Prey – Spoiler Free Gameplay Tips

Some information on your enemies, weapons, and ways to transverse.



Don’t panic when encounter them, you will be able to get an equipment to identify them during main story quest
However the very first one won’t be able to detect Greater Mimic, so be aware.


Just beware of its ranged attack, it can hurt a lot if hit, but easy to dodge if you are intentionally avoiding it. You can always invest in Combot Focus in Security section if you are having problem dealing with them early game.
Late game all it takes is few shot with a fully upgraded shotgun.


They spawn cystoid, which are little suicide bombers that target moving object. Best way to deal with Weaver is to close distance and spray it with shotgun, it should go down within 2 clips.

Cystoid / Cystoid Nest

They chase moving object, so when in space, throw an explosive object towards them can clear them easily. Or a recycler charge, or Kinetic blast if you have the ability. If you are inside Talos I, popping them with ammo efficient weapon works nicely. (GLOO cannon or even Boltcaster).


Mind controlling enemy, they control crew member inside Talos I, if the crew spot you, they will attempt to explode their head near you, dealing damage and killing themselves in the process. Telepath won’t spot you even if the controlled human is. You can first elimate all controlled crew members (either by killing them or knock them out with a zap gun), then just chase it with a shotgun. It offers little resistance without its minions. If telepath is killed, all controlled human WILL be knocked out.


Machine controlling enemy, they control turret and operators alike. DO NOT attempt to repair turret when there’s a Technopath nearby, it will be taken over it instantly. If killed, all turrets under its control will be broken, but operators remain hostile and active.


The invisible emeny, not really a threat since it often simply lifts you up with little damage, but can become annoying when fighting other enemies, making you a floating target.


The hardest but the easiest enemy, really big, really huge health bar too. But always get stuck in terrain, just going inside a room and poke it, it will go down with little damage done to you.


They will not attack you if your body is not alien enough, so be careful the amount of Neuromods you use on alien abilties. Turret will have different responses according to your point investment.

Corrupted Operators

There’s only one rule when dealing with them, don’t let them get close.
Especially in space, you can find yourself in a hard time finding them while losing a ton of hp and armor.

Prey - Spoiler Free Gameplay Tips



Your everyday pistol, it’s silenced so it is great for you to pop mimics in a room with other enemies. Dealing with mimics first can make your next fight much easier.


Good for almost everything, when fully upgraded, one single shot in the head can delete normal phantom (Normal difficulty).

GLOO Cannon

Your utility gun, disables emenies, block enviornmental hazard, extinguish fire, prevent electric leak, or even create a climbing platform if you want. It cannot adhere to GLASS or its own projectile.


Just wrench… Like good old Bioshock.

Huntress Boltcaster

Shoots foam bolt, does not deal damage. So feel free to shot them at your fellow crew member, they won’t shoot you back. It can be used to trigger buttons from afar, having one in your inventory is always a good idea.

Disruptor Gun

Zap gun, for disabling robotic units and knock out human target for your no kill playthrough.


Laser cannon, shoots laser. If the green bar meets the target’s current health, it will die.

Recycler Charge

Grenade, that sucks stuff in and greatest resources.

Prey - Spoiler Free Gameplay Tips


Always have a few recycler charge, recommend having a point in Mimic Matter.

If a door is barricaded by liftable object:

  • Lift them with your Leverage perk. 
  • Throw it a recycler charge and watch them burn. 

If a door is barricaded by unliftable object:

  • Jump through the upper gap with your GLOO cannon. 
  • Use your Mimic Matter abilty to slip through the bottom gap. 
  • If there’s small object nearby, mimic them. 
  • If there’s not, place a throwable on the ground and mimic it. 

If the door is completely sealed and you don’t bother finding the password/code.

Try finding a window:

  • If the window is big enough, just break it and go in. 
  • If it’s not big enough, see if you can find the button to the door on your side, and shoot it with your Boltcaster. 
  • If it’s not big enough, but there’s a gap, mimic a small object and slip in. 

Try get to the roof:

  • Using the terran. 
  • Or your GLOO cannon. 

If you want to get in a teller counter. Stand on the counter, place a throwable on it, mimic it, slip in.

Written by Dr. Prinny.

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