Minion Masters – How to Build Up Your Wealth (Gold, Shards and Rubies Guide)

Tips & tricks on how to build up your collection & resources with minimal hassle. Nothing too fancy, just some basics do’s and don’ts.


Codes for new and old players to gain a massive amount of rewards.

Currencies and Tokens, What are They?

Minion Masters has three forms of currencies: Gold, Shards and Rubies.

Minion Masters loot boxes are in the form of Tokens, which also comes in three different forms: Free Tokens, Power Tokens and Season Tokens.

Gold is the most common and self explainatory currency in the game. Gold is used for purchasing Power Tokens and shop deals. Out of the three currencies, Gold is the easiest to accumulate: You get it just by playing the game (EVEN if you lose a game!), via Twitch Drops (explained in previous section), Free Tokens and sometimes even via Shop deals (free of charge).

Shards are the “dust” of Minion Masters, used to craft cards and to unlock new heroes. Shards are also used to boost your existing card’s Glory (more on that later) and Wild Card count (how many copies of the said card you can include in a deck). Whenever you open a Power/Season Tokens, you gain a certain amount of Shards based on the card rarity: 15 on Common, 30 on Rare, 75 on Supreme and 300 on Legendary. Sometimes you can grab some freebie Shards on the Shop deals (free of charge, again).

Rubies are the rarest and the most valuable currency in the game. Sometimes you get Rubies via level up rewards or by Free Tokens (remember to spin them every day so they don’t go to waste!), but the most reliable way to gain Rubies is to rank up:

  • Bronze nets you 75 Rubies.
  • Diamond nets you 100 Rubies.
  • Grandmaster nets you 150 Rubies.

You get the rewards the moment you reach the new rank & the game tracks your highest achieved rank on season resets, so you don’t have to worry about losing ranks.

For example, if you reach Grandmaster in 1v1, you’ve gained a total of 325 Rubies via rank rewards. Should you go all out and hit Grandmaster on ALL game modes (1v1, Random 2v2 and Pre-Made 2v2) you’d get a total of 325×3 = 975 per season!

That said, hitting Grandmaster on all modes is time consuming and not exactly feasible with limited collection, so aiming for Diamond is more realistic option.

Rubies can be used to buy just about anything, but you don’t wanna do that. If you wanna get the most value out of them, spend RUBIES only on battle pass! I can’t stress this enough, hold on to Rubies at all cost.

Now on to Tokens. Every 5th Free/Power Token is considered “powered up”, meaning they always have better minimum rolls than regular tokens.

You get a Free Token every day, but you can’t stock up on them: Spin them every day or they’ll go to waste! Free Tokens can include either Gold or Rubies, mostly Gold but sometimes you get lucky with Ruby pickups.

Power Tokens are your main way of building up card collection and Shards. They can be bought for 1k a piece. Should you roll a card you’ve already maxed out Glory, you’ll get an extra 50 Shards on top of their regular Shard gain.

Season Tokens behave similarly to Power Tokens, except they have much smaller pool of cards to roll from. At the end of a Season (when Battle Pass expires), all Season Tokens are converted to Power Tokens. This can be lucrative option if your collection is still lacking important cards and if you’ve gotten the Season cards you wanted.

Battle Pass and Glory?

You’ve probably gained a few Battle Pass Rewards by now, but you’re not certain what exactly are they? Well, let’s delve into it!

Minion Masters - How to Build Up Your Wealth (Gold, Shards and Rubies Guide)

Let’s dissect the Battle Pass UI little further.

Tier is self-explainatory, they are your Battle Pass “levels”. Different levels have different rewards.

Everyone gets Free Pass rewards, those who have spent 1.5k Rubies on Battle Pass additionally gains Battle Pass rewards (and they’re generally better than Free Pass rewards). Keep in mind you can buy Battle Pass at any point of the season and retroactively gain ALL the Battle Pass tier rewards you’ve obtained so far. Can’t decide yet whether you wanna buy Battle Pass or do you wanna stock up on Rubies? No biggie!

Battle Chess multiplies you Glory gain by x10 whenever you win a match. This is an important thing to keep in mind, as we’ll come back to this in a bit.

Gold Stars gives your lowest Glory card max Glory (400). These are exclusive to unlockable Battle Pass and they speed up your Glory gain by a lot. And I mean A LOT!

Season Bonus Glory adds a flat amount of extra Glory on your each victory. Free Pass players gain some of them, but again, Battle Pass has more of them.

Now that we’ve established what Battle Pass is, let’s look into “Glory”.

Basically, Glory is the “Battle Pass experience” you need to accumulate in order to reach the next Tier. Every Tier takes 42k Glory to unlock and it is solely based on your deck’s overall Glory rating.

There are three ways to raise your Glory:

  • Battle Pass gold stars (converts your lowest Glory card into 400 Glory).
  • Season Bonus Glory (adds a flat Glory on top of your deck).
  • Promote your cards (done in crafting mode).

Promoting your cards is what I’d consider low priority “Shard sink”, something you should only consider once you’ve got a sizable collection and a handful of Masters unlocked.

Keep in mind Promote isn’t the only way to generate more Glory, getting a duplicate from Power/Season Token also adds Glory to said cards (more random, yes, but Shards are arguably more valuable than Gold).

Just to give you an idea how inefficient Promoting is, here’s a popular Common card Plasma Marines (something you’d possibly consider Promoting):

Minion Masters - How to Build Up Your Wealth (Gold, Shards and Rubies Guide)

My Plasma Marines are currently at 1st tier 16/32. For 50 Shards I get +2 Glory. In order to get just the 1st tier, I’d have to spend 400 Shards (50 Shards * hit Promote 8 times). For reference, if I stocked up on another 100 Shards I could craft any Supreme card I wanted. So no thanks, I’ll take me chances with Power Token rolls and enjoy the extra Shards.

Applying Theory to Practical Use, Battle Chest

Remember the part where we discussed Battle Chest? Let’s get back to that.

“When your Battle Chest is available, use your highest Glory lineup to maximize your rewards!”. That is certainly a good tip, thanks game!

If you’ve managed to grab freebie DLC or two (remember the Reddit post I mentioned at the start? Yeah, take a closer look at that), you should have some cards with rather high Glory rating. Problem is, using just those high-Glory cards gives you an awkward deck to play, meaning very low win-rate.
Unless you play on low-end ranks, that is.

At Bronze & Silver ranks you’ll mostly run into bots (few human players thrown in the mix), which are easy to outplay even with bad decks. So let’s put two-and-two together and what do we get?

Minion Masters - How to Build Up Your Wealth (Gold, Shards and Rubies Guide)

An awful deck that has no business to win any serious game. Yet I can outplay the Bronze/Silver AI bots consistently with minimal effort.

Minion Masters - How to Build Up Your Wealth (Gold, Shards and Rubies Guide)

These readings may look bit confusing to newer players so let’s do a bit on number crunching.

  • Deck base Glory is 2718
  • Season Bonus adds +500 Glory on top of it (total of 3218)
  • Battle Chest multiplies the Glory gain by 10 (32 180 per win)

Three wins while Battle Chest is active nets us 32 180 x 3 = 96 540 Glory. Each BP Tier takes 42k Glory to reach. In other words, one Battle Chest yields roughly 2,3 BP Tiers worth of Glory. And I’ve yet to unlock all the Gold Stars and Season Bonuses.

To sum it all up:

  • Unlock Battle Pass.
  • Toss together your highest Glory cards.
  • Get yourself to Bronze/Silver ranks and stay there (concede games if you have to).
  • Play against bots.
  • ???
  • Profit!

Gold Tip 1: Twitch Drops

You’ve probably heard you’ll get Twitch Drops while watching Minion Masters streams. But why settle for one stream when you can “watch” ALL the streams at the same time?

  • Go to Options (Esc key) -> Steam Rewards and link your Twitch channel to Minion Masters.
  • Log on to Twitch, look for Minion Masters streamers who have Drops enabled. If active, there should be a green-lit text saying “Drops Enabled”.
  • Now, open a whole bunch of Minion Masters streams on browser tabs. I recommend Google Chrome, Firefox tends to freeze occasionally.
  • If a streamer wins a “Prize Fight” (pops up randomly at the start of the match), you have a chance to win 50 Gold.

This way you can get 1k+ easily just by idling in few hours. It takes 20 Twitch Drops to purchase a Power Token (more on those later on), but in a long run this helps a bunch.

Gold Tip 2: Let’s Make Science Happen with Daily Quests

This one is less obvious, but fairly useful tip for getting more Gold (on top of Twitch drops). This is something I picked up on Hearthstone, for the lack of better term let’s call it “Quest hovering”.

When you click on your profile (lower right corner, the icon with your LVL and profile pic) you’ll open a Profile & Quests pop-up. On the upper right corner you’ll have a view on your Daily Quests:

Minion Masters - How to Build Up Your Wealth (Gold, Shards and Rubies Guide)

Each day you get to re-roll one Daily quest (refresh button) in case you’re not happy with your current quest log. But wait, there’s more! Let’s see what MM Wiki has to say about dailies:

Minion Masters - How to Build Up Your Wealth (Gold, Shards and Rubies Guide)

Now take another look at the previous screenshot. See what I’m doing there? “It is not possible to have two or more of the same challenge active at the same time” -> okay, guess I’ll just never claim those low reward dailies and keep them out of daily quest pool forever 🙂

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