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Deceit - Useful Tricks List

Written by AetherLord   /   Sep 17, 2019    
Deceit - Useful Tricks List

A quick to read List O' Tricks for everyone.

The List of In-Game Tricks

  • Say hello and be friendly, nobody wants a sour player.
  • Call out empty blood bags whenever, beneficial to both infected and innocent.
  • If being framed, be calm, nobody will listen if you're screaming at the top of your lungs.
  • If someone's following you, tell them to screw off. If you run, you might get framed, but telling them will alert the group.
  • You can add a fuse on the double staircase from below.
  • If you have no items, stick with three people.
  • If playing with general ♥♥♥s, leave, they take fun in ♥♥♥ people off.
  • Aggressive drinking around high ranked players are a bad idea. 1-digit noobs, go for it.
  • If being scanned as an infected, don't sell out your teammate, jointly don't try too hard in defending your teammate.
  • If you lack a mic, god help you.
  • You run faster wielding a knife.
  • When finding fuses, talk, talk about your progress, "Found a fuse," "Fuse is in," "Fuse box down the hall." You don't want your teammates suspecting you of drinking blood in the dark, would you?
  • Logic about "Hans/Chang/Lisa is usually infected is not true." It's a 1/3 chance per game.
  • If playing with ingrates who have their own discord call, leave, the will most certainly frame, or expose you.
  • Don't drink blood near spawn, just don't.
  • Play with people with a similar rank, same level of experience is better than an imbalance with veterans or noobs.
  • Saying "Where's the fuse box?" is a tell, you're screwed if you mutter these words.
  • Infected can see silhouettes of innocents running. They can also see everyone every five seconds.
  • Conserve shotgun shells, they slow down and down the infected efficiently.
  • In an event of a long lag spike, god help you.
  • Lag can make you teleport in the vision of other players.
  • Keep a close eye on who has the antidote.
  • Keep talking, silence is a tell.
  • Don't be overly keen for a scanner, you will look suspicious.
  • Be polite, unless you wanna be voted out.
  • XP Farming is frowned upon, so don't do it.
  • If infected, it's sometimes better to be honest about scanning an innocent, the more the trust for you, the less likely they'll find out.
  • As an innocent, if you find a fuse, go to a fuse box as fast as you can.
  • Always prepare cameras, torches, and traps when defending an exit.
  • Unless nobody has been scanned innocent, nobody needs the lethal. If not scanned, the person who grabbed it is probably an infected.
  • Do not down someone for stealing or for an item/objective, karma's a ♥♥♥.

Situational Things

A Standoff

Sometimes called a Mexican Standoff, if everyone is pointing their guns at each other,s faces after a mishap or a blame-game gone wrong, DO. NOT. SHOOT. (YET.)

If an Innocent

De-escalate the situation as quickly as possible (not with bullets or knives). A stand-off is a disadvantage to Innocent players, it's a waste of time and resources, which the Infected players are to benefit.

If an infected

Do not be obvious, your best bet is to ♥♥♥ someone off (passive-aggressively) so they start shooting first, talk to your teammate about an exit strategy if the standoff does happen.

If the shooting begins

If possible, do not shoot back, Innocents must take note of who shot first or what prompted the initial shooter to fire first. And, survive the carnage.

Infected need to be on their feet with an escape plan, something that isn't too obvious, or "accidentally" vote someone out who got downed. And, pick up your teammate if they get downed.

If de-escalated

Innocents have to keep an eye on the most suspicious member(s) during the standoff, take note of their actions throughout the game.

Infected players have to sway attention to other players or make up good reasons to why they participated in the stand-off.

Written by AetherLord.

Game:   Deceit