The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan – All Achievement / Trophy Guide

Heavy spoilers!

Guide Contents

  • Survival Achievements (4)
  • Gamemode Achievements (3)
  • Trait Achievements (5)
  • Relationship Achievements (3)
  • Heart & Head Achievements (2)
  • Secret Collectible Achievements (2)
  • Picture Collectible Achievements (3)
  • Other Achievements (8)

Survival Achievements

That’s something, I suppose

Everybody survived!

Make sure every playable character is alive by the end of the game.

Note: The pirates do not count, two of them always die no matter what and the third (Junior) doesn’t matter for the achievement as he died in my playthrough and I still got the achievement. The World War 2 people in the prologue do not count either.

  • Tip 1: Don’t fail any QTEs and Keep Calm minigames. Some can be failed but if you can avoid it try not to fail any.
  • Tip 2: Don’t pick up weapons like knives etc if you can help it, and if you do, do not use them (even on monsters).
  • Tip 3: Make sure Julia decompresses after the dive.
  • Tip 4: I personally didn’t do this but make Conrad successfully escape on the speedboat, one less character to worry about.
  • Tip 5: Do not give the radio your coordinates or ship name (this seems odd but it is for the best).
  • Tip 6: Don’t let the distributor cap be destroyed.

Just make sensible decisions and maybe do it on a second or third playthrough once you get the hang of the game. Don’t worry if it takes a few attempts.

Not a sole survivor

No-one survived!

Kill every playable character in the game. Just pick stupid decisions, fail QTEs and Keep Calm minigames as well as picking up weapons and using them at every chance.

There is an ending where the military comes and kills everyone. This is the easiest way of obtaining this achievement. Keep as many people alive as possible (even better everyone) and follow the steps for the “The name of this vessel” achievement to let the military know the ship name and coordinates.
Then make sure the distributor cap is destroyed by failing QTEs at the end. Your people will be stranded on the ship.

The credits will start rolling, but after the credits the military will come and shoot all the survivors.
I reloaded the last part of the game from my all characters lived playthrough and just made sure the distributor cap was destroyed and that got me the achievement.

Note: I did not let Conrad escape and I had told the military my position and ship name (“The name of this vessel” achievement).

Girls’ Night Out

Only the women survived!

For this achievement Fliss and Julia must survive and Brad, Alex and Conrad must die.
Make sure Julia decompresses after the dive.

Kill Conrad by failing QTEs while fleeing from the Glamor Girl in the chapter of the same name.
Say nothing to the military on the radio.

When you meet Junior at gun point as Brad, pick ‘Say Nothing’ every time and he will shoot Brad, then himself, in the head.

Alex can be killed when he gets the distributor cap, make sure he stabs himself when the rat pops out.

Right there with ya, boys 

Only the men survived!

You need to have Brad, Alex and Conrad alive at the end.
Kill Fliss by not finding the gas mask as Brad when he enters the ship to find the others and make sure he picks up the wrench. As Fliss complete the ballroom area by exiting outside. When she finds Brad he will kill her with the wrench by failing the QTE. (Kill Fliss by any other means also works, this is my preferred method).

Kill Julia by making sure she doesn’t decompressing and then make sure she drinks alcohol on the boat.
Make sure Brad, Alex and Conrad survive.

You might want to let Conrad escape on the speedboat to have one less character to worry about.

Gamemode Achievements

Going it alone

Completed the Solo Story

For this achievement, complete the game in solo mode (Play Alone option on the main menu). Once you beat the game this way the achievement is yours.

Like that movie with the ship

Finished Movie Night

Movie night mode is a couch co-op gamemode for Man of Medan that can be accessed through the main menu by the “Don’t Play Alone” option. You can do this with friends or by yourself if you wish, as it is just passing the pad between friends.

Learning to work together

Finished the Shared Story

This is the Online co-op mode. You will need a friend (or make a friend) to play the game through with you for this achievement. You can start the gamemode through the “Don’t Play Alone” main menu option. Both the host and the person joining will unlock the achievement.

Trait Achievements

There are multiple ways to unlock each of the trait achievements. If you have trouble with any of them, they will most likely come naturally during one of your many playthroughs and there are more opportunities for each trait in co-op because of more dialogue choices.

Brother thing, you know

Unlocked Brad’s Envious Trait

During the start of the game when playing as Brad talking to Alex in the first chapter, choose the dialogue options:

  • Resentful -> Accusatory

If you’re selling, I’m buying

Unlocked Conrad’s Humorous Trait

When the pirates put you in the dark room on the abandoned ship pick the dialogue option: CONFIDENT “I think it’s an abandoned ship”. Conrad must not escape on the speedboat or die on the speedboat! He must still be with the group for it to work.

Big man on campus

Unlocked Alex’s Aggressive Trait

When in the kitchen on the abandoned ship for the first time, explore and find a kitchen knife then choose the dialogue option: CONFIDENT “We might need it”.
This will unlock the achievement.

Aye, aye captain

Unlocked Fliss’s Arrogant Trait

Make sure Fliss and Brad recognise each other by allowing Fliss to escape the ballroom in the Chapter: Ritual, and helping Brad find the gas mask in the Chapter: Finding Friends. (Brad must have stayed hidden on the boat).

After they recognise each other it will progress. They will find a point they must climb up, afterward, investigate the hole and choose the following dialogue:

  • WORRIED “You go” -> FRIGHTENED “I’m not doing it” -> EXPECTANT “Go on with it”

Then the achievement is yours.

Remember who’s signing the checks

Unlocked Julia’s Spoilt Trait

I personally got this in the Curator’s Cut while playing as Julia after being locked in the room by the pirates in the abandoned ship. After moving the box from in front of the hole I picked the dialogue option “Your the Alpha Male” and that got me the achievement.

Relationship Achievements


Maxed Alex and Julia’s Relationship

Pick lots of heart choices between Julia and Alex and things that will increase their affinity for one another. I got this achievement during “Plunged” while playing as Julia by picking the dialogue option: FRANTIC “Stop he’ll drown” when one Alex is drowning the other. (This achievement will be achieved on an all hearts dialogue option playthrough).

Medium bro

Maxed Brad and Alex’s Relationship

Might only be obtainable on Online co-op play. Can be obtained during the first dialogue between Brad and Alex however.

Make sure you and your friend choose the following options:

  • Brad: UNEASY

You got a better way?

Maxed Conrad and Fliss’s Relationship

Obtainable on Online co-op play and in the Curator’s Cut (still follow the video/information for the correct dialogue choices). Can be obtained during the first couple of dialogues between Fliss and Conrad. Follow the following steps:

  • Chapter: Wreck
  • Conrad: SUPPORTIVE
  • Conrad walks over to Fliss, talks to her:
  • Conrad: EMPATHETIC
  • Conrad: PLAYFUL
  • Conrad: PLAYFUL
  • After Conrad & Alex talk to Julia and she prepares the rebreather, Conrad talks to Fliss again:
  • Conrad: CHEERY
  • Conrad: OPTIMISTIC
  • Chapter: Uninvited Guests
  • Fliss: RELAXED
  • Fliss: IMPRESSED
  • Fliss must go downstairs to talk to Brad, when she returns upstairs she can talk to Conrad once again:
  • Fliss: RELAXED
  • Fliss: PLAYFUL
  • Fliss: ROMANTIC
  • When a fisher boat approaches:
  • Fliss: UNEASY
  • Fliss: WORRIED
  • Fliss: WORRIED
  • Fliss: AMUSED

If playing solo on the Curator’s Cut:
While as Fliss lighting the BBQ, answer RESTRAINED. (Not applicable in Co-op).

Heart & Head Achievements

Go with your gut

Chose all of the Heart decisions 

Consider all the permutations

Chose all of the Head decisions

Every dialogue option has either a heart or a brain (head) icon. Complete the game once with all Heart dialogue options only (no head) and then the same with head choices and no heart choices and the achievements will unlock across the playthroughs.

You don’t actually need to see all the dialogue options in the game for both, just all the ones in that playthrough must be one or the other.

If you have a dialogue option where you can’t have a head or heart then either choose the “Say nothing” option or wait for the time to run out!

Secret Collectible Achievements

For a dollar he told me his secrets

Found 25 Secrets!

Secrets! Lies! Conspiracies, man!

Found all Secrets!

Secrets come in the form of various interactable notes, books, clipboards etc. Make sure to flip and looks at both sides and all pages of various items. You can check your secret progress from the character and collections page.

Chapter select can be used to obtain any missing collectibles. Just always select “New save” and don’t overwrite. Collectibles save as soon as found so you don’t need to finish the chapter either.

There are a total of 50 collectibles.
They can be obtainabed in the Curator’s Cut, as well as the Online co-op mode, because it lets you play as alternate characters (e.g. You play as Charlie and not Joe in the Prologue). I will further research this method.

The Curator’s Cut is a preorder bonus but will be released to everyone by the end of this year.

Picture Collectible Achievements

Please note that these collectibles can be highly missable so I would recommend following a video walkthrough with lots of detail. I will link some where appropriate.

Chapter select can be used to obtain any missing pictures, always choose “New save” and don’t overwrite. Collectibles are saved as soon as picked up.

Possible futures

Found all of the white framed Pictures

  • Picture 2 (High and Dry) When exploring the boat as Alex at the start of the game go into the cabin area. The white picture on the wall.
  • Picture 3 (Close Quarters) When Fliss is with Danny he will push her away from this picture. After Danny runs away in terror Fliss can go back and view the picture.
  • Picture 5 (Copper Bottomed) When exploring as Brad (after moving a box to climb a wall) investigate the room to your right and its on the wall.
  • Picture 4 (Keelhaul) When playing as Fliss in the ballroom, head to the side stage door and find the white frame picture in that room. (Note: Ballroom has a hidden timer so be fairly quick).
  • Picture 1 (Plain Sailing) Once you take control of Conrad on his own (after a little run from the Glamor Girl) head into the first room on your left. Proceed to the second room here and the picture is yours.
  • Picture 6 (Know the Ropes) Once you get to the engine room, don’t head to the rebreather. Head towards the opposite way down a little well hidden area and keep heading to the far wall where the white picture is next to two lockers.

Quite a lot of deaths that night

Found all of the black framed Pictures

  • Picture 2 (Cut and Run) While playing as Fliss, managing the boat while the others are on the dive, open the only closed door in the bottom of the ship and it is on the wall after entering the doorway.
  • Picture 1 (Devil and the Deep) While exploring the plane wreck as Julia the image is lying on the floor to the left of the door after gaining control of her.
  • Picture 3 (In the Offing) After escaping from the room where the pirates lock you in the ghost ship, head to the point where you are on some suspended walkways and continue to the bunk bed room where the black picture is located in the far corner on a shelf.
  • Picture 4 (Cut of Your Jib) After the big kitchen in the chapter Caskets you will enter a dining room. The picture is on the back wall and is quite obvious from its glimmer.
  • Picture 5 (Ship Shape) ONLY AVAILABLE IN ONLINE CO-OP or THE CURATOR’S CUT Brad and Fliss must have recognised each other at the end of Ritual (Fliss got fresh air and Brad found the gas mask). Conrad must not have died or escaped as well. Fliss and Brad together can open a room in “Glamor Girl” after Conrad runs away from them the first time. The door is on the left. The picture is on the wall inside.
  • Picture 6 (Loose Cannon) While looking for the radio the picture can be found on the wall in the Captain’s quarters. It is on the path to the radio.

Ghost ships are just a myth, right?

Found all Pictures

Find all the pictures above and then also the Golden picture the the achievement is yours.
Alex and Brad must go down the hole after the radio.

I found this picture as Julia (she was the only one left alive at the radio as Conrad and Fliss where dead). She will jump down the hole and eventually end up in a bunk room where the golden frame picture is on the wall.

Refer to the videos above as they have the picture location in them.

Other Achievements

Karate Master

Beat the Training Dummy

During the Post World War 2 prologue beat the karate dummy without failing any quick time events or targets. Once you beat the dummy flawlessly the achievement is yours.

Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!

Julia accepted Alex’s proposal

When first playing as Brad at the start of the game, when talking to Alex pick dialogue SENTIMENTAL “Go with your gut” when he asks you about the big life changing decision.

After exploring the underwater wreck as Julia accept the proposal by picking both heart options. ASTOUNDED “We almost died” – LOVING “Yes!”

A pint of frosty amber liquid

Conrad successfully flirted with Fliss

When you first play as Fliss on the boat talking with Conrad choose nice dialogue options (take the beer he offered you) and eventually the dialogue options playful followed by romantic and the achievement is yours.

The important choice is: ROMANTIC “I have to keep track of the dive, but …”

Break ’em during the thunder

Opened the window without making noise

When breaking the window, after the intruders have got on your boat and the storm has started, when Conrad says “Six” break the window silently. If done correctly the achievement is yours.

This achievement can be obtained on scene select.

Can’t catch him with this old junker

Conrad successfully escaped on the speedboat

After breaking the window, complete the Keep Calm minigame, then choose the escape option. Complete the four QTEs and the achievement will unlock.
Can be obtained during chapter selection.

The name of this vessel

Revealed the name of the ship

For this achievement you need to find 2 specific Secret collectibles and choose the dialogue option:
ANXIOUS – Ourang Medan.

The two collectibles you need are:

  • Chapter Danny, Secret #41: Medan Hat – it’s right after a cutscene where Danny (pirate guy who’s escorting Fliss), sees what looks like a sitting man. But it turns out it was only a bunch of empty sacks with a hat on them. Danny will knock off the hat during the cutscene. Afterward, Fliss can investigate that same hat.
  • Chapter: Distress Signal, Secret #42: Ship’s Logbook – it’s found just after leaving the weather deck to climb upstairs. On a table in the captain’s cabin is the logbook you need. This is just BEFORE the distress signal radio (just a few rooms before it).

When in the radio conversation try giving the coordinates and then the ships name.

It’s all gone changing on me

Calmed Junior down

When you come across the Rebreather you must TAKE it for the achievement.
When Olson is chasing remain undetected so you keep the rebreather. If you are detected there will be a QTE to grab the rebreather. Either way you need the rebreather.

When you meet Junior pick the following dialogue options:


Put the rebreather on and the achievement is yours.

As long as you’re quick

Completed 10 QTEs in succession

Complete any 10 quick time events in a row without failing one. It can be 10 across any character/chapter as long as you complete all 10 with no fails. Any failed QTE will reset the achievement progress. This will most likely unlock across some playthroughs of the game.

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