Red Dead Redemption 2 – Madam Nazar’s Location (Where to Find)

Where to Find

A recent Red Dead Online update saw the edition of a new feature called Frontier Pursuits. The update saw the addition of three Specialist Roles, one of which is the Red Dead Online Collector’s role. As a Collector, players will hunt down items for Madam Nazar, meaning that they’ll need to know the Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, finding Madam Nazar’s location in Red Dead Online can be tricky to say the least. After your initial meeting with her, she will move around to a different location each day. To make it even better, Madam Nazar’s location in Red Dead Online isn’t always marked on the map, meaning you might need to do a lot of searching.

Thankfully, there are a couple of great resources out there that will help you, including this page. Some Redditors have taken it upon themselves to create a megathread that is constantly being updated with Madam Nazar’s Red Dead Online location. This information has allowed us to create a daily list of Madam Nazar’s location in Red Dead Online, which can be seen below.

South of Thieves Landing

West of Blackwater

West of Wallace Station

North of Bluewater Marsh

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