Paladins – Maeve Guide

Who doesn’t like slicing and dicing? Honestly, Maeve is a beast and everybody should want to play her. This is a guide to kick names and take a$$. Also, I was just terribly bored and wanted to write about my thoughts and play style on Maeve.


All credit goes to Torunn!

  • Maeve’s base game health : 1900
  • Movement Speed : 375

Maeve played by the right person can be a deadly addition to your team. She’s fast, obnoxious, and gives people an aneurysm to look around and watch for. With her leap, prowl, and pounce moves she has a fast get away or run up. Maeve is a decent burst damage character and each slice with her knife counts. Good aim is needed to play her, sorry aim-bot Lian mains.


Out of the three Maeve loadouts given there are two I believe are better than the other. The two I mainly used (based on my team and map at hand), are Rogue’s Gambit and Street Justice. Street Justice brings an easier kill element to Maeve while Rogue’s Gambit allows for a faster pace play. Cat Burglar is the base talent that allows for a bit more damage (30%) after using prowl.

Loadouts / How I play

Cat Burglar

It’s the first base game talent given when you start off as Maeve. If you’re a good enough Maeve player and want a challenge (and slightly useless talent in my opinion) then I would use this one. With 30% more damage out of prowl it gives you a boost to end enemies lives. You have to be accurate with the few throws given but it could be deadly. I don’t have much else to say because I don’t play with this talent but I will try to find a loadout online if you are wanting to play this talent.

Street Justice

Personally one of my favorite talents and easier to play than Rogue’s Gambit most of the time. It finishes off targets that are below 35% health. With pounce you can finish them off and easily pop prowl and get a quick get away. It’s definitely easier to steal kills if that’s what you’re looking for. Street Justice also is incredibly useful with Maeve’s ultimate considering you can make them blind and run them all down from each side (and your team can get a whole lot of damage). A few character I’ve seen work really well with Maeve with this talent is Dredge, Vivian, and Tyra.

Rogue’s Gambit

Rogue’s Gambit is by far the most fun to play in my opinion. It optimizes Maeve’s speed and abilities. With a good loadout you can transition to an annoyingly fast character that can’t be caught or even run a “Street Justice” type loadout that allows for quicker heals and more side attacks. Enemies have a hard time getting to you and in my experience even target you after a while. While playing your team expects you to take out the harder characters/healer(s) on the other team. During Ranked matches I play Maeve a lot in order to slice Drogoz, Seris, and others that are easier to hit with the agility and height Maeve goes to.


Cat Burglar from Venom a level 200 Maeve

Paladins - Maeve Guide

My Street Justice LO which has gotten me quite a few kills

Paladins - Maeve Guide

Two Rogue Gambit LO’s

Paladins - Maeve Guide

Speed/Heals (Courtesy of TECHNO on YouTube)

Paladins - Maeve Guide

Speed Build


Depending on the round there could be differences to what you buy. There should be two that you should always buy (in my opinion) and those are chronos and cauterize. Here’s what my usual buys look like –

The reason I go Chronos which some people look down on is for the slight cooldown on the moves. As much as we have cooldowns for each character from their cards I prefer to get it down as much as possible. Definitely when I’m going for a speed loadout and don’t have as much focused on cooldowns, chronos is great.

Cauterize is a bit self explanatory but it also helps while facing Viktor who is going cardio. Seris is also an annoying healer who can do quick heals on targets so with cauterize it easily gets rid of a lot of the stress from her healing. I feel like everybody should go caut if you’re faced up against a healer.

Nimble is also another item I usually prioritize and definitely if I’m going RG. The speed boost on Maeve is ridiculous and allows for maximization of her moves. She’s supposed to be an annoyingly speedy character as it is but with card boosts and item boosts it’s.. KO for the enemies.

Now the last one depends on who you are facing but my usual picks alternate between haven/blast shields/resilience .. Haven helps with Strix and other characters getting a high amount of damage off me while I’m running from person to person. Blast Shields is good for Willo & Dredge who somehow kill me when I accidentally land in their moves. Resilience is excellent when facing Inara and other CC moves against Maeve.. I prefer it because when against Inara I get stuck in her slow move while trying to pounce on her. Lord knows the last thing Maeve needs is to have her speed taken away.

Team Builds That Work Well with Maeve

I’ve learned the hard way that no matter how good of a Maeve player you are you can’t ENTIRELY carry your team (although you can get pretty damn close.) Here in my opinion is the characters that work best with Maeve to guarantee a solid win.

Jenos – As everybody and their brother has heard, Jenos pocket heals are amazing – and life saving for Maeve. If you have a Jenos that is willing to heal and keep Maeve alive then the other team is as good as dead. With Maeve’s self healing moves from the loadouts (depending on which) and speed + Jenos heals it keeps her moving and on track to pick off the enemy team one by one.

Khan – Khan’s pick up and stun moves allow Maeve to swoop down and get rid of the enemy before they become a bigger problem for the tank. I find it very funny when I’m paired with a Khan and he throws target after target back to me for them to go back to rezzing.

Dredge – Now I know you’re thinking Dredge? He’s good with almost everyone considering he’s the spam lord. BUT, he is quite amazing to do a bunch of damage and allow Maeve to end the target’s lives before they get away. Two of my closest friends main Dredge and it is much easier for me to not worry about carrying as much given the output of damage from them. On the right match you can even get them before they make it to point for Seige or do a “Double take down” and be attached at the hip for TDM.

Torvald – Field study and Maeve! Literally the best part of Torvald is that he can put the OP shield on and Maeve can not be touched. Agility, health, and a 30% damage boost? You might as well say RIP to the enemies now. You can even take advantage and go Cat Burglar if needed and get an extra 60% damage at some points.

Weak Against / Watch Out For

  • Vivian: As a Vivian main (Maeve obviously ties up to her for me) I always target Maeve. She’s obnoxious for my team and pretty easy to kill with my gun/shield most of the time. If you do go for Vivian be sure to go behind her because if she puts up the shield you’re as good as dead.
  • Viktor: Now if you can come up without him running bloody everywhere then you’ve won. But with his run move and grenade there’s a high chance of getting caught. Another hard gun styled damage character who’s not afraid to come up to you and shoot.
  • Kinessa: Now, she is easy to kill. BUT, I have learned my lesson by being cocky around her. She can quite literally one shot you if she tries. There have been rounds where there are good Kinessa players who shoot me mid-air and automatically kill me. Just make sure to stay on her and be in close range and she won’t be an issue.
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