One Hour One Life – Guide on Newcomen Technology

Please note: all credit goes to Swaziland!

This guide will focus on the Newcomen that’s in the game excluding oil rigs (they will covered in the next guide). This guide will cover setting up a newcomen by yourself. It will also cover how you make the mechanisms required for the more advanced smithing recipes.


This guide will cover anything you need to set up a Newcomen machine of any kind except the oil rig. That one will be covered in the next guide. So without further ado let’s begin!

The Core

First things first you need a Newcomen core to construct any kind of Newcomen machinery. The following image covers the entire process (Note: The rubber tire construction will be glossed over. If you want to know how to make a tire check out my previous guide):

One Hour One Life - Guide on Newcomen Technology

Assembling a Newcomen Machine

The core is the most uncommon component of a Newcomen machine. You need various other materials now to finish construction of your Newcomen machine. One of the things you need is a pump beam kit. It’s a very simple combination of branches. I’ll show it here first before construction starts:

One Hour One Life - Guide on Newcomen Technology

So it’s just a collection of shaven branches. This pump beam kit gets important in this next step. Here’s the materials you need for construction of a Newcomen machine:

Now that you have all the materials ready you are ready to construct your Newcomen machine. (Note: This showcases how to set up a Newcomen multitool only. To construct a Newcomen water pump all you need to is ignore the first steps involving stakes and the last (yew shaft) and make it on a dry deep well:

One Hour One Life - Guide on Newcomen Technology

Mechanism Time!

To start off making the mechanisms you need 2 straight branches for each.

The first and easiest mechanism to make is the hammer. It is an important because you can’t get more mechanisms without it:

Now that you have the hammer and the Newcomen multitool from the previous sections you can begin making the other mechanisms shown in the following image:

One Hour One Life - Guide on Newcomen Technology

Now that you have the one small pulley and three big pulleys you assemble them like this on long shafts:

One Hour One Life - Guide on Newcomen Technology

Now all the mechanisms you will need in the next guides going forward are complete.

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