LYN: The Lightbringer – Hero Awakening

What is Hero Awakening?

Certain heroes can go through an “Awakening” to become awakened heroes.

Awakened heroes are of [Ancient] grade and stats.

Although they are [Ancient], they cannot be acquired from Summon Scrolls, or through Combination or Hero Summons.

More awakened heroes will be added following Awakened Jean and Awakened Leora.

LYN: The Lightbringer - Hero Awakening

How to Awaken Heroes

Heroes tat can be awakened must be 6-Star with +6 Enhancement.

Awakening stones, Gold Crystals, and Gold are required.

Awakening stones can be acquired by combining awakening stone fragments.

Awakening Stone Fragment Sources:

  • Essence Fields (Hell, Abyss).
  • Battle Shop.
  • Dragona Ruins (Hell, Abyss) Silver Chests.

LYN: The Lightbringer - Hero Awakening
LYN: The Lightbringer - Hero Awakening
LYN: The Lightbringer - Hero Awakening

Hero Awakening Characteristics

The following areas are retained/reset.

  • Retained: Star grade, transcendence stage, Potential, equipped gear.
  • Reset: hero level, skill level, enhancement stage.

Awakened heroes have their own legacy treasure, and cannot equip the base hero’s legacy treasure.
If the hero had a legacy treasure equipped at the time of awakening, the legacy treasure will be returned to your bag.

Base and awakened versions of the same hero cannot be on the same team. (ex. Jean and Awakened Jean).

Awakened heroes cannot be dismantled.

Awakened heroes cannot be combined.

You cannot acquire awakened heroes through Combination.

Awakened heroes cannot equip base hero costumes.

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