Remnant: From the Ashes – Bosses on Corsus (How to Defeat)

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You could potentially skip this whole map if you choose to kill the undying king and take the labybrinth key from his corpse.

Ixillis (World Boss)

This is the beast, the guardian of corsus.

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Corsus (How to Defeat)

There are three phases on this fight, you can bypass the third one if you kill both Ixillis at the same time.

Phase 1:

  • Boss would summon flying orbs that would fly toward you and detonate. So destroy them with a high fast rate/ammo weapon as there is quite a few.
  • Boss would perform two melee strikes- vertical or horizontal so just be ready and dodge sideways
  • Boss would also shoot two yellow ball that leaves a gust that would damage you if you remain in the it.

Phase 2:

  • When you deal enough damage, a second Ixillis will appear on the other side of the bridge.
  • Each Ixilli will perform a different task and take turns in doing so.
  • One of them will perform the same attacks of Phase 1 while the other will cast a powerful beam forward that can push you out of the bridge.
  • Occasionally, they will both stop and start casting a Scream that deals heavy damage and staggers you
  • When this happens you will see a glowing orb in front of them. Every hit you make on the balls will be a Crit and if you deal enough damage you will cancel the attack. If you are quick enough, you can cancel both screams.
  • After they are done screaming, one of them will fall back and you will face one of them like in Phase 1. After a while the other will come back and the phase will repeat.

Phase 3:

  • If you kill one of the Ixillis the other one will enrage. When enraged, it will perform actions quicker and will be able to cast the Beam of Light that can push you out of the bridge. Try to focus on dodging its attacks and strike back when you are at a safe distance.
  • You can bypass this stage and obtain the item Guardian Tentacle by killing both Ixillis in rapid succession. To do so, try to bring them both to low health and then finish both of them before they have time to enrage.


Hivestone You have to let one of the Ixillis become enraged (e.i. focuse on one and leave the other alone until it’s time to put it down).


Guardian Tentacle (You must defeat both Ixillis XV and Ixillis XVI either at the same time or in rapid succession. if you let the remaining Ixillis become enraged over the other’s death, you will not get this material).

The Unclean One (World Boss)

This boss’s attack can break the environment objects like walls and can spawn adds from time to time. The best strategy is try to maintain a medium distance from him and fire to his head. When at a distance, he can perform three kinds of moves: The belly strike, the weapon leap and the weapon throw. If he closes distance dodge backwards.

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Corsus (How to Defeat)

When he tries to us hammer whirlwind, run in a wide circle until the attack ends and then finish him off.

Reward: Unclean heart, Glutton trait.

Weakspot: Head, buttocks (smack him good).

The Thrall (Dungeon Boss)

This boss plays very similar to Shroud. It will try to stay distant to you while throwing projectiles and conjuring irradiated magic. The best strategy is trying to stay near it dealing damage. Dodge any incoming attack and run away when it casts the irradiated cloud or bombardment.

Reward: Swarm Tusk

Weakspot: Back of his head

Canker (Dungeon Boss)

Canker boss fight is a race against time. As time passes the room is filled with water. Canker attacks rely on this to be effective.

He can run across the room dropping corrosive bombs, at first you will be able to see them but as the water level rises you won’t. Try to remember where the boss passed and stay away from that area. The bombs will disappear after some time

It can cast a sound wave sending a wave of water at you. At first, you will be able to stay on the sides of the room to avoid the attack. Once the room is filled with water, you will have to dodge the attack to either side.

Ads will spawn occasionally, try to deal with them before focusing on the boss.

Reward: Slime vessel.

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