No Man’s Sky – Vive Wands: How to Get Directional Smooth Locomotion and Some Extras

How to apply bindings which enable smooth locomoton using the left touchpad as most of us are used to, ie for direction.
Also has some other functionalities.

How to Do It

Ive made made bindings for Vive Wands to use smooth locomotion and some extra functionalities.

Here is how to try these out or find where you can configure your own:

  • Start up No Mans Sky in VR.
  • Open up the Steam dash.
  • Go to “Settings” towards the lower right hand side.
  • Hit “controller settings” on the left.
  • Pick No Mans Sky from the list.
  • You are now where you can modify the controls if you want to try making some binds of your own, maybe you have different controllers than vive wands, this is where you can make a directional smooth locomotion setup for those.
  • Scroll down to Community Bindings and pick mine, its got my name and profile pic attached to it.
  • Hit “View Binding” to see what i did, if you are interested.
  • Hit “Select Binding” down on the lower left to give it a try if you like.

In my bindings these are the changes from the default.

Left Wand

  • Menu Button = Double tap to toggle Flashlight, Hold for Recenter, Toggle Analysis mode when next to head.
  • Touchpad = Movement, press up for sprint.
  • Trigger = Jump.

Right Wand

  • Menu Button = Switch weapon mode, Double tap for Discoveries/Options menu, Hold to tag marker in analysis mode.
  • Touchpad = Press up for Scan, Down for Next Survey in analysis mode, Center to place custom marker in analysis mode.


  • Press right touchpad down and then.
  • Right Trigger to reload.
  • Right Grip for larger terrain manipulator beam size.
  • Left Grip for smaller terrain manipulator beam size.
  • Left Menu Button to open the quick menu without having to point and click at it.
  • Left touchpad up to toggle auto-walk.

Addition: I’ve noticed that auto-walk works even when the quick menu is open so now its possible to refill life support and protection and keep moving at the same time.

The jetpack gets its direction from the right hand as opposed to walking which gets its direction from the left, knowing this makes it a heck of a lot easier to ascent between floor of prefabs with holes in the floor/ceiling, or wherever you want to jet straight up.

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