Remnant: From the Ashes – Leto’s Amulet (Secret Item)

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Leto’s Amulet

I don’t know if its a specific sewer seeing as how maps are generated differently, but in one of them there is a wall that has, “Only The Penitent Man May Pass” written on it.

If you crouch walk and walk under the words the wall will fade away and behind it is Leto’s amulet. (Not 100% sure if its the same item each time but i would assume so.)

I had a feeling there was a secret here because it was the end of a hallway and it literally says PASS on it. I tried running into the wall before crouching and got no where. After shooting around on the wall i noticed the bullets actually go through the bottom section rather than making contact, so i crouched my way in and got a new gift. 🙂 Not sure if anyone has found this one yet since i didn’t google it, but it’s probably been found already. Good luck everyone on your adventures, hope ya’ find it soon. 😉

The amulet stats are “Reduces Armor Encumbrance by 40% and Stamina cost by 10%”

Description: Leto always wanted answers, wanted to understand what the hell was happening. They say his strength came from all his questions on his back.

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