Borderlands 3 – Complete Space-Laser Tag Guide (Walkthrough, Tip and Tricks)

This guide contains a complete step-by-step walkthrough for the eighth chapter in Borderlands 3, Space-Laser Tag.

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Space-Laser Tag Walkthrough

After the events of The Impending Storm, make your way to Meridian Metroplex.

Use the Catch-a-Ride station to respawn your vehicle and Meet Rhys at Launchpad 7. Use the map or onscreen markers for a guide to his location.

As you meet with Rhys, a cutscene will begin and show Rhys’ ship getting destroyed by katagawa Jr.

Take the Viper Drive from Rhys.

Insert the Drive into the nearby console to open the locked door.

Take out the Maliwan soldiers inside and Go to Skywell-27.

After travelling to Skywell-27, go to the Main Gate. If you’re low on supplies, be sure to loot the area while travelling there.

As you reach the Maliwan Modulars area, you’ll begin to encounter Maliwan soldiers. Defeat the incoming Security.

Find the Terminal console inside the building on the second floor.

Use the Viper Drive on the terminal. After using the Viper Drive to open the large door, several Maliwan soldiers will enter the area. Take them out.

Once defeated, travel through the large door and Find the Service Elevator.

Use the Viper Drive on the console inside the elevator. Unfortunately, the drive doesn’t want to work.

With no way out, Defeat the Wave of Incoming Security.

After defeating two full waves of security, Rhys will have successfully hacked the door open.

Go through the Ventilation Ducts that are located on the second floor, behind the elevator.

After the ventilation ducts come to an end, jump across the gap to the platform. From the platform, jump across to the broken staircase.

Run across the platform and walk across into the next part of the ventilation ducts that can not be reached from the ground.

Continue through the vents until you reach a ladder – climb it.

Once at the top, continue to the onscreen marker and make your way through several Bandits. You don’t have to kill them if you don’t want to.

Follow the path and head towards the large Thruster.

Disable the Thruster by turning the valve on top of the nearby platform.

Follow the onscreen marker to the Chute.

Open the Chute by Pulling the Lever that is located on top of the large platform that is directly above the doorway.

Access this platform by using the stairs below the platform.

Once the lever has been pulled, Enter the Chute by jumping into the large hole.

Follow the onscreen marker and Use the Viper Drive on the console. Beware of the Overspheres that patrol the area, as they can deal some pretty hefty damage.

Upon using the Drive, it fails to work once again.

Rhys needs you to Inspect 3 Different Spheres around the room. Use the onscreen marker for their exact location.

Note, that the Final Sphere requires you to climb a large rock to access the top platform.

Use the Viper Drive on the final Sphere.

Follow Rhys-Ball to the Viper Drive console.

With the door open, Follow Rhys-Ball to the Control Room.

Clear the way to the Control Room by defeating waves of Contamination Heavies, Heavy Gunners, and Stingers.

Follow Rhys-Ball when all cleared.

With the control room currently blocked by a force field, make your way to the Server Room so that the door can be opened. Either use the map or onscreen markers to guide you to the server room.

On your way to the room, you’ll encounter several Maliwan enemies blocking your path – take them out.

Once you reach the sever room, Shoot the Barrels to blow up the servers.

Turn off the Firewall via a nearby console.

Make your way back to Rhys-Ball.

Once the force field has been taken down, prepare yourself for battle.

Once ready, Take the Elevator to Control Room.

Secure the Control Room by taking out the Maliwan forces.

Once you have secured the room, Defend Rhys-Ball while he hacks the control panel.

You’ll need to defeat 3 waves of soldiers before Rhys-Ball has finished hacking the control panel. Once all enemies have been defeated, use the control panel to Fire the Laser.

This will cause Katagawa Ball to spawn, a major boss in Borderlands 3.

In order to complete the next step, you will need to Defeat Katagawa Ball’s three different forms.

If you happen to get stuck while trying to defeat Katagawa Ball, check out our Tips and Tricks section below for a detailed guide on how to best defeat the boss.

Once Katagawa Ball has been defeated, take the Vault Key Fragment that he dropped on the floor.Return to Sanctuary and give the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis in the Infirmary.

After handing off the Vault Key Fragment, Talk to Lilith on the Bridge.

Tips and Tricks for Defeating Katagawa Ball in Borderlands 3

I won’t sugar coat it, Katagawa Ball was one of the longest boss battles I encountered in Borderlands 3 and I highly recommend that you do not take on Katagawa Ball under level 15, as the battle will be painfully long.

In my desperate attempt to defeat this boss, I managed to find a spot that allowed you to take very little damage. This spot can be used to defeat Katagawa Ball in all three of his different phases.

Found directly to the left of the area in which you enter from, jump over the supply crates and walk behind the large metal pole.

Standing in the corner of this spot will keep you hidden from enemies around the map. While it is still possible to receive damage in this spot, especially from Katagawa Ball’s residue attacks, most of the incoming attacks are easy to dodge.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to defeat Katagawa Ball.

  • Use a weapon with high armour damage bonuses.

  • Aim for the eye of Katagawa Ball, as this will deal critical damage.
  • Use your special ability as often as possible.
  • Constantly move around the area, using the environment to dodge any incoming attacks.

  • Use the save spot method as mentioned above if you begin to struggle.

Space-Laser Tag Rewards

Completing Space-Laser Tag will reward you with $1,647, an Epic Pistol, and 7,258 XP.

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