Gakuen Club – Walkthrough (Ongoing)

Simple walkthrough for each character’s happy and normal endings.

Wataru Kagurazaka

I decided to go through Wataru’s route first as his character-type is my least favourite… no offense to anyone who likes him, it’s just not for me!

Happy Ending

  • Talk to him
  • Put toy sunglasses on him
  • Stand by him in silence
  • Roof
  • Don’t tell him

Normal Ending

  • Leave him alone
  • Leave the area immediately
  • Talk to him
  • Courtyard
  • Tell him

Asahi Minakawa

Asahi’s choices start quite late on into his route, chapter 10 I believe? I kept thinking i’d missed something and was just playing his route with no options… but they are there lol.

Happy Ending

  • Talk about a memory
  • Maybe it was bad?
  • That hurts a little…
  • That makes you Asahi
  • Congratulate him

Normal Ending

  • Force the conversation
  • It’s a good thing!
  • What don’t you want?
  • You’ve started to soften
  • Continue the conversation

Toma Sakai

I liked Toma more than I thought I would and was a bit gutted that he had so little options to pick…

Happy Ending

  • Don’t ask for anything more
  • Wait for him to bring it up
  • I have feelings for you too

Normal Ending

  • Call everyone over
  • Ask why he quit modelling
  • No I can’t say it

Written by Tch.

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