Streets of Rogue – Achievements Guide

Descriptions and strategies for how to get the new Streets of Rogue achievements.


Potent Mix

Have four status effects at once.

This should be fairly easy to get.


  • You should get this achievement after a few runs without trying.
  • Drug Searching – If you DO want to try, actively search for effect-causing items around you in the world (e.g. rubbish bins, quests, etc).
  • Drug Dealers! – However, if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life scrounging through the trash like [insert victim here], you can always turn to your Friendly Neighbourhood Drug Dealer! If you main Investment Banker, you should be quite familiar with this NPC (you may also have masochistic tendencies, but that’s a story for another day). Simply give the dodgy guy a couple dozen (or hundred) pieces of your well earned money, and watch your life spiral down into a drug-fueled frenzy as you consume 4 or more completely different drugs and hope it doesn’t kill you (which it hopefully won’t, unless you decide that turning a cyanide pill into a cocktail is a good idea).

Fast Food

Make a Refrigerator “Run”.

You should be able to get this achievement fairly quickly as well.


  • Hacking Tool – Search for a hacking tool. This solely depends on the RNG gods, so pretty much just do a few playthroughs until you get one. After you do, pretty much just get in range of a poor guy’s fridge, stand back and use the hacking tool on your victim’s fridge. The fridge will now charge forwards, causing dire destruction what ever path it follows (usually a straight line. If it does anything else it’s probably a bug. Or a feature. Or both.). I will create a guide on how to use a hacking tool if you are in desperate need. In addition, if you feel the urge to pursue only this method, and not the easy one below, you can get rid of a few items from your item pool. This can be done by going up to the thief in the Home Base, and deselecting a few items that you don’t like, to increase the chances of the hacker tool appearing. Just remember to reselect them afterwards or you’ll be wondering why you get hacking tool so often.
  • Hacker Character – This can be done by selecting the base Hacker character, and starting a playthrough with him. Pretty much follow the same steps as the first one, except you get hacking abilities automatically instead of after a minute or after 10 hours (depending on how fair the RNG gods were feeling.).

Creative Genius

Create a custom character.

You can either spend half a minute on this or the rest of your life.


  • Create a Character – The easiest way is to just start a game, then click on one of those blank, black characters at the bottom. This should bring up the character selection screen. Type ‘Bob’ into the name section, and then click ‘Create Character’ (in the top right corner).
  • Create a Character – The harder way is more challenging, but more rewarding (depending on whether you’re a default purist or you like to make stuff yourself). Don’t just type ‘Bob’ and click submit. Spend hours upon end dreaming up a backstory (fun fact: characters in SoR actually have personalities and stories! You can read about them in their bio bit in character selection.), and model your characters traits around them! Or the other way round. That’s fine too. I’m sure you won’t have an existential crisis about it.


Kill the Killer Robot

Yet another example of choosing how long you want to spend on this. NOTE that if you can’t be bothered waiting on the RNG Gods to decide that you must face up the Killer Robot, you can just remove all the disasters except for the robot & add the disasters every level mutator.


  • Gorilla & Fists Only – Beat the everliving shizznuggets out of the robot by equipping the no melee weapons & no shooty weapons (for the picky people out there it’s TECHNICALLY called the ‘No Guns’ mutator. But I like my version better.) mutators. Then pick out a melee proficient character (e.g. Wrestler, Jock & Gorilla). The good ones are all behind unlock walls (or whatever they’re called), but the easiest to unlock (and probably the most useful in this scenario), is the Gorilla. Now all you need to do is challenge that hunk of metal to a round of fisticuffs, and prove yourself worth in combat. Note that this method is probably inefficient, but it’s the way I did it (although I died around 15-30 times using this method, which just proves the previous point).
  • D.I.Y. – There are dozens of other ways to get this achievement, which really just proves how expansive Streets of Rogue. Now I could spend the rest of my night dreaming up ways to Kill the Killer Robot (like take the Broforce similar achievement approach and knock it off the map using the beeg beeg knockback mutator), but I won’t. Not because I have a life (which, to clarify any rumours, I don’t), but because then this would be a very big chunk of text that you’d have to scroll past and I can’t be bothered to write that much. If you want a better approach, go to a different guide. I’m sorry for having a life (wait, but didn’t you just say you didn’t have a life? I want my No-Prize please).

Safe Travels

Nicely ask an NPC to leave a level.

Pretty basic.


  • Bartender – Play as bartender. You’ll have to down a lot of booze to unlock bartender, but once you get him (or her, I’m really confused about how genders work in this game. And I’ve been here for a relative while.), you’ll find that they are perfect for the job. Since everyone is automatically friendly, you just need to go off and talk to that one NPC you need to ‘neutralise’ for your quest, and tell them to ♥♥♥ off kindly exit the premises.
  • Get the Friends of the Common Folk trait. Just wait for the RNG Gods to grant you the opportunity to make everyone nice to you when you level up.
  • Hypnotisers (both Marks I & II) should work for making people like you enough to never want to see you again. Just like real life.


Kill everyone in a level

Lets agree to never talk about this day again.


  • Go on a killing spree. This is typically a lot harder than it sounds, generally because people don’t particularly WANT to BE killed in the first place. I recommend werewolf for this one (fun tip I didn’t learn until 50 hours in: right clicking in werewolf form is OP), probably with the trait that gets rid of the dizzy spell. That way you can runneth like ♥♥♥ hell from the large angry mob that will inevitably form, instead of being beaten to death by them. Or you could use any other character. Point is, you gotta kill everyone.
  • Go on a killing spree… with your FRIENDS! (or random strangers you met on the internet, that works too). This is typically a lot easier than it sounds. Just make everyone go soldier or some other assault based character, and heartlessly murder the entire level, while bringing the fallen back to life!

Whoah! We’re 7/15 of the Way There!

Flat Earther

Fall off the edge of the map

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine dies.


  • Giantiser – Down one of these, and walk your way to the end of the world. Void damage (or whatever its called in this game) is 30, so don’t try this with under that number without a death wish.
  • Explosions. – You get a big enough explosion (probably near the entry/exit cause thats where the walls are typically weakest (i.e. thinnest)), then walk off the edge.
  • Wall Walloper Trait. – You should be able to hit the walls to the point where you can throw yourself off.


Electrocute someone in water.

He wasn’t a half-bad Spiderman villain.


  • Slavemaster – The slavemaster is the easiest way to get the TASER. For those who haven’t yet unlocked them, just get into the habit of buying slaves over runs. It’s a starting item, which means now you just need to get up to the Park level. If you’re having trouble getting up to there, try joining a random multiplayer game (or with your friends, if you have any). They typically tend to progress a lot further than singleplayer. Now all you gotta do is get an NPC into a lake (by annoying them or enslaving them, so that they follow you), and then taser their face.
  • Shifting the Odds – If you think that buying slaves is unethical or something that prevents you from doing the previous step, then you can put yourself at the mercy of the RNG Gods and reduce the amount of items in the item pool (see the thief at Home Base, then deselect the items you don’t like as much. remember to reselect them afterwards otherwise all the other items will become very common), making sure NOT to deselect taser or that defeats the purpose. Pretty much follow the steps above after that.

Slaver Enslaver

Enslave a Slavemaster

Ironic, or just justice at its finest?


Slavemaster – There isn’t any other alternative, so looks like you’ll have to stick with this one. Play as slavemaster (unlocking just means buying lotsa slaves), and go up to a slave vendor. Now you gotta lure one away from the rest, or just dispose of the rest (your choice), and enslave them.

The Best Around

Win an Arena Fight

Time to duel! (well more like tripuel if that exists)


  • Melee Main – Play as one of the melee characters (e.g. Jock or Wrestler; Gorilla can’t talk to Jock to register), and beat the cripes outta ’em. Arenas are typically found in Downtown, so it’d be a good idea to jump onto a multiplayer game to find them or into the downtown elevator if you’ve unlocked it, to save time and effort. Arenas are a building characterised by a big glass square in the middle with a couple of wrestlers in the middle, and a jock at the desk who you can register to fight with. Remember to turn in your weapons to the bouncer outside, or the wrestlers aren’t gonna be the only people you’re fighting. Assuming you aren’t at minimal health when you start, you should be good to go!
  • Werewolf – Might be a bit unfair on the poor wrestlers, but it’s rigged anyway innit? So register and everything like above in human form, turn over your weapons, and then just as they say ‘oh look at this wimpy 1 stat everything office idiot! Tonight’s gonna be easy, boys’, you turn around, bare your fangs, and proceed to massacre everyone inside. Maybe everyone outside too, if you’re in the mood. (Note: if you’re having a bit of trouble playing werewolf, that’s probably because you haven’t discovered his right click ability while werewolfing).

Ironic Killer

Kill someone by throwing a Gravestone at them

Almost as ironic as being run over by an ambulance.


Wrestler – This is probably the only way you’re gonna get the achievement. Play as Wrestler, then pretty much go to the nearest Graveyard, pick up a gravestone, and begin to stone the poor slum dweller that happens to be walking past. Problem is, the ghosts don’t like this, so you’d best get the HELL outta there pretty damn fast once you’re done. If you can’t seem to unlock Wrestler, try turning on the no melee weapons & no shooty weapons mutators, and playing as doctor.

Creature Feature

Kill a Vampire while playing a Werewolf

Basically vampire big-quest reversed.


Werewolf – Play as werewolf. Go up to Park or Downtown (Park is better for this purpose), and go up to either a lone vampire, or a vampire flat (like What We Do in the Shadows!), and massacre the lot. Just remember, what are we? We’re werewolves, not swearwolves. To unlock werewolf, play as scientist, knock off a few gravestones, wait for the vengeful spirits, and shoot them with the ghost gibber. To unlock scientist, just force a few people to inhale unholy fumes through the air filtration systems.

Murderous Mixologist

Give someone a Cyanide Cocktail

Just remember, it’s not for you, it’s for them. Do not drink it. DO NOT DRINK I- goddamn it.


Bartender – Get a cyanide pill. If you can’t seem to find one, just pop off to the thief at home base to deselect some items you don’t need from the pool. Remember to reselect them or you’ll be stuck with too many cyanide pills. Now all you need to do is right click the drink mixer in your inventory, and click on the cyanide pill, and offer it to some random guy. Then run away. RIP guy.

True Believer

Find the Alien

No, this has nothing to do with LEGO Marvel.


  • Hacking – Use either the hacker or a hacking tool. You require a tech expert trait to spawn the alien, so only Hacker or Scientist will be able to do it. Now simply hack into the Satellite Dish, which is only present in Broadcasting Stations, which only spawn in Uptown. To get into Uptown, simply hitch a ride on multiplayer, or use an elevator (if you have one). Now just overload the satellite signal, and an alien will spawn.
  • Wrenching – A bit riskier; I’m fairly sure that only Hacker and Scientist can do this too. Simply go up to the satellite dish, and wrench it. This is pretty risky cause it’s in a do not enter zone, and the walls are glass so everyone can see you. So use a blindeniser or something before you enter.

Fountain of Life

Poison a water body with Resurrection Shampoo

The closest you’re gonna get to having a bath in this game.


Lakes – Pretty much the only way to get this achievement is in Park, cause that’s where all the lakes are. You gotta go to the water pump, and put in the resurrection shampoo. If you can’t seem to find it, that’s either because you instantly used it when you first got it, or because the RNG Gods are having a bad day. If the former is the cause, stop playing investment banker, you masochist. The latter, however, can be fixed by going to the thief in home base and deselecting the items that you don’t use as often. Remember to reselect them afterwards or you’ll be getting too much resurrection, which I suppose is a good thing.

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