Fantasy Farming: Orange Season – Locations of All Tools

If you need a little help with some locations for you tools below is a written guide and a video guide if you would rather that.

Locations Of All Tools


You need to exit your farm south, Take first east side path, keep going east till your at the water, head south towards the bridge that will be blocked off, just below the bridge you will see a chest, Inside is a broken axe. To fix you need the hammer to get the iron then head to the blacksmith


You need to head South from your farm then go west till you are at the cave next to the rail tracks so inside and go right around the cave till you get to the end where there is a chect waiting for you. you will need this to get the hammer


After gettin gthe sickle you will exit the cave you got the sickle from and head north, use the sickle to cut the grass and head as far north as you can till you see another cave, enter the cave and push the barrel out of your way the chest above has the hammer in it.

Fishing Rod

Get a task to bring Lucas food, Give him any food and he will say “I dont eat that” Repeat it a couple times and he will give you the fishing rod to catch him food.

Written by Liam Steven Project.

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