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The Bounties

After selecting “Play” on the Main Menu, you will find the Bounty select screen. Here you will have a number of Bounties to choose from, but to start with you will only have the Tutorial unlocked. The Bad Billy Bullseye Bounty is unlocked by completing the Tutorial, and it is the first real step into the gameplay of Flinthook. Before finding a Bounty’s trail, there will be a placeholder image in its place. Though there are only 4 main Bounties in total, each Bounty will get progressively more difficult and will require more Ghost Gems to reach the end. The Ghost Gems required for completion and the difficulty of the Bounty will be listed next to their respective icons in the bottom left corner of the Bounty. Despite the increase in difficulty, the gameplay remains basically the same across the different Bounties.

Chasing a bounty involves picking Perks, selecting ships, blasting baddies, and grabbing gold! Each enemy ship has a number of Variants that will impact its layout, terrain, and overall difficulty, so it can be very helpful to make note of the more dangerous ones in order to avoid them. Furthermore, ships will have a general difficulty assigned in the bottom left corner of their card which will impact the types of enemies present, the number of enemies present, and the number of traps present.

Once you have obtained the necessary number of Ghost Gems, you will find the location of your Bounty’s ship, allowing you to track them down and confront them. Of course, none of them will take kindly to your wreaking havoc on their crew and barging right in to their own ship, so it’s no surprise that you’ll have to best them in combat. Information for each boss fight will be found in the Boss Guide. After defeating a boss, Flinthook will find that the Keeper of the Lighthouse that was captured will be stolen right in front of his eyes by a mysterious man. Though upset by this setback, he continues forward into the final room and discovers another Bounty (and a ton of treasure!).

All Bounties aside from the Tutorial have a Hardcore version that can be purchased from the Black Market after certain conditions are met. The Hardcore versions simply increase the difficulty of enemy ships from the start and raise them higher than usual levels near the end. You can manually switch between the Hardcore and Normal versions of each Bounty after they have been purchased.


Replays the Tutorial level when selected. The room with the large picture frame has a secret room at the top of it which can be blasted open with a few good shots from the Blasma Pistol. The secret room contains a Relic, and this is the only way to obtain this Relic.

Bad Billy Bullseye

The first (and easiest) of the Bounties to chase. To track down Bad Billy Bullseye, you only need to find three Ghost Gems by clearing three enemy ships. After discovering the location of his ship, you will battle Billy and his beloved pet, Big Wool. The reward for defeating Billy is 3,000 gold and the Goldfeathers Bounty.


To track down Goldfeathers, you need to find four Ghost Gems. After discovering the location of his ship, you will battle Goldfeathers who is taking refuge inside of a strange and destructive contraption. The reward for defeating Goldfeathers is 4,500 gold and the Baron Von Guu Bounty.

Baron Von Guu

To track down Baron Von Guu, you need to find five Ghost Gems. After discovering the location of his ship, you will battle Von Guu who is also taking refuge inside of an extremely dangerous device. The reward for defeating Baron Von Guu is 6,000 gold and the Gwarlock Bounty. Unlike the other Bounties, you will have to watch through a revelatory cutscene each and every time you defeat Von Guu.


To track down the last of the main Bounties, Gwarlock, you need to find a whopping twelve Ghost Gems. After clearing three ships, the player will find themselves on Bad Billy Bullseye’s ship yet again. That’s right, clearing three normal ships leads to each of the boss fights, in order. This goes on until defeating Baron Von Guu, after which Flinthook will confront his old friend Gwarlock at the Galactic Lighthouse. The reward for defeating Gwarlock is 10,000 gold.

Infinite Raid

The Infinite Raid “Bounty” is a never-ending gauntlet of enemy ships. That’s not all, however, as poor Flinthook loses a chunk of his maximum health for each new ship you travel to. There is no end to the ships you will come across, and so this mode is purely for score.

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