Prey – 100% Achievement Guide

A complete guide on how to unlock all 48 achievements in Prey.

Story Achievements


You can’t miss this achievement, you unlock it by meeting January after a cutscene.

Open Says She

Another unmissable achievement.


Around half way through the game you’ll be tasked with having to enter the cargo bay, whilst about to enter the cargo bay, Dr. Igwe will give out a distress call and requires help. Simply save him in time and you’ll get the achievement when completed.

A Friend in Need

You’ll meet Mikhaila half way through the Power Plant, you’ll find her injured and in need of a medkit, simply give her one and she’ll heal herself and the achievement will pop up.

The Gates of Hell

An achievement which really can depend on the AI a bit too much, it requires you to make sure no one dies whilst clearing out the cargo bay area (The mission where you get turrets), I’d recommend going for 4 or 5 turrets instead of 3 as the turrets can be useless at times against Phantoms.

Brain Trust

Definitely go for this in the same playthrough as your “Adrift”, “A Friend in Need”, “Do No Harm” and “I and Thou” achievement playthrough. Simply save both Mikhalia and Dr. Igwe, make sure you haven’t killed January for some god damn reason, and about 30 minutes after saving the last person they should all meet up and you’ll get the achievement.

Do No Harm

This achievement is easy or not depending on your style of play, if you play slowly then this will be a cakewalk, but if you play more aggressively it might be a bit difficult but not too much. The achievement is made easy as you are given a stun gun which knocks out every human enemy with one shot. Also remember to save anyone just in case as it is very possible this will impact the achievement.

No Needles

This is an achievement that might as well be done with on a 3rd or 4th playthrough as I am pretty sure it would not allow to be achieved alongside “Split Affinity”. It’s possibly the most annoying as without any abilities you put in a bad position as this game can be punishing as times, and with the max standard health being 100, it won’t be easy. I’d say doing this for your final playthrough as you’d have a better understanding of what to do.

Split Affinity

Pretty much the achievement which could say how many times you’d need to complete the game, i’d say make this an achievement you aim for last, making this possibly for your 2nd and possibly 3rd playthrough. Part from that the achievement is very self-explanatory, just don’t use Neuromods for Human or Typhon powers.

I and Thou

I’d recommend doing this achievement in the same playthrough as “Do No Harm” as to get this achievement you need to complete the game in the most “empathetic way possible”. Best way to do this is to complete all side missions with the best outcome. Also remember NOT to kill any human!

I’m not too sure if the choice you make at the end has any impact on this achievement, but just in case I Sided with Alex to save Talos 1 and got the achievement, though it is most likely possible you can complete the game siding with January.

I and It

For this achievement I’d say do a 2nd playthrough (Or 1st if you want to do “I and Thou” 2nd) as it requires you to kill EVERYONE on Talos 1, and it must be done by you, so Blowing up Talos 1 at the end will NOT count to this achievement. The real kicker for this achievement is the fact some people are a real hard to reach, for instance there is an IT Closet Room with supposedly (I have yet to unlock it) 2 people alive inside of it, the issue is getting to the room as it requires a keycard which apparently is earned through Dr. Igwe… somehow. Excluding this killing everyone else should be easy.

Awkward Ride Home

Possibly the most annoying achievement alongside “I and It”, to unlock this achievement you need to complete the game escaping by shuttle only with Dahl, it’s put more annoying as you need to kill Dahl for the “I and It” achievement. I’d say when you are given the option to kill Dahl or not, make a save one which you kill him and another which you don’t to make it easier. Pretty much do the same you’d do for “I and It” killing everyone on Talos 1 and When you are giving the decision to blow up Talos 1 or side with Alex, blow up Talos 1, then quickly run to the shuttle. I’d also recommend to NOT kill Dr. Igwe as he is required to keep Dahl alive due to memory reset after doing that you can kill him.

Side Mission Achievements

Black Market

This achievement is definitely annoying as it requires some backtracking, though not much. You unlock the side mission in the Arboretum near the lift, you should find a body with an audio log, simply play the audio log and the mission will start. You can find one stash next to the body (Where the flashing orange light is), simply hit it 3 times and it’ll open, do this 5 other times for the other 5 stashes.

  • The first one is next to the body. Where you start the mission.
  • The second one is in the Crew Quarters Fitness Center, to the right when you walk through the door to the area.
  • The third one is in the Talos I Lobby Museum. Near the neuromod.
  • The fourth one is to the left of the Talos I Lobby bathroom.
  • The fifth one is in the Hardware Labs on the catwalk behind the giant statue.
  • The final one is in the Cargo Bay where survivors have taken residence.

Best Served Cold

Annoying for the fact the mission goes on for a few hours due to you not knowing where Luka is for a while. You start this mission by saving Will Mitchell’s imposter “Luka” he’ll give you a mission and after completing it will give you yet another mission, after doing that Luka will betray you and run away for a while, in the freezer you’ll find about 4-6 bodies. You then need to go to the fitness suite and bang on the window 3 times for the mission to continue. After a while you’ll get the location of Luka and be tasked with killing him. After killing him the achievement should pop up.

Gift to the World

Dr. Igwe will give you a mission to recover “Gutstaf Leitner’s Connectome”. Simply when you get to the safe just play the audio log Dr. Igwe gives you and the safe will unlock, recover the piece for Dr. Igwe and the mission will end and the achievement shall pop up.


I’d really recommend doing a save for this mission as giving Mikhaila the audio log will lead her to leaving your cause, whilst deleting it will keep her. Mikhaila will give you a mission to find out what happened to her father. Simply find the audio log and send it to her and then listen to the audio log with her and then after doing so the achievement will unlock.

This Never Happened

For this achievement you need to knockout Dahl, not kill him. Dr. Igwe is also required for this mission. Simply Dr. Igwe will recover Dahl and then reset his neuromod before he was tasked to wipe out Talos I. After this is done the achievement will pop up.

You Rang?

To earn this you need to have unlocked 3 typhon abilities for the “Nightmare” to spawn in. After killing or evading the first Nightmare, January will give you a mission to be able to lure or attract the Nightmare, simply find an antenna (I found one at the “Hardware Labs” near the exit to Talos I Exterior) and place it on the satelite on the Talos I Exterior. Simply enter Talos I and save to avoid fighting the “Nightmare” as they are a pain, then play the audio log “Summon Nightmare” and the achievement shall pop up.

Typhon / Human Ability Achievements

I’d recommend doing all these achievements on one playthrough.

Know Thy Self

A very easy achievement, all that you need to do is find a neuromod (you’ll find 1 extremely early on in the game) and use it for a Human ability.

Know Thine Enemy

Another easy achievement, all you need to do is wait till you get the Psychoscope and scan any typhon enemy, whenever you are able to unlock an ability for Typhon powers, do so for the achievement to pop up.


Another easy achievement, the difference is this one requires a bit more time put into it, you need to hack 20 hackable object, I’d recommend getting the highest Hacking ability to save time, but it can be achieved with Hack I, but would require a lot more time.

Dead Calm

This achievement requires the “Combat Focus” ability which is a Typhon ability and then you just need to kill one enemy whilst using the ability. Excluding the fact you need to unlock Typhon abilities, it’s a very simple achievement to unlock.


Just like “Operator”, it’s an easy achievement that requires time to earn, and just like “Operator” I’d recommend unlocking the highest Repair skill to save time, alongside this you’d need around 40-60 spare parts, you can find spare parts around Talos I or dismantle weapons (requires Dismantle skill) to earn some. Simply repair 20 objects and the achievement should pop up.


I am not 100% sure, but it’s very possible this is a missable achievement due to the fact I only encountered mind-controlled enemies twice in the game, and never afterwards. The earliest you can earn this achievement is by unlocking the “Mindjack” ability in Typhon powers and using the ability on the guy in the Quarantine section of the Trauma Center. So whatever you do, DO NOT kill or knockout that guy as he WILL disappear afterwards. The only other encounter with mind-controlled enemies I know of is in the Crew Quarters.

A Different Side of Yu

This achievement requires two things, the Psychoscope and Phantom Shift (would recommend Phantom Shift 2). All you need to do is use the Phantom Shift ability and quickly use the Psychoscope to scan the shadow you leave behind (Phantom Shift I leaves the shadow for 4 seconds, whilst Phantom Shift 2 leaves the shadow for 8 seconds).

It’s Alive!

Simply unlock the “Phantom Genesis” ability (can be earned by scanning 2 Weavers) and use the ability on a dead human corpse and it will transform into a friendly phantom.

Thoughts Can Kill

The achievement in itself is very easy, just unlock the Psychoshock ability and when you reach the “Cargo Bay” area, just make a separate save and use the ability on a human, then reload the save, as doing so won’t interfere with the “Do No Harm” achievement.


Personally I find this to be the funniest thing to do as it just makes no sense, but simply just unlock the “Mimic Matter” power and when you find a mimic who is an object just mimic the mimic who is mimicking an object (Mimic-ception?).

Tee One Up

This achievement is annoying more so as it requires to scan 3 poltergeists to unlock the ability. But when done so you need to unlock the “Lift Field” skill to make an enemy float in the air for a few seconds and kill the enemy whilst in the air.


Personally surprised on how rare this achievement is, all it requires is to unlock the “Mimic Matter” achievement and mimic 20 objects, when done so the achievement will pop up.

Ball Lightning

This achievement is more so difficult as it requires 2 operators being very close to each other to take them both down at once with the “Electrostatic Burst” ability. Whenever you get the chance to take two down at once, do so and when they both fall down you’ll get the achievement.

Escape Velocity

An achievement which sounds easier than it is, it requires two abilities, Mimic Matter I, and Kinect Blast I. The difficult part is also finding somewhere to get the achievement, I did it in the Arboretum near Alex’s escape shuttle, but this can be done in many other places, most preferably in the Talos I lobby.

Makeup Exam

A difficult achievement as it requires using 3 specific abilities at 3 specific moments. These 3 abilities are “Kinetic Blast”, “Mimic Matter” and “Remote Manipulation”. You need to go all the way back to the “Neuromod Divison”, all the way back to the testing area and then restart the test to be able to do the test.
On the first test use the “Kinetic Blast” ability to remove all blocks from the area.
On the second test use the “Mimic Matter” ability on the chair.

And on the third area use the “Remote Manipulation” ability on the button to activate it.
After doing all three tests like this you should get the achievement.

Collectible Achievements

Prism Master

For this achievement you need to find and read all 6 “Starbender Cycle” books. I did find some books more than once, though apparently 2 books are found only once.

  • Starbender Book 1: Hardware Labs – Climb up onto the Grav Lift shaft at the top of the Atrium. On top, move left on the tiles to find a vent hiding spot with one of the collectible books. 
  • Starbender Book 2: Hardware Labs – From the bulkhead that leads out to the Talos 1 Exterior, go left and move the Leverage 3 large, white-covered crates blocking the path. Find the book in the caged office area guarded by a Typhon drone. 
  • Starbender Book 3: Psychotronics – In a locker in the Women’s Locker Room, in the Decontamination area. 
  • Starbender Book 4: Arboretum – Down from the streaming waterfall, find the nook with the JFK memorial bench. The book is on this bench. 
  • Starbender Book 5: Cargo Bay – Toward the Shipping and Receiving area, look in the small office opposite the Medbay sign on Level 2. 
  • Starbender Book 6: Crew Quarters – Found in Alex Yu’s Suite in the Crew Quarters. Get the keycard from Alex Yu’s office safe in the Arboretum. 

TranStar Gourmand

Another painful achievement, this requires you to find and consume every single food and drink around Talos I. I’d say whenever you find food/drinks consume it unless you know for certain you already consumed it. Just in case here is the list of foods/drinks you need to consume with locations.


  • Methuselah Apple (Location: Talos I Lobby, on the upper floor of the lobby in the office where you must view the video file as part of a main objective) 
  • Sunburst Banana (Location: Talos I Lobby, on the upper floor of the lobby check the front desk of the office with the recycler and fabricator) 
  • Sun-Dried Tomata Jerky (Location: Hardware Labs, in the Machine Shop where you must find the Artax Propulsion System blueprint to advance in the story) 
  • Russian Blinis (Location: Psychotronics, Live Exam room. After using the console to unleash the electrified Phantom loot the corpse of that phantom. This could be a random drop and you may find Russian Blinis from other corpses). 
  • Big Bang Candy (Location: Crew Quarters, Recreation Center, on a table upstairs) 
  • Captain Spree’s Fish Sticks (Location: Crew Quarters, Kitchen) 
  • Jellied Eels (Location: Crew Quarters, Kitchen) 
  • Siskak Unagi Rollz (Location: Crew Quarters, Kitchen) 
  • Jamon Tomato (Location: Crew Quarters, Crew Cabins A –W. Mitchell’s room) 
  • Udon Noodles (Location: Crew Quarters, Crew Habitation Pods, Joshua Vanstry’s pod) 
  • Veggie Blend (Location: Cargo Bay, Cargo Staging Area on a table with lots of other snacks) 
  • Spiralite Cookies (Location: Cargo Bay, Cargo Staging Area on a table with lots of other snacks) 
  • Skyking Pomegranate: (Location: Cargo Bay, Cargo Staging Area on a table with lots of other snacks) 
  • Ossetra Caviar (Location: Cargo Bay, Cargo Staging Area on a table with lots of other snacks) 
  • RanDom Dim Sum (Location: Cargo Bay, Cargo Staging Area on a table with lots of other snacks) 
  • Shaker Lemon Pie (Location: Shuttle Bay, inside Dahl’s space shuttle. You have to access it during main mission “The Repo Man”.) 
  • Crispy Fries: (Location: during main mission “Perdition” in Alex’s bunker. After finally meeting with Alex he gives you his aiming key. Now a monster attacks and he gets unconscious. To save Alex you must drag him into his bunker where a lot of food can be found). 
  • Glucassist! 
  • Sunburst Banana Pudding 
  • Sunburst Bananas 
  • Moonshade Lemon (Location: Crew Quarters, in the Cook’s Cabin) 


  • Kings & Way Sprinkling Water (Location: Your Apartment, where the game starts) 
  • Cold Mountain Green Tea (Location: Neuromod Division, in the restroom by a toilet) 
  • Duck Beer (Location: Hardware Labs, on a table in the auditorium facing the demonstration stage) 
  • PopStar 
  • Old Sardar Bourbon (Location: Crew Quarters, in the bar named “The Yellow Tulip” on the map. It’s on the 2nd floor of the crew quarters). 
  • Kafe Karsk (Location: Crew Quarters, Recreation Center on a table upstairs) 
  • Pomegranate Moonshine (Location: Crew Quarters, Kitchen) 
  • Tamizdat Vodka (Location: Crew Quarters, Crew Habitation Pods, Harley Grainger’s pod) 
  • Green Beetle Gin (Location: Shuttle Bay, inside Dahl’s space shuttle. You have to access it during main mission “The Repo Man”.)

Press Sneak

An achievement which i’m 99% sure is glitched as it requires you to read every email around Talos I, but many people (me included) have reported unlocking this achievement though not have read all emails. I’d say whenever you find a terminal, unlock it and read all the emails. Keep doing this until you unlock the achievement. I unlocked it in the Power Plant area and had read every email beforehand. (I hadn’t read the emails on Talos I Bridge).


Yet again another achievement that is most likely glitched as it is possible to unlock without listening to all transcribes (The game’s audio logs), you just need to listen to all transcribes. They can be found in a lot of places, some on/next to corpses, some layed around on desks. The issue with this achievement is transcribes are littered around the whole map and are very difficult to keep track of position wise. Best way to unlock this is to make sure you check every area for transcribes until you unlock this achievement. Yet again I unlocked this in the Power Plant, before even going to the Talos I Bridge.

Dear Future Self

For this achievement you need to listen to all transcribes left by Morgan Yu (yep, yourself), there are 6 to find with one being missable so be very careful about that. To help I’d use this video.

Missing Persons

This achievement sounds difficult, and to be honest it is slightly, but alongside “Psychometry” and “Press Sneak” it’s glitched…. I got the achievement with about 20 people left to find. There are about 3-4 people you can miss on completely, being found in the shuttle bay. But all you need to do is whenever you find a body just check it and it’ll count towards the achievement (They also have loot that can count towards “Psychometry”). If you miss a body you can always check security terminals which are found in every area to see their location.

Other Achievements

Coffee Break

All you need to do for this achievement is access Dr. Calvino’s secret stash in his workshop. You need to retrieve his keycard from his body from the Talos I Exterior. When done so open his workshop up and turn on the power for the station. After doing so you can use a terminal which has 2/3 looking glass videos to watch. One of them will show Dr Calvino opening up his secret stash with a bottle. That said bottle can be found under the staircase on top of a red toolbox, the bottle being called “Dr. Calvino’s Tumbler”, pick this up and take it to a small scale sitting on top a table on the other side of the room and place it on top it and the stash will open and the achievement shall pop up.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

For this achievement you require the “Recycler Charge”. The best area for this achievement is the “Ballistic Labs” in the “Hardware Labs” section of the game. Simply throw the recycler charge to the right of the room (in the middle on the two desks) and you should get the achievement when the charge sets off.

Cold Dead Hands

Currently as this moment this achievement is actually really easy. You need the “Gunsmith III” ability and about 15 weapon upgrade kits. You can get a weapon upgrade kit fabrication plan in the Machine Shop in the Hardware Labs and due to the “Materials Exploit” you can get unlimited resources. If patched the achievement is still relatively easy as weapon upgrade kits are scattered all around the place

Suicide by Proxy

This achievement can be unlocked after meeting January, simply just make a save and kill him and the achievement should pop up.

Intrinsic Value

All you need for this achievement is about less than 150 health and a Recycler Charge, you can earn this achievement the same time as “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Simply just throw a Recycler Charge at your feet and wait for it to set off, it should kill you and the achievement should pop up.

No Show

The earliest possible achievement in the game without glitches, all you need to do is kill yourself in the beginning simulation, when you get to the helipad jump on top of the helicopter and then get yourself killed by the rotors and the achievement will pop up.

Mimic Massacre

The most annoying part about this achievement is finding five mimics all at once. I’d recommend having a Typhon Lure and Recycler Charge. The best and really only place for this is just after the room “Labs A” where you’ll find a wall blocked off by glue, simply go to the left of that glue and break it, then immediately throw a lure on the other side of the glue. Enter the room and you should hopefully see 5 or more mimics next to one another, throw the recycler charge at them and they should all die at once from the charge and you should get the achievement popped up.

Push the Fat Guy

Annoying for the fact you don’t meet Alex until near the end of the game, when you do meet him just kill him, I’d say do it the same way as the “Suicide by Proxy” achievement, so create a save before killing Alex.

Written by Nintendy.

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