Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Lingering Flames Guide (Battle Wizard)

DPS of burning sources with Lingering Flames talent and other mechanics of Lingering Flames.


Everyone tried how much damage does one tick on a dummy in the keep, but not every attack, even though it has same damage per tick has same tick rate, which results in different dps. So I went through all attacks that applies DoT and recorded it’s dps.

This can be helpful when you get a Monster and Horde at same time. As I can see the results during test, I have been applying wrong DoT on Monster all the time.

It was done on Legendary difficulty in keep on Chaos troll. Using Creature Spawner mod with AI disabled makes the Chaos troll invulnerable. And UI Tweaks mod, which allows tracking temporary dps as buff, the numbers are rounded!

I didn’t made it exactly (for example) 5 minutes per each test, but more than less something around that, usually even longer than 5 minutes.

Career stats:

  • Power: 650
  • Talents: Confound, Lingering Flames, Enhanced Power, Unusually Calm, Famished Flames, Kaboom!

Didn’t use any +power against monster or +power against chaos as properties for this tests.

Extra info about LF

Everyone will be aware that you can apply only one stack of DoT on a single target. However there is also unwritten mechanic, you cannot overwrite the first applied DoT, so if you apply a DoT with 6 dps on boss you will never get a DoT with better dps.

Damage of each tick of DoT is based on current hero power.

So if you drink a Potion of Strenght before applying DoT on target, you won’t incrase dps forever, but only for the duration of potion. So better strategy will be to apply best DoT on monster, than drink Potion of Strenght and than go take care of incoming horde, as it will boost the damage on boss in absolutly same way as if you drink it before, but will also provide more damage on incoming horde.

If you are using Barage trait, you should try to keep those 5 stacks pernamently up as long as possible.

Melee Weapons


  • Light attack 4 – 15 dps


  • Heavy attack 1 – 15 dps
  • Heavy attack 2 – 15 dps

Fire sword

  • Heavy attack 1 – 15 dps
  • Heavy attack 2 – 10 dps
  • Push attack – 15 dps

Flaming flail

  • Heavy attack 1 – 15 dps


Beam Staff

  • Light attack 4+ – 24 dps
  • Charged attack – 10 dps

Conflagration Staff

  • Quick charged attack – 6 dps
  • Fully charged attack – 10 dps

Fireball Staff

  • Quick charged attack – 6 dps
  • Fully charged attack – 10 dps

Flamestorm Staff

  • Charged attack 2+ – 17 dps


  • Beam staff light attack applies DoT on 4th continuous attack.
  • Beam staff doesn’t have partially or fully charged attack, it is just charged attack.
  • Quick charged attack is the fastest charged attack I managed to pull out.
  • Fully charged attack has been fully charged and than I waited a bit more to be 100% sure.
  • Flamestorm Staff is charged from 1 to 9 ticks, you can count that on heat bar, DoT is applied with 2+ ticks on heat bar.



  • without Kaboom! – 10 dps
  • with Kaboom! – 24 dps
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