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Realm of the Mad God - Long / In Depth - Archer - Crystal Worm Mother Boss Fight

Written by XM-X1   /   Sep 11, 2019    
Realm of the Mad God - Long / In Depth - Archer - Crystal Worm Mother Boss Fight

A guide with some general tips to help new and end game players, mainly centered around how to use archer the most effective way in the Fungal Cavern Boss fight.

Boss Fight

This boss isn't really that difficult to be honest if you have already completed it a couple times, but I wanted to start making guides and I was planning on doing a damageless run with Archer on this boss but can't seem to get gravel or orange drake eggs/ green eggs so I wanted to just make a efficiency guide / making the most of your utility vs it as i give up on finding the consumables. My Hyperlinks don't work for some reason so I am sorry it looks messy at that part - I tried D;

sorry in advance if I had forgot something or made a glaring error in my typing somewhere this took a bit of time to write out so I probably forgot stuff or made errors

Crystal Worm Mother (Fungal Cavern) - Archer

  • Make sure you are always trying hitting multiple segments at a time and you can do this by staying slightly in front of the worm her entire rotation/circle. This is something every piercing class should be trying to do. I was using an entropy set Archer when I played this dungeon and I actually have never gotten lucky enough to get a void bow yet. I do know atleast that the range of void bow is a bit low compared to alien dbow/tshot so it might be a bit more difficult for you to be able to hit multiple segments by standing infront while also making sure that you are safe and that the worm wont just run you over. With the doom bow entropy set I had I was able to stay super far away/safe while hitting 2 segments every shot.

  • Use the Quiver of shrieking specters to slow the boss or any other slowing quiver that slows as it would be the most helpful ability for you to use here (atleast for the phase where the worm starts to go super fast, but imo it would actually overall help your group dps more by slowing the worm and swapping to dps stat quiver in the cooldown time as it will make it an easier target for the whole group to hit. Potentially more dps but like everyone else there is no way to calculate the exact probababilty of just using a dmg quiver ability over slow quiver for total group dmg accumulation) *as soon as you slow and the slight cool down starts swap to a quiver that gives stats so you are making the most of your slow and DPS!!!!* If someone has a fulmination and is spamming it with magic heal or there is a huntress or something else constantly slowing the boss just use your best DPS quiver. If you you use a quiver ability purely for the projectile damage you should swap to a quiver that gives better dmg stats if you can while it cools down then swap back after the cooldown is over.

  • If you don't have a slowing quiver you should try to go and get a tier 2 quiver or a behemoth quiver just for this boss as a swap out to slow the boss down! This is also an example of where behemoth quiver is actually one of the best quivers in the game (for this scenario!!!) and most people say it sucks as it just slows for 5 seconds (the longest slow for quivers) and also even gives 6 DPS related stats.

  • When the worm head spawns in the middle and the outer worm is circling you should try to stay around the buffs but usually what I do here is I wait for a buff then i follow the outer worm and this way you have less to dodge as it takes about 5 seconds for the shots to start intersecting this way but if you stand still with the group (assuming you aren't solo) you have about 2.5 seconds of free time with no dodging compared. I do this even if there is a marble seal but I stay with the group after the extra 2.5 seconds or so of free time is up and you should be back with the group here anyways.

  • Make sure you are always lined up to hit multiple segments on the smaller worm that spawns in the middle and slow it to prevent people getting hit/trapped on the edge of the boss room. remember to swap back to your DPS quiver the second you hit your slow.

  • When you killed all the segments and the worms starts the spiral yellow attack you should try to Daze it if you have Quiver of Thunder. The worm child isn't immune to slow so you can also slow it if you don't have a Quiver of Thunder and even if u do have Quiver of Thunder you should slow it as it will be easier for your group to hit and grant you more DPS through probability overall than swapping right to DPS quiver. Of course after you swap and slow you should swap right to your DPS quiver though!

One more small thing is if the any enemy gets armor broken the best bow to use is the nectar crossfire or the void bow. Nectar crossfire has about 100 more DPS vs enemies that are armor broken but void bow is easier to hit the one bullet i'd imagine compared to the 4 with nectar crossfire on one armor broken target with a bad shotgun so you can't get too close. I never had either bow so I don't know how easy they are to aim or shoot or whatever but those are the DPS stats. Nectar Crossfire is the best bow in the game if you can hit all 4 shots vs an armor broken enemy/object. Ofcourse it is not overall the best bow in the game, but it is the best bow in the game for that sort of scenario/time. So you swap to it when you are confident you can hit all 4 shots. But realistically I'dsay hitting that 1 shot with voidbow is going to be the better bow to use for armor broken enemies but like I said I haven't had either so I can't really give a confirmation myself or anything just my idea / thoughts on the items.

If you are solo this is also where gravel becomes super useful, and was also what I was going to stock up on to solo this damagless since I have a QoT and shrieking quiver. This is because when the worm head spawns in the middle of the boss room you can stasis the outer worm so you dodge less and it makes it easier to focus purely on aiming at the middle worm head. another consumable here that could be super useful here is the Orange/Green drake eggs I tried just using orange drake eggs but my orange drakerino didnt want to stasis the worm for some reason, didn't stasis once but I am guessing maybe he tried to stasis but aimed at a segment of the worm instead of the head of the worm. To ensure that your drakerino stasises the actual outer worm head you would have to stay running in front of the outer worms path so that your orange juice drakerino trails behind you and onto the outer worm's head to increase the probababilty of the drake stasising the head rather than a segment as they are immune and that would be very awkward i'd imagine if you could do that anyway :p

Also (this goes for any class) - this only works if you are solo really but you can drag the crystal worm mother boss away from you at the beginning of the fight and she will stop aggro and reset aggro. You can use this to make it A LOT easier to do a damage less run or just a safer run in general as all of the shots from the middle segments just keep shooting in the same spots / there is no randomization / need to dodge for the most part, but after you kill a segment the worm mother won't aggro you still and you are free to kill the next segment without taking boss aggro to make it a lot easier.

If you happen to get quieted after killing a segment you can just use holy water to dispel the debuff aswell, you should always try to pick up holy waters as they are free 1 use puris for any class ! Try to stock up on them overtime if you can or have space. Consumables are very underrated in this game for some odd reason I noticed.

Potenitally Useful Tips / Practice

I'll be making guides for every single class and every single boss I was actually going to just make like an ultimate guide where they are all there but after a few hours I gave up and decided to do them one at a time.

I'll also be adding the following info at the end of every efficiency guide as it might help someone or someone might appreciate it, but to some i know it might seem unnecessary or ridiculous as after all this game isn't meant to really be competitive or taken super serious (if you were addicted as i am you might understand a bit more). I am really competitive in every game that I play because that is how I have fun but I also like writing and helping people:

Here are some programs that help with aim and overall helping with keyboard/mouse comfotability and muscle memory:

  • KovaaKs I use this the most as I play a lot of FPS games and 3rd person shooters but it helps with overall muscle memory as you are always focused on aligning crosshair in middle of screen onto a target/dummy. This is also very widely used by Professional players in many other shooter games.

  • Aimbooster - Free and probably the best overall if you are just wanting to get better accuracy purely in RotMG as it is sort of an isometric yet non 3rd person viewed program.

  • Aim Hero - I played this during the beta and it just kinda felt lackluster at the time - but ofc it was just a beta and it might have changed, it just felt like a generic Kovaaks imo but it might be better now.

  • Osu - Free download, a lot of pro players in professional level video games use this aswell and a lot of people i know think that it is fun. Personally I didnt care much for it and stuck with kovaaks.

  • TypeRacer this one might seem a bit extra unnecessary to most people and that makes sense! as it is really meant for people that are new to keyboard and are uncomfortable with the keystrokes. This is a good free website to practice keystrokes and will not only help you hit your keys in game better or binds but will also help your words per minute!! :p

One last thing I want to add is a lot of people don't know how to swap their weapons correctly (or the most efficient way) I know a lot of people that just drag and drop their swap-outs don't make that a habit if you are wanting to play the most efficient way. - as dragging+dropping swap-outs/items will take extra time away from gameplay where you could be hitting/aiming at something which is losing dps which you don't want. try to always use your number keys. and if you are uncomfortable with hitting number keys for bind I would go into a video game like Fortnite creative or something where you have infinite ammo. I would practice by going to one of the tracking/aiming courses/islands and practicing swapping your weapons using the number keys while also shooting targets in-between to gain muscle memory.

You could also do this in as it is free to play on Steam (it's a fun game too if you haven't tried it!) and you can download one of the from the workshop and load it up and practice swapping while also aiming and shooting to gain muscle memory and get better at the multi tasking.

I also have one last thing that I had actually posted about before I deleted my reddit. I do something I call a "backpack swap" where I press the b-key twice fastly so that I swap to my backpack inventory really quick and I do this while in the middle of fighting a lot when I need to swap another set out. I can't consistently hit my keys after the 6th number key and there isn't an option to rebind so I just use the first 5 slots of both my real inventory and my backpacks inventory as swapouts or for consumables. I have it memorized like this so I don't think I will change how I do this but I remember Niegel had said something to my post about the backpack swap that there is actually a shortcut by pressing shift+number key that uses the item that is in your backpack for the number you hit. Not sure I don't remember exactly sorry but there is a shortcut apparently for it. I prefer pressing my backpack key twice.

That is all I really have for helpful info for that particular boss fight + additional things you could do to possibly enhance your gameplay a little. Again I know Realm was never really intended to be a competitive game as it is just a pve centered mmo, but I only really enjoy playing video games in the most efficient/fast way I guess, I don't really know why it is just how I enjoy games - this wasn't really a boss fight i feel needed an in depth guide as it isn't very in depth which is why i just titled it "somewhat in-depth" :p

Written by XM-X1.