New Frontier – Fence Vendor Guide

This Guide is a list of what items are worth selling to the Fence Vendor.


The Fence Vendor only comes by on the weekends.
Be aware, these are the standard prices for someone without the skill that increases the value of items sold.

This guide is not a money making guide, but I felt the need to make this since most people don’t know the purpose of the Fence Vendor, or they don’t know what is worth keeping from the Abandoned Farms.

Gold Items

Can Also Be Sold To The Bank

  • Small Gold Nugget $0.50
  • Large Gold Nugget $5.00
  • Gold Ingot $100.00

Cannot Be Sold To The Bank

I suggest holding on to these. You can use it as a trading item with players or maybe you want to use it for purchasing Small or Large Land Deeds from the Bank

  • Gold Bars $300.00

Abandoned Farm Items

Save and Collect for Daily Quests:

  • Belt $1.25
  • Fancy Charms $1.25
  • Ruby Silver Ring $1.25
  • Sapphire Silver Ring $1.25
  • Sapphire Gold Ring $1.25

Valueable and Worth Selling:

  • Black Lighter $11.95
  • Bronze Lighter $9.85
  • Golden Bracelet $11.00
  • Silver Bracelet $5.98
  • Steel Lighter $7.95

Not Worth Collecting or Selling:

  • Agate Gold Ring $1.25
  • Amethyst Gold Ring $1.25
  • Box of Cigars $1.25
  • Bronze Charms $1.25
  • Bronze Watch $1.25
  • Golden Charms $1.25
  • Mellow Cigar $1.25
  • Silver Watch $1.25
  • Strong Cigar $1.25
  • Tribes Cigar $1.25

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