Gems of War – Chest Keys: Newbie Guide

Confused about which keys to use now, which to hoard for later, or what to expect from all of them? This guide will make Gems of War’s 6 chest keys easier to understand.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Chest Keys

Gems of War has numerous types of keys that can open chests in the Chests menu (found at the bottom of the main screen). The cautious gamer never spends anything until they know what they’re getting into, and that’s what this guide was written for! Let’s get started, reviewing what each of the chests do, and what to expect. They’re ranked from worst to best:

Gold Keys

Feel free to spend these at any time, don’t bother hoarding them. They give the most basic troops: Common (1*) and Rare (2*). You’ll get tons of these keys over time, even by doing the littlest things in the game. While they seem like trash troops, you’ll want tons of duplicates so that you can ascend those low-end troops to their fullest ascention. Never, ever waste gold to buy Gold Keys, it’s never worth it.

Glory Keys

These keys give you the possibility to pull a wide range of troops from Rare (2*) to Mythic (6*). Because of this wide range, your chances of pulling a Legendary or Mythic are VERY low. It is never, ever advised to waste Glory to buy Glory Keys as you’ll be getting them for free on a regular basis, especially if you are in a guild.

Event Keys

Event Keys will give you troops and items that pertain to whatever the current “kingdom of the week” focus is. So, if this week’s event has to do with the kingdom of “Broken Spire,” then using an Event Key will only give you a Broken Spire troop or trait stone. More notably: every week, the game has a featured hero. When you use an Event Key, you have a chance of receiving this weekly hero as a pull. Feel free to use Event Keys any time you want — especially if you want the hero of the week. If you already have the hero of the week, you might as well hoard these keys until next week’s hero of the week is released. Alternately, most players will argue that the best usage of spending your Glory is to just buy the hero of the week outright with 300 Glory. You can do this in the Shop, via the Glory Rewards tab. It should be the first item on the list.

Guild Keys

You can buy Guild Keys with Seals (those round blue gems that can be collected for free from your guild through the “Seals” tab). They give a chance of receiving Rare (2*) to Mythic (6*) level troops and miscellaneous trait stones, as well as something called “Guild Guardians” which are special common troops that can only be obtained with a Guild Chest. While the Guardians may seem weak, they all have the ability to create tons of board colors, essentially acting as “color feeders” for other troops on your team. You’ll want to hoard Guild Keys and only use them when your’e in a guild that has reached a 40,000 Seals objective. When guilds hit that final bracket for the week, all guild members have a chance to get the best troops and items that Guild Chests have to offer. It’s advised to not spend these, otherwise.

Gem Keys

Now, these are the real deal. They’ll give you a chance to receive anything from an Ultra-Rare (3*) to a Mythic (6*) troop. Due to the spread, Gem Keys give you the absolute highest chance of scoring a coveted Legendary (5*) or Mythic (6*) troop! You can get Gem Keys on rare occasion through things like Guild goals, or you can just buy them outright with Gems, which can be purchased with real life money, or earned very slowly through time. If you ever decide to spend gems in the game, the vast majority of long-time players will recommend spending them on Gem Keys.

VIP Keys

Technically, VIP keys give the best chance of pulling a Legendary (5*) or Mythic (6*) troop or high level trait stones, but you will never get them through casual gameplay, making them be in a class of their own. You can only get these with real life money.

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