Jey’s Empire – Fighting the Mafia

This guide is here to help the Jey’s Empire players who struggle against the Mafias.
You will never again lose a game against this potent foe.

The Mafia In Jey’s

The mafia is one of the most powerful opponents you will face in Jey’s Empire.
With 25 strong families around the map, the struggle against the mob will be a full time job.

Mafias are though opponents:

They often have a high violence score: informants won’t speak, your undercover agents may finish their lives with concrete shoes in the New York Bay, and you will need more agents to deal with them.

They often have high threat scores: if you totally ignore them, they will ruin your trust score.
Mafias have too some superpower of their own.

Arresting a mob boss opens a judicial struggle: the mafia will intimidate jurors, will bribe judges… If ever the Mafia wins that struggle, it may rise stronger than ever.

If you hit too hard on the mafia’s, they will become harsher and directly menace your agents and their families, badly hampering their action.

Using your undercover agents to create dissents is dangerous in the case of the mafia: the results may be so bloody that their threat score will boom.

Jey's Empire - Fighting the Mafia

Going All Out Against The Mafia

This is a risky approach. The needed manpower won’t be available to deal with other threats. After 1961 your agents will be needed to fight the klan in the south, so you don’t have a lot of time to do the job. You will soon learn that mafias are hard to kill.

In that fight, your main assets are your Special Agents in Charge.
Ed Trunbull is perfect to fight dangerous opponents: use him to get legal wiretaps and speed up your Court files.

Barney Dumbster is very efficient to gather information on the mafia: use him to collect enough knowledge to choose your targets.
While a mafia is on judicial struggle, if its size is 2 or more, keep the pressure on it.

Jey's Empire - Fighting the Mafia

Leaving The Mafia Alone

This approach is risky too but may be the good one in the long run.

As they rise, mafias make political friends and spend more money on legal economy: the perceived threat may decrease over time. If you are playing the Apalachin scenario, you may have some options to befriend the mafia and lower its threat scores. If you do so, you will be able to concentrate on other threats.

Jey's Empire - Fighting the Mafia

Pest control: bullying the weak.

You can mix the two strategies by leaving alone strong mafias and going all out against the small ones.

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