Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Bloodiest Battering Ram

So this is my take on the reworked FootKnight Kruber talents and class set up which I will carry over a lot of the weapons from my last FootKnight Guide and maybe add some tricks to the trade if you will.

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Standard FootKnight

When I took to the talent rework for FootKnight I was kinda confused at first with why they would take some of his good stuff away like (Build momentum) and (Cdr Ult) but I looked at what they gave us and made something new from it. So with this build its fortitude mixed with your DPS to essentially carry your team but support them so they can carry you in a sense.

Now with this, you can see for your first talent its health based on the health of the enemy slain. I find this better than Bloody Unstoppable because the talent is weak in my opinion, I find with this build its better based on your weapons you will take.

This right here is a nice setup with this particular class, it has a few things that come along with it.

  1. Elite killing Potential.
  2. Special killing Potential.
  3. Team Fortitude.
  4. Team attack buff on charge.

Armored Fortress

I think this one speaks for itself, its the shield update and this is his thick armor class.

You could also swap out Its Hero Time for Counter Punch.

Tricks of the Trade

This is the tricks part of what I have gathered while playing FootKnight for 1200 of my 1400 hours.

  1. A trick everyone knows or might not know is you can Revive and charge at the same time.
  2. You can revive and stand still charge mid-revive and block to stop and knock enemies away and stay in position with your fallen teammate once the revive goes all the way through.
  3. You can heal mid-charge and block to stop yourself like the revive part it works just the same.
  4. Your charge can reach stuff above and below you, it works like a cone if you are looking in a direction and charge it will knock all enemies away assuming you didn’t run into any armored units.
  5. You can swing while charging, and you can shoot while charging as well, this makes for great run and guns although kinda difficult to pull off but you can do it. The swinging your weapon part it is kinda weird you hit stuff you have past a foot behind so I don’t fully recommend but is something you can do. You can also drink potions and throw bombs while charging as well.


Overall I would say the FootKnight talent rework is alright, it isn’t a bad setup of course there are many more combinations you can try but these are my top 2 for this talent set. Its really fun to go in and just charge over more enemies or even take a shield and push enemies 15 feet back. FootKnight Mains Assemble!

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