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Darkest Dungeon - Harvest Run Prepare Guide

Written by GenSec39   /   Sep 5, 2019    
Darkest Dungeon - Harvest Run Prepare Guide

This guide will help you to prepare your team for the Harvest. It includes trinkets, skills, quirks and items. The guide does not claim to be the best possible, there is still a lot of space for improvements.

Party Setup

Darkest Dungeon - Harvest Run Prepare Guide

The Harvest run, which ended up with 1000 slaughtered monsters and 1470 collected shards. Here is my party/quirks/trinkets list, which may help you to prepare your party for a long run. It does not include the walkhrough.

Vestal in position 4

  • Quirks: irrepressible, unyilding, warrior of light, healers gift.
  • Skills: judgement, dazzling light, divine grace, divine comfort.
  • Trinkets: sacred scroll, salacious diary.
  • Camping skills: pray.

Jester in position 3

  • Quirks: dutch hitter, irrepressible, prismatic precision, clotter.
  • Skills: for common run : dirk stab, harvest, battle ballad, inspiring tune + for bosses: battle ballad, solo, final (must have), harvest / dirk stab.
  • Trinkets: dirge for the devoured + laudanum in the inventory for +25 damage.

Highwayman in position 2

  • Quirks: daredevil, precise striker, unering, prismatic force, twilight dreamer.
  • Skills: pistol shot, point blank (must have), duelist (must have), open vein.
  • Trinkets: Bloodied Neckerchief, shameful locket.

Man at arms in position 1

  • Quirks: hard skinned, natural swing, tough, prosmatic eye.
  • Skills: crush, rampart, retribution (must have), command. For bosses replace rampart with bolster (must have).
  • Trinkets: mirror shield, mildreds locket (if you have problems with Miller).
  • Camping skills: tactics, weapon practice.

Also take all possible food, herbs, holy water, laudanum, antivenom, bandages. You may also take keys (optional) to open the loker. Also take a heroe's ring for virtue bonus and give it to proper characters when they need it. I also recommend to visit Harvest during Valiant spirit event for more virtue bonus.

During the weald season, try to catch rabies for your heroes from wild dogs. Especially for Jester and Highwayman. You will get + 15 damage and -10 accuracy. But accuracy debuff can be nullified by Battle ballad.

Written by GenSec39.