Unrailed! – New Train Engine Benefits

This guide explaining what other benefits you get from getting a new engine, other than a new biome.


Alright so you probably clicked on this guide because you dont know the benefits of a better train engine.

Thats why i made this guide to help out people like you and not frustrate players that do know the benefits. In this guide i’ll explain what a new train does and how it benefits you and your team.


So what does a new train do? its pretty simple, it does the following.

  • It gives you more wagon capactity.
  • A new biome (Not sure if this does anything new or just purely changes the looks). 
  • And it resets the current speed to the starting speed (do note it might differ on the number of players). 
  • Do note it might do other things too but these are the things i noted. 

So why bother upgrading the train?

Simple, The train becomes slower. Almost all of the time where i die is because the train is too fast for us to handle. And its very frustrating when i play with randoms and i suggest we upgrade the train and they just say no and use our bolts on other things because they think a new train only changes the map’s looks.


The only way you will get past those 100-200 Meters is by slowing down the train via getting a new train.

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