Don’t Starve Together – Creating Your World

This is a guide to help newcomers understand the basic mechanics of the game and the world creation such that they will be able to create a world exactly how they wish to.

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Understanding the Game

So you can just play the default world by Klei when you start a server but sometimes you might want something else out of your world. First of all you need to understand the game, the settings and how these affect the game.


Biomes are the types of land that the game has. They are randomly generated at the start of a world and they can vary in size and shape. Biomes can take different shapes but we’ll see these a bit later. Despite being randomly generated biomes hold pretty much predefined objects/mobs.

There are 12 biomes in Don’t Starve Together with 3 of them unavailable right now which are going to be released later (this year?)

  • Forest – As the name suggests this biome is full of trees (usually evergreens).

  • Grasslands – This biome is usually abundant in resources and could be considered as a “safe” biome. Players always spawn in this biome. Also Chester is usually found in this biome.

  • Rockyland – As the name suggests this biome is full of rocks. Sometimes spiders, tallbirds and/or grass gekkos.

  • Mosaic – They contain random pieces of all the other biomes. They also contain the Graveyard.

  • Swamp – Considered the most dangerous biome due to all the Tentacles, Merms and Spiders that spawn and fight there all the time. It’s a great source of free loot but very dangerous for new players.

  • Savanna – This is the biome where beefalos spawn and also where you can find tons of grass.

  • Deciduous Forest – This is the biome where you’ll find the pig king and several pig houses between a lot of Birchnut trees. Gloomer can be found in this biome.

  • Desert – Self-explanatory. There are 2 types of deserts. One which is more “peaceful” in which the Antlion can be found. And the other in which the Dragonfly can be found together with a lot of hounds spawned by the Hound Mounds due to which it’s a lot more dangerous.

  • Chess – This is still a biome but usually it’s a lot smaller and is found withing other biomes. This holds the clockwork mobs from which you can get Gears which are very useful.

  • Ocean – At the moment the ocean is the “limit” or “edge” of the world. But soon it won’t be like that anymore and it will be a way of reaching the next 3 biomes.

  • Rocky Beach – Unknown.

  • Lunar Mine – Unknown.

  • Lunar Forest – Unknown.

Setting Up

These are the ambiguous options when setting up a new world, aside from these the others just refer to the rarity or abundance of mobs, resources, events, etc

Biomes – Determines if biomes from the DLC Reign of Giants should be used or not (together if yes)

Spawn Area – Available options are default, plus and dark. Plus offers 3 chests with supplies at spawn. Dark is an only-night mode and provides one chest with limited supplies.

World Size – Determines the size of the world: small, medium, large (default) and huge

Land Branching – Determines the degree to which the land will branch off and be connected by bridging pieces: never, least, default and most

Land Looping – Determines the degree to which Roads will tend to lead you in circles, in addition to determining the degree to which the land will curve: none, default and always

Seasonal Events – Determines the presence/absence of seasonal events. Options are: none, auto, Hallowed Nights, Winter’s Feast, Year of the Gobbler, Year of the Varg

Length of Autumn – Determines the length of the season: none, very short, short, default, long, very long and random

Length of Winter – Determines the length of the season: none, very short, short, default, long, very long and random

Length of Spring – Determines the length of the season: none, very short, short, default, long, very long and random

Length of Summer – Determines the length of the season: none, very short, short, default, long, very long and random

Season Start – Determines the starting season

Day – Determines the length and/or presence/absence of Day, Dusk and Night: only Day, only Dusk, only Night, default, long Day, long Dusk and long Night


Mods are features that aren’t officially released and implemented into the game but made by the community in order to aid with different things.
Everybody is free to choose what mods and how many to play with, here is my list

Client Mods

These are mods that will only affect yourself.

Show Me is a great mod that shows you a lot of details like food spoil time, mobs and your health, attack damage, the values each food provides, etc. very useful!.

Smart Announcements – With this mod you can automatically type in chat how your stats are, what you have, what you need, etc. Very useful for when you’re busy just running and can’t text

Server Mods

These are mods that will affect everyone available on the server you hosted.

Global Positions – This mod helps you see your teammates and what they explored. Everyone new coming into the server will be able to see how much of the map you discovered.

Smart Crock Pot – This will provide a “preview” button in crock pots in order to check what you will cook with each combination

There are many more mods which do several other things; these are the ones that I like and need in order to help me with seeing complete report of what’s going on while not loosing the idea of the original game.

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