Remnant: From the Ashes – Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

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To progress along Rhom, you need to obtain a howling key from either Claviger or The Harrow. The howling key must be placed at the altar in between the burning pillars that is roasting the door of the undying king’s tomb.

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

Upon reaching the tomb, you can decide if you want to fight or help the king. Either option would result in you obtaining the labyrinth key to be used in the labyrinth to progress in the story.

Undying King (World Boss)

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

Weak Spot: Head

* You could choose to fight this boss or not! Either option results in you obtaining the labyrinth key.

  • To fight: Reject helping him – If you choose to fight him, you would receive the undying heart to craft the Ruin (rifle) and also the Kingslayer Trait (+Crit Hit Dmg).
  • Avoid fight: Agree to bring him the heart of the beast (Ixillis) – If you choose to help him, you would have to defeat Ixillis on Corsus. As a reward, you would receive the Riven (melee weapon).

The fight is quite challenging!

Phase 1:

  • Boss will spawn ads coming out of the coffins located in the room.

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

  • Alternatively, it would also summon two flying light orbs that are stationary that fire projectiles at your location. Destroy them asap.

Phase 2:

  • Essentially the king would only summon stuff and evade shots until he brings out his melee weapons. (Geez it just got real).

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

  • When he brings melee out, he will start following you slowly.
  • If he is close he would leap towards you and follow up with a melee combo, when it happens dodge roll forward and run.
  • This combo can one shot you so stay as far away as possible.

Phase 3:

  • The boss alternate between phase 1 and 2 until you deal enough damage to him.
  • Once you dealt enough damage, the king would start walking back to his swimming pool area, where he will meditate to restore heath. Luckily the regen is slow so focus more on the ads summoned first.
  • So when hes regenerating, he is immobile, so after clearing all the ads in the room, blow a few shells into his head. That will stop his meditation and revert him back to phase 1.
  • Take note that he re-spawns when you kill him the first time with a portion of his health.
  • Just kill him again and the undying is undying no more.

Claviger (World Boss)

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

* This fight is tedious to say the least, you might need to bring ammo box in case you run out of ammo.

Rewards: Stone of the guardian ( Make sure to have on ad alive when claviger spin the plaform).

Alternate Reward: Void silver (( Make sure to have no ad alive when claviger spin the plaform).

Phase 1:

  • Boss will spawn with two orbs at its side that creates a field that protects it.
  • Destroy the orbs.
  • The boss will summon ads during the fight.
  • The boss would also shoot lighting orb towards you. Just simply sprint left and right and you will do fine.

Phase 2: Kamekame Phase

  • After some time, the boss would spin the spindle.
  • When you start seeing some yellow particles and his hand starting to clap, be prepared because the boss is able to unleash a ray that is gonna hurt real bad. To dodge the ray, just sprint towards the boss as close as possible as there is a spot where you could roll under to avoid the ray.
  • If you are feeling courageous, you could also jump over the ray. Normally I would just dodge and sprint around from one side to another.
  • After some time the ray would stop, and the actions from phase 1 will occur again.

The Harrow (World Boss)

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

The Harrow will charge at your location when you are at a distance, wait until he is close and dodge forward. Try to fire at its legs as this will stagger him. If you fire enough times at his legs, he will fall to the ground, if you run behind him you can grab the Lost Harpoon weapon.

Note: If you grab the Harpoon, then die, you will have to repeat the process. Unlike some other alternative boss rewards, the ‘Harpoon taken’ state is not persistent between attempts.

When close, it will perform a three hit combo that can deal high damage, try to dodge forward and stay behind him. When you deal enough damage, he will run away and spam ads. Try to defeat the ads before The Harrow returns.

  • Charge and strike: It will charge at your location attacking with its claws. Counter: Wait until he is near and then dodge forward avoiding him and putting yourself on its back.
  • Three attack combo: It will use its claws to perform a powerful three hit combo. Counter: Dodge forward and run away from him.
  • Run away and spawn adds: It will hide and spawn adds, after a moment he will come back. Counter: Try to deal with the ads while the boss is not in the room.

Reward: Thermal Geode (You have to kill the Harrow without taking the Lost Harpoon.)

Alternate: Lost harpoon (Shoot him in the legs to stagger him a few times, and he will eventually drop to the ground. When he does, go behind him and grab the Lost Harpoon. NOTE: This is not a persistent state between attempts. If you die, you must repeat the process to receive the Harpoon.)

Raze (Dungeon Boss)

A flying eye surrounded by flying skulls in a desert, what could go wrong?

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

  • Scream and summon Ads: It will scream and summon flying ads. Counter: Try to fire at the yellow core while he screams to do critical damage. Then, dispatch the ads before dealing with Raze.
  • Fire volley: It will fire a volley of fire at your location. Counter: Try to hide behind a structure. This can BURN you so press spacebar to extinguish yourself or use hydro coolant.

* Fun fact: The boss hide under the water to cool down.Reward: Sentinel ShardWeakspot:Yellow core when opened.

Scourge (Dungeon Boss)

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

Yeah, remember the hives? Now you have a bigger one to deal with.

Scourge will chase you around the room trying to hit you with its claws. Try to stay near the structure in the middle running in circles, when he gets close you will see it remains still and his arms start growing, you can jump backwards to avoid his attack and take a couple of shot on him. Every time you shoot him hives will spawn from its head, try to use a high damage weapon to spawn fewer hives. Scourge will also occasionally protect itself in a field and conjure many hives. You can hide inside the tunnel of the middle of the room but beware, as some hives may still reach you. You can also try to lure him inside and fewer hives will spawn.

Remember to use the Heavy Water Elixir when you are Irradiated.

If you are having problems avoiding the hives you can use Adrenaline to run faster.

  • Claw Attack: It will extend its claws performing a wide attack. Counter: You will see its arms growing before it performs the attack, you can avoid it jumping backwards
  • Hive defense: When you hit it, a hive will be released from its head and chase you. Counter: Try to deal damage, avoid the hives and then attack again.
  • Hive Attack: It will protect itself in a field and release many hives that will chase you. Counter: Its invulnerable while performing the attack, so try to run away and avoid the hive. Don’t run into him as there is higher chance of being damage. You can also hide in the tunnel in the middle of the room

Reward: Radioactive skull

Maul (Dungeon Boss)

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

This boss is accompanied by lots of hounds. Don’t let them backstab you when you focus on the boss!

  • Howl and summon ads: It will howl and summon ads. Counter: Use the opportunity to fire at the boss. Kill the ads as soon as you see them.
  • Charge and strike: It will charge at you and bite you. Counter: Dodge to either side and fire at it.

Weakspot: Head

Reward: Hound Chocker

Alternate: Headshot the houndmaster (below) for a control rod to be placed in ancient construct.

Ancient Contruct (DungeonBoss)

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

Location: This boss is not located in a dungeon, instead it is located near the Rhom merchant Wud. That dude that sell you ossiris armour and that black sun ring, that dude that wears a eye cloth on it face, that dude with a injured good boy beside it.

To summon this boss just simply place the control rod into the construct.

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

Ancient Construct can periodically summon automated turret that fire at you. When this happens, focus on destroying them as soon as you can.

When at a distance, it can cast a radiation ball at you, dodge it to either side. It can also charge at your location and strike with the spear. Dodge him to either side.

When at close range, it will attack you with the spear. Dodge backwards and keep firing at him.

  • Summon Turrets: It will summon automated turrets that will fire at you. Counter: Destroy the turrets as soon as they appear.
  • Radiation Strike: It will cast a ball of radiation and throw it at you. Counter: Dodge to either side. Use Heavy Water Elixir if needed.
  • Charge and strike: It will charge at you striking with the spear. Counter: Dodge to either side. Use Heavy Water Elixir if needed.
  • Melee Strike: It will strike from below with its weapon. Counter: Dodge backwards.

Reward: Ancient core

Weak spot: Head

Shade and Shatter (Dungeon Boss)

Remnant: From the Ashes - Bosses on Rhom (How to Defeat)

When you enter the room you will face both Shade and Shatter at the same time. Shade will stay at a distance using the staff as a ranged weapon and Shatter will approach you using the lance as a melee weapon. You need to defeat both Shade and Shatter.

The best strategy is to focus on Shade first while dodging backwards when Shatter gets too close. This way you can focus on avoiding Shade projectiles. When they perform the combined attack, try to deal with the enemies before destroying the force field. You can Also hide in one of the corners and sometimes the radioactive balls won’t reach you giving you time to restore your health and removing radiation by using Heavy Water Elixir.

Once Shade is defeated you can focus on Shatter without worrying about projectiles. Just dodge his attacks and shoot while it recovers.

Shade (Ranged):

  • Shade fire projectiles so just stay behind walls.
  • Shade also conjure giant yellow balls that deals high damage which inflicts radiation.

Shatter (Melee):

  • Shatter love to get charge and get close to you and hit you with his weapon. Just take note of his positioning and dodge.
  • Shatter will occasionally strike the ground to create an explosion that damages and knocks you back. Dodge backwards!

Combined Attack:

  • When either boss receives certain amount of damage they would combine their attack where shade conjure and bombard you when yellow balls while shatter creates a force field. During this phase, plenty of ads are around so hide behind a wall and destroy the ads first before shooting the force field down

*Side note you could enter the force field but you would take DOT while in it.

Reward: Black tear

Weakspot: Head

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