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Life is Strange 2 - All Souvenir Collectible Locations (Episode #4)

Written by Splimmie   /   Aug 29, 2019    

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Episode #4

Collectible #1 - Joey's Pen

After Joey pays a visit to you to clean up your eye you can pick up his pen at the table next to the bed.

Collectible #2 - Agent Flores' Card

When you arrive at your nap spot you can pick up the agent's card.

Collectible #3 - Skull

After resting in the desert, passed the billboard is a coyote. Follow the coyote. Pick up the skull on the ground.

Collectible #4 - Pin

Once you reached the church there is a box with pins lying on a table. Pick up a pin.

Collectible #5 - Casino Token

After getting out of the shower, open the drawer between the beds. Pick up the casino token.

Collectible #6 - Drawing

Go inside Lisbeth's house into Daniel's room in the back of the house. Underneath the pillow is a drawing.

Written by Splimmie.