes currently in the game. This section will be about how you play the modes as a hunter and a survivor.

The Escape Mode

The Escape mode is played in the WHOLE Hide or Die map. It has 24 players and lots of space to run. In Escape, your goal is to collect darkness and escape as a survivor or kill everyone as a killer. When you start off in Escape mode you will be climbing out of the hatch and then you are released to go explore. Weapons are available from the start of the game unlike Last Man Standing. To collect darkness, you can you activate Extractors or kill Darkness Creatures. When activating Extractors, you will be attacked by Darkness Creatures depending on the rarity of the Extractor. Once you reach 100 darkness, your corruption meter will start filling up. Once your meter fills up to 100%, you can convert into a hunter at a conversion site. In Escape mode, there are 2-3 killers when people start getting their corruption meter up. Survivors can use their weapons to kill killers and take some of their darkness. After they lose a lot, they will lose their hunter abilities. After 15 minutes of collecting darkness, the top three people with the most darkness will be selected as the final killer to guard the escape bunkers.

There are three escape bunkers that the killers has to guard. As a survivor, they must make it to the bunker to escape with their darkness. If a survivor dies at any point they will lose 75% of their darkness and leave with 25% of it. If you escape, you get to keep 100% of it. In Escape mode you can also find Credits, which is used to buy cosmetics in the store. Even if you die, you keep all of your Credits found.

That is how the Escape Mode works in Hide or Die.

The Last Man Standing Mode

The Last Man Standing mode is played on a section of the Hide or Die map. It has 16 players and lots of hiding spots. In Last Man Standing, your goal is to be the last man standing as hunter or survivor. You are only going to find defensive items in this game such as a Stun Gun, Smoke Grenade, Motion Sensors, etc (Check the Items section for all of them). At the start of the game, the darkness orb will appear at a random location and the first player to get to it will become the hunter. The hunter will have his corruption bar at 100% at the start and will start to deteriorate as he is hunter. Survivors can complete fuse boxes to active lights and lower his corruption meter by 25% but he will be able to see people who are completing fuse boxes. As the match goes on, the gameplay area will get small as the darkness will start to close in. If you get stuck in the darkness, you will start to lose health until you die. The game will continue until their are two people left. The current hunter will have his corruption meter go to 100% and he will not lose any corruption. The last survivor will be able to find weapons to kill the hunter. Who ever is the last man standing will win the match and get a ton of XP.

This is how to Last Man Standing Mode works in Hide or Die

About the Hide or Die Items

Welcome to the section on what can be a godsend for any survivor: Items. These have their own slot in your inventory, and they are typically non offensive tools that survivors can use to get away from deceive killers. By default, you can only hold one item, however with the Utility Belt perk earned at level 2, you can hold 2 items. Keep in mind, all of these items are common in LMS (Last Man Standing), but have their own rarities in Escape. Lets begin:

Motion Tracker (Uncommon)

Throw this nifty little gadget down, and if the killer steps within its radius, he will be revealed for a decent amount of time. This can be quite useful for evading a killer, especially if that killer is stitches or fisherman, because if you know where the killer is, you can move away from him more effectively. However, getting him to trigger the damn thing ain’t easy, and quite honestly, there are more useful items out there.

Smoke Grenade (Uncommon)

Exactly what it says on the tin. Throw it down, and thick smoke will bellow out in a decently sized radius. I recommend you use this if you think the killer has seen you to make an escape, and not if he is already 2 inches away from making you a darkness point smoothie, as if he gets too close to you in the smoke, your an easy target. Another use for it is to throw it away from your location to distract the killer, then move away while he tries to find the survivor hiding in the smoke. Outstanding move!

Bredda (Rare) 

A nifty little taser. Hit the killer with this bad boy, and he will be stunned for around 3-4 seconds. Use this time to either escape, or pop a can of whoop ♥♥♥ on him. Keep in mind, its best to use the taser from a distance, the moment he sees you, as it has quite a range on it, and sometimes if he is too close, escape is impossible. Also, stitches will be your worse nightmare should you find this taser to be your last resort.

Crate Key (Rare)

It’s a key that opens crates, the yellow and black military crates you can find around the world. They only make an appearance in escape, as these crates contain a guaranteed Legendary weapon or item. Worth it, if you feel like lugging the key around until you find one, but you’ll be vulnerable in the mean time.

Demoleculizer (Very Rare)

Quite a step up on a technological scale, this thing make look like a powerful grenade from some Sci-Fi series, but it is in fact, a portable invisibility device. Throw it at your feet to turn yourself and any other survivor in its radius invisible (well, sort of, its not perfect invisibility, but its pretty damn good) for a short time, around 10 seconds. Can be incredibly useful in dimly lit areas such as forests, as you can blend in much better, however, in brighter places such as the carnival, you can be easily seen if lit up a certain way, and the killer will enjoy making you his personal darkness dispenser.

Darkness Warp (Legendary)

While this thing only makes an appearance in escape, and is very rare and hard to find, this thing is a thing of beauty. This device will create a warp on the ground, and should you go through it, it will take you to a random portal on the map. The best part: If the killer tries to follow you through it, he will end up at a different random portal! Thats right, get in in time and this thing is a guaranteed escape! But watch out, when its gone, its gone, and if your unlucky, you may find yourself in a trickier spot then before…

Medical Pack (Perk Item)

Should you get the survivor perk Health Boost at level 3, not only can you enjoy a bonus 25 percent hp, but you will also receive a medical pack upon loading in to a game. This nifty syringe will heal right up to full hp! This will let you take a huge beating from hunters and ai, and even the zone in LMS! A very useful item, but worth a perk slot? Up to you.

And that is all on items! These things can really help you out in a scrape, especially in LMS, so be sure to stock up! You’ll never know when you need them!

About the Hide or Die Hunters

This section will tell you about the Hunters ability and their weapons

The Scientist

Hide Or Die - How to Play

Ability(s): Radar and Dome

Radar: The Radar will show little blips that are nearby players on the radar screen.

Dome: The dome will trap survivors inside of a blue dome. Only the hunter can leave the dome.

Weapon: Electrical Bat

The Fisherman 

Hide Or Die - How to Play

Ability(s): Harpoon Gun and Sonar

Harpoon Gun: A Gun that will shoot a harpoon. Can be explosive or electrical if the hunter is at the specified level.

Sonar: Will make the nearby land turn green and a survivor near will be highlighted in green for a couple of seconds.

Weapon: Non Throwable Spear.


Hide Or Die - How to Play

Ability(s): Jackboxes and True Sight (Perk)

Jackboxes: Boxes that can be thrown onto the ground and when a survivor gets near it, Stitches gets a notification.

True Sight (Perk) : Highlight Nearby Survivors for 2 seconds (This ability is a perk and can be upgraded).

Weapon: Scissors

How to Play as a Survivor in Escape Mode

Playing survivor in Escape mode is not actually that difficult:

At the start of the match, you may want to look for Weapons and Items. To help yourself, Press M to display the Map, you will see Symbols indicating buildings, Players, Exits, etc.

Once you done with arming yourself, look for Extractors, which are dooted around the map. In Those, you must activate them and complete the objectives, which can vary between
completing fuze boxes to fueling up a generator with Gasoline Cans.

Extractors give a certain amount of darkness, depending on the rarity of it, being common the lowest and very rare the highest for extractors.

Once a certain amount of time passes, you will hear a siren indicating that the exits are about to open.

In case of luck, if your one of the top 3 players with most darkness, you will transform into a hunter, with the objective of defending one of the exits.

Otherwise, you’ll have to escape thought them, but be careful! once you get near an exit, which are shown on screen their location, watchout for nearby hunters!

How to Play as a Hunter in Escape Mode

Being a hunter in escape can be a very rewarding experience. Murdering people and stealing alllll that hard earned darkness is something to relish. But first, you got to find them, and then you gotta kill em. Here’s how:

First off, the moment you convert, you are going to want to use your dark sight, bound to the F key. This makes you go much faster and will highlight the rough locations of survivors across the map. Look for the blotches of color on your screen. The more red and loud they are, the more darkness that person has. Move towards them until the blot of color covers the ground. That area is where the survivor is. Now its time to track them down. Use the tracking tools your hunter has, cover large ground, check dark sight to make sure they haven’t run. If they keep running, move into dark sight and try to listen for their footprints as they run, then come out and give em a nasty surprise. If they are staying in the same spot, and not coming up on your radar, check the hidables in the area.

Of course, in escape, survivors may not go down without a fight. If the survivors are in groups, or have good enough weapons, they may choose to try and fight you. A foolish notion, here is how to deal with such pesky survivors:

If the survivors bring your hp down to zero, you are forced into dark sight for around 10 seconds. If this happens, don’t attack right away. Stay in dark sight and heal, while trying to stay near the survivors by listening for their footprints. Once you are full, try to single out a single survivor, and take them down, then go into dark sight and recover your hp and suck up the darkness they dropped. Rinse and repeat. In addition, make sure to use your offensive equipment, such as your dome, your harpoon gun or your mobility to cause problems for the survivors. The fisherman in particular can cause major problems for survivors, as he can out range them and out damage them.

And finally, do keep in mind, not every hunt will end in success! But that’s ok! Simply bide your time until your corruption once again reaches 100 percent, and strike. Oh, and try not to die in the mean time!

How to Play as Survivor in Last Man Standing

Playing as survivor in Last Man Standing can be very challeging:

The Objective here is, as the name says, be the last one alive. All survivors spawn in one point.

After you spawn, starting running in any direction and be on the watch for the corrupted orb, which will spawn randomly. If your not lucky and do not be the one to pick the orb, fear not!

You will want to look for items and look for fuse boxes that get highlighted a bit after someone gets corrupted. In this boxes, you have to click the right numbers to pass to the next stage.

Once you complete the three stages, you will complete the fuse box, which will drain 25% of the Hunter corruption rate.

If you manage to be on the Top 2 as a survivor, you will 1v1 the Hunter. At this point, Weapons will spawn. Grab one, quickly!

Now all you gotta do is Fight! Be the winner so you can win LMS!

How to Play as a Hunter in Last Man Standing

Congratulations! At long last, you have found the coveted O R B in last man standing! Now you can finally wreak some havoc upon the heads of the infidels. Here are some tips and tricks to maximizing your murder spree!

Firstly, and this is the big one, defend your fuse boxes! If survivors do these, your time as killer will be reduced significantly! Make sure to keep an eye on them, make use of your domes/sonar/jack boxes to keep survivors away! Also, you are informed when a fuse is being worked on, so make sure to strike fast!

Secondly, don’t forgot to check hidables! It takes only a second to seach em, but these little buggers make survivors immune to your tracking abilities, so clever survivors will make use of them. Make sure to drag them out and beat em down!

Third off, watch out for tasers! If you see a survivor has one, try to zig zag and move in an unpredictable fashion in order to throw them off and make them miss! And when they do, give em a good shellacking!

Here are some hunter specific tips!

Scientist: Use your dome to force people to be stuck in the zone! If you place it right, people can be stuck inside the zone within your dome, and will die a slow and painful death! You can also use the dome to block off fuses and exits to buildings!

Fisherman: Place your sonars in between fuses that are close to maximize their effectiveness. Place as many as you can, and don’t forgot to charge your harpoon up by holding RMB, otherwise it will do no damage!

Stitches: Place your jack boxes by the fuses to put survivors off doing them! Or, alternitavely, place them in known hiding spots so you can track pesky and un-creative survivors down! Finally, use your mobility to reach vantage points to get a birds eye view on survivors!

That’s all for LMS hunters! Good luck and happy hunting!</b

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