Remnant: From the Ashes – Weapons Guide and Where to Find Them

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Ruin Rifle

  • Level X Damage +0: 19
  • Mod – Undying: Charged: Revives with 33% Health, also 25% less damage and immune to STATUS effects for 10s.
  • Where to Find – Kill the Undying King.

Magnum Revolver

  • Level X Damage +2: 75.6
  • Mod
  • Where to Find – Give Strange Coin(random) to Ace.


  • Level X Damage +1: 7.7
  • Mod
  • Where to Find – Behind the locked key door on Ward 13.


  • Level X Damage +0: 12
  • Mod – Flame Thrower: ignite targets with the BURNING dealing 150 FIRE damage over 10s.
  • Where to Find – Kill Singe normally(don’t break his tail).


  • Level X Damage +0: 160
  • Mod – Spore Shot: explosive round deals 50 ROT damage to all enemies within 2.6m and leaves a deadly gas cloud that lasts for 7s.
  • Where to Find – Kill Ent normally (don’t break his legs).

Sniper Rifle

  • Level X Damage +2: 132
  • Mod
  • Where to Find – Below the church where you save Root Mother.

Petrified Maul

  • Level X Damage +0: 50
  • Mod – Heavy Impact: 35% chance to inflict add 100% stagger damage per hit. Charge attacks have 100% chance to inflict.
  • Where to Find – Break the Ent legs and finish him.

Riven Scythe

  • Level X Damage +5: 50
  • Mod – Life Leech: gain life by damage dealt.
  • Where to Find – Bring Guardian Heart to the Undying King.

Smolder Sword

  • Level X Damage +0: 30
  • Mod – Blaze: 36% chance to apply BURNING which will deal 150 FIRE damage over 10s. Charge attacks have a 100% chance of apply.
  • Where to Find – Destroy Singe tail.

World Breaker

  • Level X Damage +0: 45
  • Mod – Force Burst: Charge attacks release an explosive force that will stagger and push enemies back.
  • Where to Find – Kill Claviger during the charged beam.
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