Remnant: From the Ashes – Traits Guide with Pics

Most of the traits and how to get them or at least my ideas how to do it.

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Default Traits

Those two are with you from the start

Archetype Traits

You can start with one or hope for the event with this trait.

Hunter – You can get this trait in “Hunter’s Hideout” on Earth.

You can get this trait in “The Supply Run” on Earth.

You can get this trait in “A Tale of Two Liz’s” on Earth.

Story Traits

Just progress through story and you will get them all.

Save Root Mother

Meet The Keeper

Travel to Rhom

Traits from World Bosses

All you have to do is defeat a boss.

Earth World Boss

Rhom World Boss And Undying King

Corsus World Boss and The Unclean One

Yaesha World Boss

Last Boss

Co-op Traits

You can get them only by playing in co-op

Join or host a game


My friend get this trait faster than I got “Will to live”, so I guess you have to revive your teammate 30 times?
Again he got “Will to live” faster than me, so it can be x times to be knocked down or spent x time being knocked down.


Deal x amount of dmg to your teammate.

Traits from Upgrading

This two traits are from end game, so you won’t get them at the start of the game.

Upgrade your main gun to +20/+10

Upgrade your melee weapon to +20

Hidden Traits

Some of them are easy to come by, others will take you few world rerolls or being ultra lucky.

Talk to Evil Tree with equipped Twisted Mask

Kill around 100 enemies with weak spot, those are the red numbers if you don’t know yet

Find and kill Root Horror, you can find it in Yaesha(last world)

Find Tarnished Ring and give it to Reggiein Ward 13 or accumulate x (I got both achievements for scrap before this trait show up, so I guess its 500k?) amount of scrap.
Its also rewarded for beating a last boss.

Acquire x amount of long weapons

You have to find a card to B2 floor in Ward 13, which is in Founder’s Hideout. Then on the B2 floor in 2nd room on the left side is a tape recorder

Cause an elemental dmg to enemies, I’m not sure how much tho

You have to regenerate x amount of hp. Just spam potion or walk in twisted set and blood font ring

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