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GreedFall - Achievement Guide

Written by Hanni   /   Sep 13, 2019    
GreedFall - Achievement Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements.

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This guide will feature a coherent overview of all achievement-related romances, endings and skills.

First Playthrough

This playthrough will focus on exploration, romances and side quests.

  • Play on easy or normal.
  • Choose a female protagonist.
  • Be kind to all factions and to your companions.
  • Always complete secondary quests before continuing with the main story.
  • Prevent the coup.
  • Romance Vasco, Kurt and Síora.
  • Save the game before choosing the next high king (starting point for all endings).

Serve to convince

  • Complete 20 secondary quests

Refer to these sections:

  • Story
  • Skills
  • Romances
  • Missables
  • Endings

Second Playthrough

  • Play on extreme.
  • Choose a male protagonist.
  • Be kind to Aphra.
  • Save the game and help both cities after Kurt dies during the coup.
  • Romance Aphra.

You must complete the entire game on extreme, without changing the difficulty at any time!

A passion for extreme

  • Complete the game in extreme mode


An insight into all story-related achievements, important decisions and points of no return.

Leaving Serene

You can't get back to Serene after sailing to the Island of Teer Fradee. Completing all side quests beforehand improves your reputation and relationship to Kurt.

All sails set!

  • You have finally taken the path to Teer Fradee.


The Prince's secrets

  • You have discovered the secret of the Congregation and your origins.

The Coup

Quest: The Prince's Secret

Subquest: Speak to Constantin about your discovery

If your relationship to Kurt is good or friendly you can prevent the guards from attampting a coup.

Missed coup

  • You prevented the Coin Guard from attempting a coup.

Otherwise Kurt will contribute in the coup and ultimately die in the throne room. By experiencing this outcome, you will lose the possibility to date him and you will have to decide between the fate of two cities and their fractions.

Betrayal in blood

  • You had to kill the friend who betrayed you.

In the name of the Enlightened

  • You have decided to save Thélème from the Guard's coup

A preserved Alliance

  • You have decided to save the Alliance from the Guard's coup



  • You have passed Glendan's test

Outside the stone prison

  • You have freed Constantin from the claws of Vinbarr

Crown of the High Kings

Quest: A new High King

Subquest: Find the legendary crown of the high kings

Derdre will confront you and demand the crown. Decline and choose your favorite pretender later.

Influence game

  • You have influenced the election to make your favourite become high-king.


En on míl frichtimen

  • You entered the shrine and spoke to En on míl frichtimen

Something is rotten

  • You have discovered Constantin's actions


Quest: Gather your Companions Before Going to the Sanctuary

This is the last point of no return. Make sure to complete all other quests - if necessary - before meeting your companions. Refer to the next section for all endings.


There are five different endings which depend on the high king, the alliance and the final decision.

Final Decision

Quest: Assault on the Heart

After defeating Nádaig Baró you can choose between joining and killing Constantin.

New gods

  • You have become one of the new deities of the island alongside Constantin.

Killing Constantin - Ending #1

Choose either Duncas or Ullan as the next high king, succeed in forming an alliance and have high relationship levels with all companions.

Note: The thresholds for the relationship levels are not clear. Even having a friendly relationship with all companions won't guarantee getting the best ending.

A better world

  • You have managed to reconcile all the factions and restore balance

Killing Constantin - Ending #2

Choose Duncas as the next high king. Fail in forming an alliance.

GreedFall - Achievement Guide

A big step towards peace

  • You have chosen balance, but you miss some of your allies

Killing Constantin - Ending #3

Choose Ullan as the next high king. Fail in forming an alliance.

GreedFall - Achievement Guide

Island for sale

  • You have favoured the old world at the expense of your roots

Killing Constantin - Ending #4

Choose Derdre as the next high king.

GreedFall - Achievement Guide

Back to the roots

  • You have decided to abandon the old continent to its sad fate

Joining Constantin - Ending #5

Joining Constantin always triggers the bad ending.

GreedFall - Achievement Guide

New gods

  • You have become one of the new deities of the island alongside Constantin

Skills, Attributes and Talents

Unlocking all skills of a class isn't hard. You will reach level ~35 before the end of the game, granting you ~35/29 points. Furthermore, there are several hidden shrines scattered throughout the world, each increasing your total points by one unit.

Just save your game, use a memory crystal and reset all points. Fill any class tree, load your save and proceed with another one. Using the same way, you can fill any attribute and talent branch as soon as you reach five or three points respectively.

GreedFall - Achievement Guide

In the footsteps of the masters

  • Unlock a new skill

The art of war

  • Unlock all the warrior skills

Incomparable technique

  • Unlock all Technical skills

Magical perfection

  • Unlock all Magic skills

On the path to power

  • Allocate a new attribute point

In search of perfection

  • Unlock the 5 levels of an attribute

Full of talent

  • Allocate a new talent point


  • Unlock the 3 levels of a talent

Using Skills, Attributes and Talents

The craftmanship and science talents can be used at workbenches which can be found at campfires, cities and your residences. Modify 10 weapons or clothes and brew 10 alchemical drinks.

GreedFall - Achievement Guide


  • Craft 10 equipment improvements


  • Craft 10 alchemical elements

Consume a total of 50 potions. You can save your game, brew ~50 potions and drink them all at once.

Another sip?

  • Use 50 potions

Use your lockpicking talent to open locked chests and doors. Finding 20 locks requires some exploration and you should avoid using keys, if possible.

Cat burglar

  • Pick 20 locks

Relationships and Reputations

Several achievements are tied to your relationship with your companions and their fractions.

GreedFall - Achievement Guide


You have five companions: Vasco, Kurt, Síora, Aphra and Petrus. It's not necessary to reach a frienly relationship with all of them at once. To be able to achieve all of them during one playthrough, make sure to prevent the coup with Kurt!

Regarding your talents it's recommended to focus on charisma and intuition to avoid bloody confrontations. Note, that enforcing your will with money won't hurt anyone.

How to increase their levels:

Firstly, you should focus on completing companion quests: follow them as soon as they appear and ignore the main story line. Secondly, you should speak with your companion during or after completing one of his/her quests - you can pick certain questions/answers and some of them increase the level even more. To guarantee success it's highly recommended to regularly save the game.

Sometimes, quest have optional subquests which could have impact on the companion as well. If you miss one and get a negative score, load a previous save and replay the quest. Moreover, you should pay attention on your second companion - he or she might not like your actions - reload and pick another one if you notice a decreasing relationship.

Full list of companion quests:

  • Vasco - A Name for a Family
  • Vasco - Family Reunion
  • Vasco - Forever a Naut

  • Kurt - Missing in Action
  • Kurt - Amongst the Ghosts
  • Kurt - Settling Scores

  • Síora - Find Queen Bládnid
  • Síora - Promises Set in Stone
  • Síora - The Queen's Farewell

  • Aphra - Islander Knowledge
  • Aphra - The Cave of Knowledge
  • Aphra - The Linking Ritual

  • Petrus - The Vices of the Mother Cardinal
  • Petrus - Dangerous Bets
  • Petrus - The Sins of Father Petrus

Friendship above all

  • Finish all companion quests

After a slightly advanced friendly status with a companion, he or she will ask to date you. Find him or her in the bedroom of one of your residences and confess your love.

  • Vasco: bisexual
  • Kurt: heterosexual
  • Síora: bisexual
  • Aphra: heterosexual
  • Petrus: not dateable

Agree, find him or her in the bedroom of one of your residences and confess your love.

You can only confess your love to one of your companions! The others won't date you if your relationship level with one companion is set on loving. Therefore, you should load your previous save after unlocking the related achievement and proceed with another character.

Love and the sea

  • Be in a relationship with Vasco

Guardian of love

  • Be in a relationship with Kurt


  • Be in a relationship with Siora

Love and botany

  • Be in a relationship with Aphra


All faction reputations can be increased like the character relationships. But this time, you need to keep all of them as high as possible to get an achievement towards the end of the game!

Finish all secondary quests and pay attention to your decisions and their impacts. Always load a previous save if you have noticed a single negative score, even if it's just a tiny decrement. Sometimes, it's inevitable to increase the level of a faction without losing some sympathies with another.

Most quests will appear naturally, but some must be started manually by talking to certain people. Hence, you should visit important characters regularly and always exhaust all of their dialog options - especially Admiral Cabral in the Port Quarter and the quartermasters in the Coin Guard Barracks. Note, that some faction-related quests (Natives) will already appear after playing for a few hours whilst others (Bridge Alliance) will come to the fore during late game.


  • Have a good reputation with the natives

Thélème's chosen

  • Have a good reputation with Thélème

Favoured with the Bridge Alliance

  • Have a good reputation with the Bridge Alliance

Having good reputations with all factions allows you to pick all of them as allies during the final chapter. Convince all of them to help you during the main quest "Together for Teer Fradee".

All for one, one for all!

  • You managed to unite all factions against Constantin

Weapons and Enemies


The game offers a wide yet comprehensible range of different weapons.

Melee Weapons

Press 'I' key and equip any melee weapon. Use it with LMB and do damage 500 times. Note: Melee weapons require "Agility".

Melee virtuoso

  • Do damage 500 times with a melee weapon

Offensive Spells

Press 'I' key and equip any ring. Use it with LMB or cast any spell with Space/Tab key > "Spells" and do damage 500 times. Note: Rings require "Mental Power".

War mage

  • Do damage 500 times with an offensive spell


Press 'I' key and equip any rifle. During combat, hit Space/Tab key and navigate to "Techniques". Choose "Firearms" and do damage 300 times. Note: Firearms require the "Firearms" skill.


  • Do damage 300 times with shots


During combat, hit Space/Tab key and navigate to "Techniques". Choose "Set a X Trap" and do damage 200 times. Using poisoned traps counts towards the "Poisoning artist" achievement progress as well. Note: Traps require the "Set Trap" skill.


  • Do damage 200 times with traps


During combat, hit Space/Tab key and navigate to "Techniques". Choose "Set a Poisoned Trap" and poison enemies 100 times. Note: Traps require the "Set Trap" skill.

Poisoning artist

  • Poison enemies 100 times


Crouch and creep silently to the back of an enemy. Do this 30 times. You don't need any activated skill.

GreedFall - Achievement Guide

Shadow blade

  • Use your assassination skills 30 times


During your journey you will encounter many enemies like monsters, humans and bosses.

Humans and Monsters

Luckily, there's no need to grind kills. If you don't avoid fights both achievements will already unlock during mid-game.

The monsters' nightmare

  • Kill 600 monsters

Coercive diplomacy

  • Kill 300 humans


Although bosses are rare, it's impossible to reach the end of the game without fighting at least one of each kind:

  • Wood Guardian
  • Mountain Guardian
  • Swamp Guardian
  • Beach Guardian
  • Plains Guardian

Master of the woods

  • Kill a Wood Guardian

King of the peaks

  • Kill a Mountain Guardian

Swamp creature

  • Kill a Swamp Guardian

The wrecker

  • Kill a Beach Guardian

The legend of the plains

  • Kill a Plains Guardian


You can hunt animals like rabbits, foxes, pheasants and deers. Slash or shoot 20 of them.

GreedFall - Achievement Guide

Hunting with hounds

  • Hunt 20 animals

Loot, Campfires and Arena


These achievements are pretty straight-forward. Collect all natural ingredients and empty every crate you discover. Legendary items aren't really rare, they are just unique and you will find many of them in locked chests during the second half of the game.

Worthy of legends

  • Acquire a legendary item

Full pockets

  • Empty 100 containers

Curiosity cabinet

  • Collect ingredients 200 times

Note: Broken at the moment.


There are 41 campfires:

  • Glendgnámvár -> 4
  • Vedrad -> 4
  • Magasvár -> 5
  • Wenshaganaw -> 3
  • Hikmet -> 2
  • San Matheus -> 2
  • Frasoneigad -> 5
  • Tír dob -> 3
  • Védvílvie -> 3
  • Steigar falág -> 2
  • Meinei falág -> 1
  • Dorgred -> 2
  • Cwenvár -> 4
  • Anemhaid -> 1

Navigate to the secondary quest "Exploration and Cartography" to check your progress. The achievement unlocks after telling De Courcillon about your discoveries.


  • Find and set all camp fires


The arena is located in the basement of any Coin Tavern. Win all five challenges.

Arena Excellence

  • Succeed in all the challenges of the arena

Written by Hanni.

Game:   GreedFall