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» » It Lurks Below - Beginner's Guide

It Lurks Below - Beginner's Guide

By Ferinzz   /   Aug 24, 2019     Guides
It Lurks Below - Beginner's Guide

From farming to bosses, this is your one stop shop for video guides! As you venture on your quest to rid the world of all horrors and nightmares you will face monstrosities never witnessed by any other mortal before. The terrifying creatures which lurk below will make your skin crawl and your blood run cold. Hopefully not because they've killed you... If you want to learn how to stay alive and find the best items look no further. These videos will help you get a good foothold on the game and make sure you're prepared for each encounter.


This is a dangerous land you've been born into. Though you are no longer young, the weight of the world is still heavy on your shoulders. Do not fear adventurer, the task before you is not impossible. Though this may be our last chance to stop the Demon Lord, it was with great hope that you were sent to safety to regain your strength.

Now. Remember what is needed to establish a foothold on this land, regain your powers that you were robbed of. Prepare yourself for a fight you've already lost once before. This time, I pray that with more wisdom, you will be victorious for us all.

Below are the magical texts brought to life. Take your time and learn them. They hold information that will be vital to your survival.

When you feel prepared to take on the challenges ahead, I hope they prove useful to you.

Adventurer Basics

Before venturing below you will need to learn the most basic survival skills. As a new adventurer you need not worry of the bosses below, first you must survive your hunger and the invasions above!

Establish Your Village

Now that you have the basics, you can start thinking of more advanced matters. Establish yourself as a lord of the overworld and claim the land as that of the living! Build your structures to the sky and turn the desolate waste into the greatest town.

Invasions, Deal with It!

If you dawdled for too long you'll have witnessed the destructive nature of invasions. Learn how to keep these invaders out of your village and make dispatching the land of such vile beings a simple chore.

Bosses. What Bosses?

It's finally time to look below. There are more powerful generals to be vanquished below. Find their strongholds and destroy them using these tips and tricks! (these strats were recorded for Nightmare difficulty. There is no background in Hell and beyond, meaning you will first need to build the background before being able to place platforms).

Time to Get Crafty

Now that you've moved on to defeat Nightmares. consider arming yourself for the future. Improve your weapons and armor with powerful runic magic. (The means of gaining runewords has changed. These can be purchased at the farm. The vendor will cost 100 000 gold!)


Amidst all this carnage, it's important to balance your days with some relaxation. It's been said that tending to your garden is marvelous way to relax. That you may find more than pretty flowers when you grow a seed to maturity, but you may find something truly magical in the end. This magic is true in It Lurks Below, as you can literally grow magical crystals from the ground!

Written by Ferinzz.