GTA 5 – How to Use Mods?

Dont you know how to use mods? Dont worry Im gonna learn you how!

How to Install Mods?

Its very easy. Just search on Google ‘GTA 5 mods’ and you’ll find a website, choose the mod you want and download it.

While downloading you click on Steam, Library, right-click on GTA5, go to properties, click then on Local Files and then click on Browse Local Files. Open up another your download folder and then copy and paste it on your GTA5 folder and you’re done.

Read the description of the mod on the website, there you can find how to activate it (its usually F4 or F9).

But You Get Banned if…

You don’t delete them before you go on GTA online (or you get banned for one month). So go to your GTA 5 folder and delete the mod you equipped. Here is a screenshot of the files you need, anything that you don’t see on this screenshot has to be deleted!

Delete anything that is NOT in the screenshot. Anything!

GTA 5 - How to Use Mods?

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