Battlerite – Performance Improvement Guide

List of performance software / system tweaks to make any PC work faster.

Steps to Improve and Perfecting


Still, changes and tweaks should be marked to help readers understand the character of it.


User friendly and simple changes that are not harmful.


These changes require some knowledge about OS.


Complex changes, there will be no guidelines for these, you should google it for yourself.

If performed improperly, it may lead to system errors.

Step 1: Software and Basic Changes (Easy)

List of software to increase performance with minimal effort:

Msi Afterburner

  • Allows user to adjust GPU and RAM frequency, as well as overclocking K-CPU.

Advanced SystemCare

  • All-in-one collection of very useful widgets, imo. it’s a must-have on any PC.
  • You’ll have the options to use a free version of the software or to buy/crack a Pro version.
  • Pro allow you to optimise and improve system even further.


  • Simply lets you to change and save CPU-priority on any task running.


  • It has some useful features, but some of them are already in the Advanced SystemCare software.

User-friendly system tweaks:

Performance options

  • Visual effects should be removed to improve system speed, but removing font smoothing is bad because it will cause problems in some games.
  • Dont forget to change window color after removing Aero.

Advanced page: adjust for best performance of programs

RAM : VRAM (Pagefile size)

  • 1024 mb : 4012-4012 mb
  • 2048 mb : 3548-3548 mb
  • 4096 mb : 3024-3024 Mb
  • 8192 mb : no pagefile

To get the best performance it is best to create a paging file on a different partition other than the boot partition (the drive that contains that operating system, which is usually the C drive) and to also create it on a separate hard drive. In this way, Windows can handle more I/O requests because the paging file will not have to compete with the system folder that constantly needs access as Windows runs. (Advanced)

ASC utitiltes

Most of them are automatic, and they are easy to use.

Steam tweaks

Click on steam shortcut, then add “C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteam.exe” – no-browser


  • In-Game
  • Clear all checkboxes from this tab.


  • Clear checkboxes “Run Steam when my computer starts” and “Notify me about additions or changes to my games, new releases, amd upcoming releases”.


  • Disable it.

Remote play

  • Disable it.

Shader pre-caching

  • Disable it.

Step 2: Driver Managment and System Tweaks (Advanced)

System performance can be improved not only by updating drivers, but even by removing unnecessary and irrelevant drivers.

As simple example : Battlerite doesnt use PhysX or 3DVision drivers from Nvidia, but removing these will increase stability and FPS.

You can use Driver Booster from Iobit, but if your system is old – I really do not recommend installing drivers this way.

For advanced system tweaks there is system control tool in ASC12 toolbox.

Feel free to experiment with these.

Another good way to improve OS performance is deleting bad KB (Knowledge Base) patches in windows update center.

Notice that’s turning UC off or disabling it dont affect your ability to remove patches from it.

You can also google anything you want to know about these patches.

Basically any telemetry/forced security patch is slowing you down.

Anyhow, security or protection isn’t the goal for those reading this guide.

Step 3: Because You Want More (Hard) (Unsafe)

Disabling your firewall permits all data to enter and exit your computer unprotected.

But if you are careful and only visit protected sites – this won’t be a problem for you on the way to increase performance.

You can disable it manually, or you can disable it with ASC12, or you can just delete its folder, clear registry and remove its service.

Removing / disabling Windows Defender is not a mistake, this program is completely useless.

Also you are free to google and learn about services that’s useless and should be disabled and stopped.

You may even remove system files with TAKEOWN and icacls commands, but that’ll often just ruin your PC if you have no idea about what you are doing.

Disabling archiving and restoring is preferred when all changes are completed.

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