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GreedFall is a massive game that features many quests, systems, and items to discover. Below are a couple of tips to help get you started in GreedFall.

Violence is not Your Only Option

Quests in GreedFall can be completed in a number of ways with violence only being one of them. Some quests will allow you to sneak your way to victory, others may offer you a chance to be a politician, or with the right Talents and Attributes you may convince the angry party to just let it go.

The world is what you make of it, be sure to try options outside of combat, you may be surprised by the results!

Press the “Change the Follow Up” button in your quest menu to see what options you may have to finish a quest.

Merchant Camps

Merchant camps are used in GreedFall between traveling to new areas. Here you have access to a Merchant, Crafting Table,manage your companions or access your item chest.

The Crafting Table will allow you to craft potions and and upgrade equipment if you have the right Talents and Attributes. Once you finish managing your inventory walk towards the path in front to load into the next area.


Some pieces of armor and weapons have crafting slots for Talismans that can alter or add stats to your character. These Talismans are useful for increasing crafting ability, balance, damage, and more!

Be sure to keep any upgraded chest pieces, you never know when you may need the stat boost they provide.

Sneak Attacks

Early on in the game you will be taught how to sneak around enemies and use that to land some critical hits. Use this to your advantage to thin out groups of enemies before you begin to attack.

Thinning out large groups is key to being successful in GreedFall.

Finding your Play-style

Though the game offers 3 starting classes, there is a lot of flexibility with how you build your character in GreedFall. Picking one of the 3 does not lock you out of any of the skills, talents, and attributes later in the game if you choose to change how you play.

There is a currency called “Memory Crystals” that can even be used to re-spec all your attribute, talent, and skill points.


Exploration is a big part of GreedFall so there are several ways to travel across Teer Fradee:

  • Campsites: Campsites allow your character to rest and travel between points quickly
  • Travel Interface: Reaching the end of the road will open the travel interface where you can travel to your next destination. This is the longest way to travel
  • Caravans: Caravans exist near all major cities and function similar to the Travel Interface, the only difference being it is much quicker to get where you are going when using the caravan.
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