Borderlands 3 – Lair of the Harpy Guide (Complete Walkthrough Mission)

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This guide complete step-by-step walkthrough for the 12th chapter Lair of the Harpy.

Lair of the Harpy Mission Summary

Aurelia Hammerlock is sister of Sir Hammerlock and CEO of the Jakobs Corporation, is offering to pay you to leave Eden-6. Aurelia invited you to Jakobs Manor to negotiate. It’s almost certainly a trap. It’s also the only way to find the Eden-6 Vault Key.

Lair of the Harpy Rewards and Requirements

Listed below are the rewards and level requirements for completing the Lair of the Harpy Mission Objectives.

Suggested Level: Lvl 21

Rewards: $2,592, an Epic Grenade, and 10,512 XP.

Lair of the Harpy Mission Objectives

  • Return to the Floodmoor Basin
  • Talk to Wainwright
  • Go to Jakobs Manor
  • Ride the Lift
  • Go to Jakobs Manor
  • Ring the Doorbell
  • Go to the Dining Hall
  • Survive the Ambush
  • Go to the Theater
  • Kill the Anointed Goliath
  • Enter the Projection booth
  • Unlock the Trap Door
  • Find the Vault Key Clue
  • Take the Record
  • Exit Through the Cellar
  • Return to Wainwright
  • Give the Record to Wainwright

Lair of the Harpy Walkthrough

Return to Floodmoor Basin and Speak with Wainwright

Make your way to Floodmoor Basin and speak to Wainwright at Knotty Peak.

Talk to Wainwright

Talk to Wainwright about Aurelia’s request for you to leave the planet.

Go to Jakobs Manor

Head to the onscreen marker to reach the travel gate of Jakobs Manor.

Ride the Lift

Make your way through the area, taking out enemies as necessary until you reach the location of the lift.

Once you’ve reached the lift, press the button to the right of the lift to lower it.

When it arrives at the bottom, jump on and pull the lever to head back up.

Go to Jakobs Manor & Ring the Door Bell

Make your way to Jakobs Manor and ring the door bell to be let inside the house.

Go to the Dining Hall

Go upstairs and meet Aurelia in the Dining Hall. When you’re ready, open the door to the Dining Hall.

Survive the Ambush

Surprise, surprise… it was a trap all along. A short cutscene will begin and reveal that that Aurelia has been working with the Troy and Tyreen. Thankfully, Wainwright distracts Troy and informs you to search for the Vault Key.

Once the cutscene ends, survive the ambush of COV forces.

Go to the Theater

After surviving the ambush, make your way to the Theater. As you make your way through the Manor, you’ll encounter waves of COV forces that you will need to clear.

Once you reach the large Library, use the staircases to reach the top floor and travel towards the back of the room. As you near the back, a large Goliath will break through the wall. Defeat him and use the broken wall to reach the next room.

Kill the Anointed Goliath

Troy finally arrives on scene and transforms a Goliath into an Anointed Goliath. Defeat him to reach the next part of the mission.

Need a hand to take down the Anointed Goliath? Our Tips and Tricks section below will help you defeat the Anointed Goliath as quick and easily as possible.

Enter the Projection Booth

Make your way to the Projection Booth upstairs and search for the secret room.

Unlock the Trap Door

In order to unlock the Trap Door – which is located on stage – press the button that is located next to the three switches. You will then need to use the each of the three switches to rotate between different props on screen.

These props need to recreate the poster of Typhon DeLeon that can be found on the wall to your left.

Once you’re happy with the props, press the button again to unlock the door.

Enter the Secret Room

Make your way to the stage and enter the newly opened trap door that leads to the secret room.

Find the Vault Key

Crawl through the gap and make your way through the secret room and interact with the skull that is sitting on the large bookshelf in the bedroom.

Take the Record

Enter into the Secret Room and take the Record that is hanging on the wall.

Exit Through the Cellar

Make your way through the cellar until you reach the outside. You can now Fast Travel to Wainwright in Floodmoor Basin.

Return to Wainwright

Speak with Wainwright at Knotty Peak.

Give the Record to Wainwright

Give the record to Wainwright to finish the mission.

Tips and Tricks for Defeating the Anointed Goliath

  • The Anointed Goliath will send shockwaves out towards you, jump over these or risk being dealt significant damage.
  • Always move around, as he has the ability to warp to your exact location. This special attack is one that you do not want to be caught by.
  • At times, the Anointed Goliath will shoot out Flaming Skulls towards your direction. These can be avoided by simply running in the opposite direction or shooting them out of the air.
  • This particular boss is rather challenging as the only real strategy to successfully take him down is to run and gun at every opportunity.

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