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Romances in GreedFall

There are 4 total romance options in GreedFall, one for each companion (except for Petrus). To unlock romance options in GreedFall, you will need to complete each of the companions personal quests and say the right things while doing so. Each companion has 3 personal quests that can be completed at various times throughout the story. Once you complete all 3 of the relationship quests for a companion, you will be given the opportunity to sleep with them, earning an Achievement/Trophy. Below is a list of the companions and which De Sardet they are available to:

  • Kurt: Female De Sardet
  • Vasco: Both Male and Female De Sardet
  • Siora: Both Male and Female De Sardet
  • Aphra: Male De Sardet

It will take multiple playthroughs (At least 2) to romance every possible character.


A romance option for female characters only, Kurt is the long time friend of De Sardet and faithful bodyguard. Choose lady De Sardet and complete the quests below to have an option to shag it up.

Missing in Action: Can be started once you arrive in New Serene and speak with Constantin at the Governors Palace.

  • When you complete the quest, select the “Tell him that it was so you could understand him better” as the dialogue option to continue your Romance for Kurt

Amongst the Ghosts: Finishing Missing in action will add this quest, but you wont find the information necessary to complete it until you finish Old Countries in a New World.

  • To move forward your romantic relationship with Kurt, Tell him a childhood memory with Constantin at the end of the quest.
  • You must complete the first two of kurt’s relationship quests before the main mission Treason Which is a part of the ancient secret main quest line. If you don’t your chance to romance Kurt will be lost forever.

Settling Scores: If you have completed the first two of Kurt’s quests and completed the Treason main quest you will be given his final quest.

  • Once complete, select the option that tells Kurt “I hope you will be apart of it”.

Talk to Kurt one last time and do the dirty to earn the Guardian of Love Achievement/Trophy.


Siora is a romance option for both male and female De Sardet in GreedFall. Below are the quests you will need to complete:

Find Siora’s Mother: Once you finish The Battle of the Red Spears” you will get the first of Siora’s personal quests.

  • Once completed, tell her about how it was saying goodbye to your mother to continue your relationship.

Promises Set in Stone: Started after finishing the Trial of the Waters and Suffering of Constantin Main Quests.

  • Don’t accept the bribe if you don’t want to upset Siora, but if you DO take the bribe don’t double down when Siora calls you out. This will cause the mission to fail and Siora to leave your party for good.
  • At the end of the quest select the option that tells her it is logical given her culture.

The Queen’s Farewell: Given to you after you complete Promises Set in Stone you may need to wait an in game day or two to start it by Talking to Siora.

  • Once you complete the quest, tell Siora you would understand if she had to leave your adventure to help her people after the death of her mother, Siora will admire that.

Speak to Siora one last time and earn the Minudhanem Achievement/Trophy.


Vasco is a romance option for both male and female De Sardet and can be completed the earliest in the game. The only prerequisite for completing his three missions is to travel to New Serene after you complete A Cure for Melichor’s first mission and speak with Constantin at the Governor’s mansion.

A Name for a Family: When completed, during your conversation at the end of the quest, ask him if he has any fond memories.

Family Reunion: Available right after you complete the previous quest. Once completed reassure Vasco that he is allowed to speak his mind and assert himself. This will reassure Vasco and push your relationship with him further.

Forever a Naut: Like the previous quests, this one is available to you right away. Once you complete this quest, tell Vasco that you wish you could set sail with him again. He will appreciate that.

Speak to Vasco once again to take your relationship to the next level and earn his relationship Achievement/Trophy.


Aphra will join you crew later in the game, once you complete both Old Countries in a New World and Scholars in the Expedition quests.

Islander Knowledge: Available once Aphra is on your team and you finish The Battle of the Red Spears. Finish the quest and ask apphra about her two childhoods.

Cave of Knowledge: Can be started immediately once you finish the previous quest. After you finish the quest, express to Aphra that you have felt you have learned a lot during your time with her.

The Linking Ritual: Can be started immediately once you finish the previous quest. Once you finish the quest, tell Aphra you hope she will be apart of your adventure.

Talk to Aphra one last time to sleep with her and unlock her Romance Achievement/Trophy.

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