The Adventure Pals – Secret Achievements

Secret Achievements


  • Kill 20 yaks in the Treevale location. There is only few on the map, but you can respawn them simply by walking into a level/arena or shop and going out.

Speed Merchant

  • Easily done in one of the first stages, just run as fast you can to the wells, and skipping most of the enemies.

Good brief!

  • After you first meet with the whale, you find out that he is looking for some clothes to cover himself. You will find a Bikini in a Bamboo Beach stage of Port O Polly – instead of giving these to the whale go ahead back Treevale town and give the bikini to the old guy. He will then give you his white undies in exchange. Take the undies to back to the whale and the achievement is done!

The Adventure Pals - Secret Achievements
The Adventure Pals - Secret Achievements

Bunny Business

  • Blast an enemy with a Sunshine Bomb, it will turn them into one of those small critters that usually wonders around. After you turn them into critter, kill em and its done. Achievement says “Bunny” but it does not have to be a bunny critter, the bomb changes the enemy into different ones in each different location. So even if you change them to a small hot dog, it will work. Bomb can be found in chests or brought to you by stoney if you have the right improvement. Or you can simply buy them at the Bee store back at Treevale.

The Adventure Pals - Secret Achievements

P.S. Other Achievements are easy to do, most of them are story related/collectible or completes themselves after few hours of gameplay anyway and don’t need any extra explanation in my opinion.

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