Phantom Rose – Crown Trial Strategies

This guide is apply to 1.1.0.

You Must Know

All credit goes to kei4king!

  • You can use 3 cards in every phase.  
  • The Default ATK & DEF are 5. 

In Risky Mode

  • Every non-attack card can increase ATK by 2. 
  • Every attack card will decrease ATK by 4.


Key Items & Cards

Amber Ring

1 Focus at the start of phase 3. 

Can ignore Barrier & Evade. 

When you gain Focus

Ignore Barrier & Evade Deal 2*ATK damage. 

Sharp Glass

1 Bloodlust at the start of phase 4. 

When you deal damage by attack cards

Opponent will inflict Bleeding.

Another 2*ATK damage card which no require opponent has Barrier

Cristal Bracelet

Gain Barrier at the start of battle. 

The only card which can gain Barrier & ATK+1 instantly.


If opponent has Barrier

Use non-attack cards in phase 1 & 2. 

Thus, in phase 3 your ATK will be 5+(2*3)+(2*3)=17, also Amber Ring will affects, let you ignore opponent’s Barrier. 

3 Pierce cards can deal 17*2+((17-4)*2)+((17-8)*2)=78 damage, if you used En Garde or other cards which can increase ATK, then you can deal more. 

If opponent has no Barrier

Use non-attack cards in phase 1, 2 & 3. 

In phase 4 your ATK will be 23, Sharp Glass will let your gain Bloodlust. 

The first attack card you used will inflict opponent Bleeding, then use 2 INCISION can deal total 91 damage. 

If you can not defeat opponent in prospective executing phase

Counting your ATK, use Focus or Bloodlust before your executing. 

How to living in defense phase

Barrier, En Garde & Heal. 

Why I can not draw the key cards?

You have too many trash in your deck or the key cards numbers are unbalanced. 

All you need are: 

  • 1+1 Focus
  • 3+1 Pierce
  • 1+1 Bloodlust
  • 2+1 Incision
  • 6+1 Barrier or En Garde

The additional cards are for copy. 

You will use Heal to defense, so 6 is the maximum number how many cards you need used in phase 1 and 2. 

How to defeat Vera

In phase 1 and 2, every attack cards will decrease her immunity buff’s duration. 

If you attacked her 4 times in phase 1 and 2, you can deal damage in phase 3. 

I suggest you attack her 3 times in phase 1, this will made your ATK decrease to 0, in phase 2 she will copy your ATK, thus deal 0 damage to you, then use non-prospective strategy. 

At Last

The following are my views

Developer said Crown Trial is difficult, player may can only get to stage 3 or 4.

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