Flinthook – How to Find the Secret Dev Room

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What is the Secret Dev Room?

The Secret Dev Room is a Secret Room located on Bad Billy Bullseye’s ship, Cobalt Xebec. It is right next to where Flinthook lands on the ship; you need only head to the left and blast it open.

Inside you will find 15 portraits, each of which have a special message from the person pictured. There is also an arcade cabinet that you can interact with that displays the Tribute logo. There are some coins scattered about and a free Bomb subweapon to pick up, and to the very left of the room there is an interesting NPC with some even more interesting dialogue.


Breaking the game is fun, and it’s even better when everything works! But you gotta break it to fix it!
(At least now everything works!) – Olivier

Thanks for playing our game! Thanks to Day9, Polygon, GameGrumps, GiantBomb, CoolGhosts and Patrick Klepek for keeping me entertained through development! – Dom2D

I made more rooms. – Marion

Move it down by 2! No by 10! Every pixel counts in this game, trust me!
Mick (Baroque)

Um… Thanks for playing! It’s important to have DREAMS… but remember to dream big! Your breakfast can always make room for another EGG. Never forget that.


The pixel is an elementary particle that binds the galaxy together. Learn the ways of the pixel!


Spent a short time on this ship, but it was well worth it!

Life is like a sine wave and I’m surfing on it! YEE-HAW!!

The pounding sound of drums, covered by hooky melodies. Note after note, Flinthook will loot them all.

Hey!? Flin’hook? – Juliette

783.99 739.99 622.25 440 415.3 659.26 830.61 1046.5 – Johan

This painting is based on a true story. – Yannick

Amor fati; I’m more fatty… – Steph

Written by Zarentron 3.

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