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Aliturae here with another guide on Talion. This one is focused on the exchange shops in the game and what is worth buying! This will be fairly text heavy, so for those who want to skip all the explanation and reasoning go to the end!

Talion Guides:

List of Shops

All credit goes to Dremion (Aliturae)!

  • Friend
    Uses Hearts earned from sending / receiving gifts with friends.
  • Guild
    Uses Contribution earned from daily donations to your guild.
  • Alliance
    Uses Coins earned from any RvR and weekly Honor Ranks.
  • Ruby
    Uses Rubies earned from Quests, Achievements, and Relics.
  • Field Boss
    Uses Boss coins earned from killing Field Bosses.
  • Diamond / Cash
    Premium currency Shop.

Friend Shop

The friend shop is one of the 4 broker shops that deals with currency earned by sending and receiving gifts with your friends. Each day you can accumulate a maximum of 600 friend coins, 300 for sending 30 gifts, and 300 from collecting 30 gifts. To earn the maximum you need to first send / receive gifts from 10 people, before deleting them from your friend list and adding 10 new people. This shop has Ride Shards, Costume Shards, Guardian Fairy Shards, and material boxes for each of those 3, with the additional of wing material boxes as well. The best use of the friend coins on your main character is to buy costume shards each day, unless you are getting the maximum each day you will only be able to purchase 4. After this, and on any alts it is best to buy shards in the priority of ride before fairies. All ride shards can be transferred to your main character, while the fairy shards include one fairy that you can’t transfer the shards of. With 4 characters getting at least 500 a day, this means you will be able to draw twice from the material boxes, or once and buy the remaining costume shard on an alt. Costumes can’t be transferred at all however! When drawing materials, I recommend costumes as the mats are slow to accumulate and are needed in large number.

Guild Shop

The guild shop is another one of the broker shops, this time with currency earned from donating to a guild daily. The max donation costs 50,000 gold and gives 350 currency. You can only donate once of each type (Gold / Diamond) so make sure to pick wisely. Not only does this help level your guild up, but it has some desirable exchanges. First on the list, socket scrolls, everyone will need 10 weapon, and 40 armor minimum to open all the jewel socket on their gear. This is one of the easiest ways to get them as you can trade them from your alts. Second is tickets, in my opinion goblin tickets are the best because you need a massive amount of gold to upgrade your gear, as well as your wings, mounts, fairies, costumes, magic symbols, and jewels. Additionally, consumables like potions and magic stones can become costly if you need to purchase them often. If you don’t need the extra goblin tickets, next up is buying the special growth materials, same as the friend shop prioritize costumes on your main character, and ride shards before fairy shards on your alts.

Alliance Shop

The alliance shop is the last broker shop, and it deals with currency earned from player versus player content, which is the RvR game modes and your weekly honor reward determined by your rank from killing players in open world. If you are a player who wants the pvp gear then saving up for those boxes to get a good item is first. For those who don’t want the pvp gear, buy your elite tickets daily, as this gives a lot of exp, ether, and items! If you want you can purchase the tower tickets as well at a chance of additional costume shards. Next up is upgrade stones, you can purchase 10 of each type daily! If you purchase them all, this equals out to be enough stones to upgrade an item from legendary to mythical once a month. Upgrade stones are fairly rare, so I would recommend trying to buy these as much as possible. Last up is the jewel boxes, you need a massive amount of jewels to fully upgrade your jewels, so it is worth buying these daily if you have left over coins.

Ruby Shop

This is listed under the cash shop option, in it you can get a daily box for equipment. It is recommended to save up rubies to be able to purchase the 10+1 Growth Material boxes daily, as it gives shards for mounts, fairies, and costumes. Other than that, the daily draws for the premium equipment and accessory can be beneficial. I would not recommend buying the 10+1 basic boxes as your chance of getting a green are 90%, and the chances of getting a magic item is 9% for equipment, and 8% for accessories. To compare they both cost more to draw than the daily pull and based on the odds you would end up with the same reward with a bunch of miscellaneous items to dismantle.

Field Boss Exchange

The Field Boss Exchange is found under the field boss tab located under adventure. Everything in the shop requires coins earned from killing the field bosses, unless you are lvl 85 or higher, you will earn about 300 per hour if you kill both bosses in your level range. Level 85 and above players can earn about 1,800 of them an hour. I would recommend first purchasing all the ride shards. Then save up to buy upgrade stones, they are a weekly that can be bought multiple times. Lastly is the jewel chests or symbol stones that you can buy daily. There are also socket scrolls you can buy from here, but with alts utilizing guild coins that is a far better option to get them.

Diamond / Cash Shop

Don’t be confused as this is what to spend your diamonds on, not what is the best value packs to purchase, or which premium packs you should buy. Note that once you earn a mount, fairy, or costumes their option to directly buy them is no longer available in the shop. This means if its a premium mount, or a costume bought from a premium pack instead of with diamonds, you will need to buy shard boxes for diamonds to get additional shards to upgrade. First I would recommend purchasing your passive skill points! These add a lot of stats for only 280 diamonds. Next, a pair of wings for the content you will be doing. While the default wings are decent stats, the pvp and boss wings have higher stat allocation, or if you want penetration the wings of the phoenix provide cooldown as well which is better than fixed damage. Your total wing level also gives some stat benefit as well as increases the cap on your ether. Next up is the costumes, this will be the biggest difference between people you spend money and people who don’t. Prioritize getting the 1,200 and 2,000 diamond costumes as the 400 diamond ones can all be earned in game over time. Worth noting if you aren’t buying a whole bunch of diamonds is the relic slots, you can earn blacksmith, and jeweler relics from doing major clash, occupy, or doing the dragon world boss. These give upgrade stones, jewels, hexagons, ect. that can greatly increase your progression. If you have constant blacksmith IV relics going on your main and alts without any additional spots you will earn 2,000 upgrade stones a week. However on average you will only earn 6 a day from winning matches during both major clash times along with doing dragon twice daily. So without any additional spots you would be able to keep up, to further it though, this is only 1 type of relic, and it is extremely likely you will earn way more relics than you can open. As of writing this I have 335 relics, with a total time to open them all being 14 days assuming I get 0 relics during that time. After you have all of this, get the remaining mounts before getting the wings. After you have all of that, you can gamble costume or ride shards, buy the material boxes for a chance of upgrade stones, or buy additional tickets. Overall, all costumes, skill points, relic slots, and a pair of wings would cost about $300.


Mileage is a special currency earned when spending diamonds, the most efficient way of spending it is to buy upgrade stones. Alternatively you can buy ride shards then fairy shards.

TL;DR Section!

  • Friend
    Costume > Ride > Fairy.
  • Guild
    Socket Scrolls / Tickets / Costume > Ride > Fairy.
  • Alliance
    PvP / Tickets / Upgrade Stones > Jewel.
  • Ruby
    10+1 Growth Materials > Daily Pulls > Magic Symbols.
  • Field Boss
    Ride Shards > Upgrade Stones > Jewel > Basic Material / Symbol Stones.
  • Diamond
    Skill Points > Relics > Costumes > Mounts > Wings > Shard / Stone Boxes.
  • Mileage
    Upgrade Stones > Ride Shards > Fairy Shards.

Remember to use your alts for daily currencies, use warehouse to move items across.

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