Prey – All 6 Guns & Earliest Ways To Get Them

These quick guides go over how to obtain the Shotgun, Q-Beam, Silenced Pistol, Gloo Cannon, Disruptor, and Boltcaster as early as possible in less than 10 minutes!

Other Prey Guides:

5 Guns to Get Early

This guide shows how to obtain the Disruptor Pulse Gun, Gloo Cannon, Shotgun, Huntress Boltcaster, & Silenced Pistol in Prey from the Lobby and Neuromod Division; before even stepping behind Morgan Yu’s desk!


  • Disruptor Stun Gun (0:26)
  • Gloo Cannon (0:48)
  • Shotgun (1:12)
  • Huntress Boltcaster (1:42)
  • Silenced Pistol (2:12)

How To Get The Q-Beam Early

This guide shows how to obtain the Q-Beam energy weapon in Prey from the Beams and Waves portion of the Hardware Labs as soon as possible!

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