AxE: Alliance vs Empire – Squad Strike Guide

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Squad Strike

Squad Strike is a relay-style 3-on-3 PvP mode played in real time.

Players from each team are assigned to one of three rival positions, which determines the order they go into battle.

Each battle is a 1-on-1 fight, and the victor has to face the next rival without any HP or cooldown resets.

Defeat all rivals from the opposing team to gain victory!

Squad Strike Unlock Conditions

Squad Strike becomes available after clearing Main Quest 5-7.

Access [Squad Strike] via the [Battle] screen on the [Menu].

Squad Strike League

AxE: Alliance vs Empire - Squad Strike Guide

There are 5 Squad Strike leagues: Rookie, Minor, Major, Premier, and Champion.

Higher leagues display Points+Overall Rank, while lower leagues only display Points.

Each league has its seasonal and daily rewards, so don’t forget to participate!

How to Play

1. Participant

  • Active skills, passive skills, attributes, and weapon skills can all be used.
  • Tap the Camera icon in the top right to change Camera mode.
  • Strategically use spectator skills to give your team an advantage!

AxE: Alliance vs Empire - Squad Strike Guide

2. Spectators

  • Use spectator skills to either boost your allies or hinder your enemies.
  • Tap the Camera icon in the top right to change viewpoints between ally and enemy points of view.
  • Each rival position has a different set of spectator skills. Be sure to use them wisely!

AxE: Alliance vs Empire - Squad Strike Guide

Squad Strike Shop

Participate in Squad Strike matches to earn Squad Credit.

Purchase various products from [Shop – Squad Strike].

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