GreedFall – All Attributes with Benefits

Attributes are an important component of GreedFall, increasing the attributes of skills and unlocking the ability to wear the best armor, wield the best weapons and prepare yourself for the unknown lands of Teer Feerdee. The list below organizes the attributes from left to right.

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Attributes with Benefis


  • Increases power of all melee attacks.
  • Required to wield the best one-handed and two-handed blunt weapons.


  • Increases max life and balance.
  • Required to wear the heaviest armor.


  • Increases Fury Generation and all damage inflicted in melee combat.
  • Required to wield the best one-handed/two-handed swords.


  • Increases the power of all firearms and alchemist preparations.
  • Required to wield the best firearms.

Mental Power

  • Increases the power of all spells.
  • Required to wield the best rings.


  • Increased Magic Points and spell duration.
  • Required to wear the best amulets and necklaces.

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